Flapper for a wedding


For guests and honeymooners, a wedding is a joyful and happy celebration. To decorate the wedding and make its atmosphere fun, vibrant, salutes and fireworks are used to entertain guests. Explosions of crackers with confetti, serpentine or small figures of hearts, rose petals can bring great joy to guests and the bride and groom. What are the wedding crackers? When it is appropriate to use them at a celebration?

How to choose a wedding cracker

The first cracker was invented and made 100 years ago by the English confectioner Thomas Smith. This invention was a candy, from which sparks flew apart, pieces of paper, fabric. Unlike fireworks, a firecracker wedding clapper is a safe pyrotechnic product. This important property allows it to be used without fear as a wedding accessory for holidays with a large crowd of people..

A clapperboard is a paper or plastic case in the form of a cone or candy, which is filled with confetti, serpentine or other colored «stuffing». When a rope is pulled at the bottom of this pyrotechnic product, friction occurs, causing microexplosion. As a result of this confetti flies up and turns into a colorful paper rain.

There are also pneumatic clappers that are filled inside with compressed air. This pyrotechnic product for the holiday must be chosen in appearance and labeling: the greater the weight and size of the cracker, the more powerful it is capable of firing. Some types of this pyrotechnics can shoot at 6-8 meters, while the height of the shot of others can reach 20 m.

Wedding cracker filling options

Long gone are the days when the only «stuffing» crackers had multi-colored confetti or serpentine. For their wedding, modern couples can choose such pyrotechnics filled with a variety of colored small figures. «Filling» can be paper, foil, with a special coating. The contents of this pyrotechnic is made in the form of rose petals, pigeons, hearts, banknotes.

Multicolored confetti

The newlyweds look great in the photo, which shows the moment of the explosion of a cracker and the fall on a young couple of small figures of colored shiny confetti. Small red, blue, yellow, green circles, slowly falling on the bride and groom, can create a surprisingly happy atmosphere at the holiday. Guests observing this phenomenon will be delighted and will experience even more joy, fun.

Colorful Confetti for Salute for a Wedding


If you want to swim in the rain of money, then at the wedding celebration this will be easiest to do. A variety of wedding crackers with bills is quite appropriate to use at a wedding. If you want to shower paper money with a waterfall, you can not only the bride and groom, but also guests present at the festival. Crackers can shoot fake dollars, euros or Russian rubles.

Banknotes in wedding pyrotechnics

Multi-colored hearts

Wedding crackers with hundreds of red hearts are perfect for congratulating the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom will look unusually spectacular, when a cloud of small symbols of love falls on them. If you capture this moment in a photo, you get a beautiful, romantic, unusual frame for your wedding album.

Multi-colored hearts in wedding pneumatic clappers

Decorative coins

An original poppy firework with decorative coins that shimmer with a golden sheen will increase the degree of fun for newlyweds and guests. Bright, spectacular brilliant rain will remain in the memory of the bride and groom after the celebration, as an unforgettable event. Gold pennies falling on the newlyweds will create a beautiful background for photos.

Wedding pneumatic clappers with coins

Rose petals

Scarlet, white, pink, burgundy roses give men in love with their beloved women. These flowers are often used to express tender feelings, so they are great for filling wedding crackers. During the first dance, it will be appropriate to shower the newlyweds with rain from rose petals. This will help to create a romantic atmosphere during the holiday and make a pleasant and beautiful sight for guests..

Wedding crackers with rose petals

When use such attributes at a wedding

Wedding crackers are used at different moments of the gala day. It will look beautiful, spectacular if, after the registry office, guests meet the newlyweds with a firework of rose petals. Originality of the first dance of the bride and groom can give a multi-colored serpentine rain, created using volleys of safe pyrotechnics. Guests at a meeting of the newlyweds can make a living corridor and arrange a beautiful popping fireworks. And at the entrance to the restaurant, it would be appropriate to rain from artificial little hearts, rose petals or little pigeons.

Alternative to Wedding Clappers

Pyrotechnics can make a holiday unusual, original, memorable. If for some reason the crackers are not suitable for entertainment at the wedding, then they have many alternatives. For example, the first dance of the bride and groom will be amazing if they dance surrounded by hundreds of soap bubbles produced by a special installation. The newlyweds can get a lot of impressions from the pyrotechnic fountains at the entrance to the restaurant. A variety of salutes, fireworks, if used correctly, will make your wedding beautiful and interesting..

Clapperboard photo at a wedding

To achieve a beautiful visual effect when starting several crackers simultaneously, shoot at intervals of 5 seconds. At the same time, keep the body of the pyrotechnic product at an angle of 45 degrees. When buying crackers, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date and quality of this product. Although these pyrotechnic products have a high degree of safety, the following recommendations should be followed when using them:

  • Do not salute without warning, especially in the presence of children.
  • Do not use pyrotechnics near sources of fire..
  • Do not overdo it using pyrotechnics, so as not to clog the place of celebration.
  • Do not give children pyrotechnics.
  • Do not aim your shot at your face, electrical appliances, glass, or other fragile objects..

Clapperboard wedding photo