Wedding pointers


Each couple, preparing for the wedding celebration, tries to create a unique atmosphere of the event. It is achieved due to the original style embodied in the details. Choosing accessories for the holiday, future spouses try to find interesting ideas and unusual solutions. Recently, when decorating celebrations, newlyweds from all over the world began to use signs for the wedding, combining functionality and decor. Two detailed workshops will help the bride and groom to make these beautiful attributes on their own..

Which zones are indicated by a pointer??

As a rule, signs are used for an exit wedding, especially if the newlyweds rented a large area with several rooms, part of the natural area, given as a park or forest. The creation of such plates does not mean at all that they should be used exclusively for spaces where it will be difficult for guests to navigate the terrain. First of all, the index for the wedding is a decorative element that emphasizes the style of the celebration. This attribute is involved in creating the atmosphere, pleases those present with original design.

So which zones should be indicated by pointers? First of all, they highlight the place where the wedding ceremony will take place. Even at the entrance to the place, future spouses can place several wedding signs so that guests can see them from the windows of cars. When guests park vehicles, they should see signs with arrows pointing to those who have arrived at the place of registration of marriage. This will be the first pleasant detail of the celebration, immediately set the right mood. What other zones should be indicated by arrows with signs:

  • Photozone wedding. Guests will leave there after the wedding ceremony. The photo zone at the exit celebration should be decorated in a special way, according to the style of the holiday, so that at any moment guests can come and take beautiful shots among the original scenery.
  • Banquet or buffet at the wedding. Guests will go here after a short walk.
  • Dance area at the wedding. There, the newlyweds can establish a dance floor, put musical equipment.
  • Locality. If there is a lake, an interesting sculpture or a beach on the territory of the rented space for a wedding, the bride and groom must write this on the sign.

It is not necessary to follow the rules, making out plaques for a wedding with inscriptions and arrows. Future spouses can replace boring words with something more original, put pointers where it will be written «Love», «Kisses», «Wonders». To come up with unusual names for tablets, the newlyweds can imagine that the area for their wedding is a city full of attractions. All ideas that have arisen, unusual solutions need to be written down, and then the best one should be selected. See photos of pointers with unusual inscriptions:

Original signage for wedding

Methods and places of attachment

Fixing signs for a wedding is a separate issue that requires a careful approach. Newlyweds must first explore the area where the celebration will take place, because in some cases the owners of the territory may prohibit the installation of columns in the ground. Instead, future spouses can take advantage of no less interesting options - to hang beautifully hanging ropes with inscriptions and drawn arrows on the ropes or use chalky pillars (bypasses) at the celebration, if it is not possible to fix the signs otherwise.

The original way to attach signs for a wedding, which is especially suitable for large areas, is a huge pole with arrow signs. Such a guideline is best set in the place where guests will come, so that they immediately understand where to go to the ceremony. If the area where the wedding takes place extends for hundreds of meters, additional mini-pointers should be made.

Pillars with pointers for a wedding

Do-it-yourself signposts - step-by-step tutorials

The bride and groom have several ways to get the original signs for the wedding:

  • The first is to buy them from masters involved in the manufacture of plates.
  • The second is to rent it through a wedding agency or in person from the manufacturer.
  • The third is to create pointers yourself.

Making these plaques for a wedding with your own hands has many advantages: saved money, a pleasant pastime, the opportunity to do creative work and escape from pre-wedding efforts, the uniqueness of a festive attribute. Indices for the wedding, made independently, can be stored at home as a family heirloom, they can easily decorate a living room or garden in the country. Below are workshops with step-by-step photographs that will enable future spouses to easily make wooden or cardboard signs.

Workshop on creating wooden pointers

Wood is a beautiful, noble material, often used in the design of weddings; it in itself creates a pleasant mood. As a rule, wooden signs do not need to be additionally decorated or painted (although this remains at the discretion of the newlyweds) - beautiful oak, pine, spruce, aspen boards look concise and elegant without any decorations. The end result will depend on the style of the wedding and the personal preferences of future spouses.

Signpost for a wedding made of wood

Woodworking for a wedding signpost largely depends on the style of the wedding: rustic, shabby chic or eco-celebration do not require transparent varnishing, polishing or filling of the board, the more natural its appearance - the better. For the Provence theme, future spouses can choose pointers with the effect of peeling light paint. In the case of more formal events, accuracy and restraint in everything is recommended, and therefore the tablets are carefully processed. It is important that these details are combined in appearance with the rest of the wooden decorations of the event..

