Bracelets for Bridesmaids


Choosing a wedding for several bridesmaids is a western tradition, but it has taken root in many countries. Marrying girls want to highlight their friends and show a special attitude towards them. As a rule, for this they sew dresses of one shade, select the appropriate accessories. But sewing a festive outfit is a costly affair; moreover, not all girls will want to appear at the celebration in the same clothes. Then you can create bracelets for bridesmaids. These original products will not only highlight the girls among the wedding guests, but also emphasize the style of the newlywed.

How to make bracelets for bridesmaids from satin ribbons

When decorating bracelets for bridesmaids, the atlas is often used. Ribbons made of such material look gentle, romantic and touching. The future spouse can make beautiful accessories with satin bows, use ribbons to create a fabric flower or as a background for a floral composition with living plants. The bracelet with a satin ribbon decorated with shining beads will look stylish on the wrist of the bridesmaid. This option is perfect for any wedding style and requires very little cash investment..

Necessary materials

  • glass or pearl beads (the required hole diameter is 2-3 mm);
  • satin ribbon with a width of one and a half centimeters, a length of sixty centimeters;
  • lighter;
  • scissors.

Materials for creating a bracelet for newlywed girlfriends

Stages of creation

  1. When buying your favorite beads, check if the tape goes through the holes. If the hole size is less than 2 millimeters, there is a risk that the bride will not be able to pass through her fabric.
  2. After choosing the right size beads, cut the edge of the ribbon at an angle. It is necessary that in the future it was easy to string beads on it.
    Cut diagonally the edge of the tape
  3. Burn the trimmed edge of the tape with a lighter or matches, so it will not bloom. This must be done carefully so as not to burn material.
  4. After finishing the fabric, put on the first bead, pushing it to the opposite edge of the tape. The free end should be about twenty centimeters long to make a beautiful bow..
    We burn the edge of the tape and string the first bead
  5. Fasten the strung first bead with knots on both sides so that the glass piece does not move out. Each next bead should also be fixed with two nodes.
    We fix the bead with knots on both sides
  6. Having finished putting on the glass elements on a satin ribbon, carefully process the unfired edge of the material, as in the first step. Set the iron to a low temperature and gently iron the edges of the ribbon. Beautiful bracelet is ready!

Iron the edges of the tape

DIY handmade fabric bracelet

Bracelets for bridesmaids must be consistent with the style of the holiday. If the newlyweds are organizing a classic event or a romantic wedding, floral accessories will suit the girls. Fresh flowers are expensive, so the future spouse, who creates jewelry, can use fabric plants. It is good if the flower chosen by the bride will be combined with the elements of her bouquet. See below a master class on making a traditional airy rose flower.

Necessary materials

  • Cardboard.
  • Pencil (or compass).
  • Scissors.
  • Glue. The master class uses professional adhesive equipment, which requires some experience. It can be replaced with ordinary high-quality glue-moment. Perfect fit «Crystal moment», no stain on the fabric.
  • Threads in tone of material.
  • Four types of fabric colors suitable for the theme of the celebration: chiffon, tulle, silk, cotton fabric (or other dense material).
  • Needle.
  • Satin ribbon.

Stages of creation

  1. Using a compass or pencil, draw a circle on the cardboard that will become the basis for the future flower. Cut the pattern with scissors. Put the blank on the fabric, cut ten round shreds of each material. Useful advice: if you want to speed up the process, fold the fabric piece ten times, attach the template to it with a pin and cut immediately all the necessary number of blanks for future petals.
    Making a bracelet for the bride’s girlfriend
  2. To make a petal, fold a circle of fabric in half, the resulting semicircle - again in half.
    Create a petal for a wedding accessory
  3. Closer to the corner, fasten the petal with several stitches, a thread of the corresponding shade.
    Fasten the fabric petal with stitches
  4. Create a beautiful flower by gluing petals to a cardboard blank. To get a plant «alive», alternate different types of materials. Glue the petals so that their edges intersect a little.
    Glue the petals to the base of the bracelet
  5. Attach the resulting rose to the satin ribbon. Its length should be such that the bracelet is easily tied to a large elegant bow.
    We attach the resulting rose to a satin ribbon
  6. If desired, decorate the bracelets for bridesmaids with beads, rhinestones, brooches or other details.

Bracelet for girlfriends of the bride with a flower on a ribbon

Wedding Bracelet Ideas for Bridesmaids

When deciding how to make bracelets for bridesmaids, the future spouse should take into account the style of the event, the type of her own festive decoration, the flower arrangement in the bouquet, as well as the tastes of her friends. Each handmade accessory is not only a piece of jewelry worn by girls during the wedding, but also a memorable thing. If friends like the bracelet created by the bride, they will be happy to keep it as a remembrance of the wedding day, and the modest and simple accessories girlfriends can wear in everyday life.

Of beads and rhinestones

Stylish bracelets with beads are suitable for any type of event, depending on the color scheme that the future spouse will choose. For weddings in the Provence style, lilac and purple details are suitable, blue beads or pearl elements can be used for a sea celebration, a white and yellow palette will decorate a lemon celebration. With rhinestones, the bride-needlewoman needs to be careful - the abundance of shining pebbles will perfectly emphasize the official style of the wedding, and at an informal event it will look inappropriate.

Bridesmaids bracelets with beads

Made of polymer clay

If the future spouse has experience in creating jewelry or a variety of figures made of polymer clay, making bracelets for bridesmaids using this material can be an excellent solution. The newlywed will succeed in fully expressing imagination by inventing accessories for the chosen theme of the event. The hero of the occasion can mold with the help of polymer clay berries, flowers, delicate butterflies, animals and even nonexistent plants for a fabulous wedding style.

Bracelets for girlfriends of the bride with polymer clay

From feathers and braid

Feathers are a favorite decoration of girls, because they look airy, stylish and rich. Bracelets for girlfriends with these elements and braid are perfect for retro weddings, events in the style of gangsters. In the upcoming season, themed boho festivals (bohemian chic) ​​will be especially popular, where a variety of feathers of all colors and sizes will become quite appropriate. Feathers on the ornamented braid can highlight the event in the Indian style: bracelets will look interesting and unusual not on the wrists, but, for example, on the forearms of the bridesmaids.

Feathers on the braid in the decoration for the newlywed's girlfriends

Of fresh and artificial flowers

Traditionally, when creating accessories for bridesmaids, natural or artificial flowers are used. Certain types of plants can emphasize the image of any girl, and the richness of the color scheme will allow you to find a harmonious combination with the decor of the event.

When making jewelry for girlfriends with fresh flowers, keep in mind that they will need more money than artificial flower bracelets. In addition, their stems will require recharge from a special tape tape. Real or not - buds will be a wonderful decoration for bridesmaids.

Flower decoration bracelets for newlywed girlfriends

From decorative twigs and berries

At any time of the year bracelets for bridesmaids will look great, decorated with decorative or dry twigs with berries. These elements of decor are suitable for autumn, winter weddings, when prices for fresh flowers are noticeably rising. They will also decorate a rustic-style event. Berries and small twigs look cozy, cute, romantic, create a special mood.

Bracelets with berries for newlywed girlfriends

Video - a lesson on creating color bracelets

Almost every needlewoman engaged in sewing at home could have shreds of light thin fabrics at home. These materials will come in handy if you want to make stylish, original wedding bracelets for your girlfriends. To create a beautiful accessory, you need to cut the petals, glue them to the base (lace or satin ribbon), and then decorate with an elegant brooch, bead beads or other decorative elements to taste. A detailed workshop in the video below will help you make stylish bracelets that will be a wonderful decoration for your bridesmaids.