Necessary materials

  • Wooden plank.
  • Hammer.
  • Drill (if necessary).
  • Matte acrylic paint for the background (it is better to choose light shades or colors for the style of the wedding).
  • Black acrylic paint for inscription..
  • Sandpaper.
  • Paint brushes (thin and thick).
  • Sponge.
  • Pencil pen).
  • Paper.
  • a printer.
  • Rope or pole for fastening.

Stages of creation

  1. If you decide to start manufacturing a sign for your wedding at home, you need to choose a spacious place and cover it with newspapers (unnecessary papers). Take sandpaper, begin to carefully process the surface of the tree to make it as smooth as possible. In this case, the smoother the wooden board, the better.
  2. With a thick brush you need to take light paint for the background (gray is used in the master class). If you are creating a wedding accessory in a rustic or provence style, apply a thin layer of paint. This method of coloring will emphasize the natural appearance of wood, its natural texture. First paint one side, wait until it dries completely, only then turn it over and continue with the other side of the pointer.
    Processing and coloring of a board for the future index
  3. At the third stage, you need to draw an inscription on the surface of a dried board. You can do this on your own, but if you are not sure that write the words carefully, you need to use the help of a printer. Select the font on the computer that you like, use the fill. Please note that the inscription must be mirrored, otherwise it will not work to make the pointer. Use an inkjet printer to print. Attach the sheet with the side of the printed label to the board, moisten the surface of the paper slightly with a sponge from above. It is important that the material is not too soft..
  4. Take a pen or pencil, start with the back of the tool to gradually squeeze each letter of the inscription into the board. In no case do you need to rub the surface of the paper - this will turn the sheet into rags, and translate the sentence or the word will not work. When the procedure is completed, the letters will be transferred to the tablet. Carefully remove wet paper from the wooden pointer.
  5. Use a thin brush to take a little black paint, gently circle all the letters with it to make the inscription more contrast, use a different shade if desired. Draw a pointer arrow. Use a drill to drill two holes on each side from above and pull a rope through them if you are going to hang a sign. For a ground indicator, you will need a wooden pole and nails with a hammer for mounting.

Create an inscription on a wedding sign

Cardboard wedding sign

Cardboard pointers are easy to make with your own hands, this material will allow the newlyweds to embody all the fantasies associated with the style of the holiday. The culprits of the celebration can make drawings on their own, by painting thick cardboard, or print plates at printing agencies. If you want to use wooden boards, but there is no way, cardboard comes to the rescue here - the bride and groom will need to order pointers stylized as wood. The master class will help the bride and groom to create original plaques in the form of a board with chalk inscriptions..

Necessary materials

  • Thick cardboard.
  • Wooden beam or post.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Black matte self-adhesive film (suitable film company ORACAL).
  • Scissors.
  • Multi-colored crayons (white, blue, yellow, pink, etc.).
  • Pencil.
  • Template.
  • Copy paper.
  • a printer.

Stages of creation

  1. Find on the web images of arrows that you like in shape, print on the printer (it is important that the size is suitable). Place carbon paper under the template, transfer the outline of the arrows onto the cardboard using a pencil, pen or any object with a thin end.
  2. Carefully cut arrows.
  3. Start to remove the protective sheet from the self-adhesive film, put on the place where the sheet has already moved, the beginning of the cut arrow. Continue to gently tighten the protection, simultaneously pushing the pointer to the adhesive surface of the film.
  4. When everything is ready, carefully cut the arrows along the contour - the dark side with the film will be front.
  5. Take the crayons you like, write the words of the arrows on the arrows.
  6. Attach double-sided tape to the top of a wooden beam or post. Fix the cardboard plate on it. The original signpost for the wedding is ready!

Master Class: Creating Cardboard Index Plates

Photo of beautiful wedding pointers

Wedding pointers are becoming increasingly popular among newlyweds thanks to a simple and beautiful way to coordinate guests, as well as exceptional photogenicity. These lovely attributes of the celebration will be a wonderful detail of the festive photo shoot, and besides, all those present will definitely pay attention to beautifully decorated, unusual signs. Sometimes such signs are used solely for the design of the event, and not for the distribution of celebration areas, but they still become a nice detail of decorating a wedding.

Newlyweds can not be shy to show imagination by decorating signs for a wedding, as long as their style matches the theme of the event. Both the type of plates and the inscriptions themselves are original: the classic designations of the places of the newlyweds can be replaced by their synonyms, which will please more («Dancing» on the «Tusim!», «Banquet» on the «Festive feast») Decorated with flowers, decoupage, bead necklaces or made in style «Alice in Wonderland» - there are many ideas for designing the plates. See a selection of beautiful wedding signs for inspiration!

Ideas for Original Wedding Signs