How to make a do-it-yourself wedding stole


Wraps are a traditional element of women's wedding attire, and in recent years they have become especially relevant. Choosing an outfit and accessories for him, brides often choose the stole - a rectangular cloak made of fur, wool, mohair and other materials. Stoles are thrown over his head, wrapped around his neck, shoulders. A carefully selected accessory will give the image of the bride a complete look, it will be useful when visiting a church, it will warm in cold weather. Want to know how to tie a stole with your own hands? For needlewomen it will not be difficult!

Wedding stole for the bride

Knit on a knitted wedding dress

Insulated stoles or shawls are relevant for a wedding in the autumn-winter period. They not only complement the image of the bride, but also do not allow her to freeze. Traditionally, such products are made of dense yarn, high-quality wool. To create beautiful patterns use the knitting technique. But not only warm wedding palatines can be knitted: thanks to this technique you can make a delicate lace detail of a wedding wardrobe with your own hands.

How to knit a wedding stole with knitting needles

Necessary materials

  • To make a product measuring 70 cm by 155 cm, you need 150 g of white yarn. It is advisable to use yarn consisting of a mixture of superkidmokher and silk in a ratio of 70:30, the required density of the thread 212 m / 25 g.
  • Fourth Needle.

Patterns and knitting steps

To begin with, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the scheme of knitting the stole, symbols. Product drawing is made up of two main patterns - «border» and «openwork». On the edges of the tippet, the usual shawl knitting was used, which is performed according to the scheme: 1 row - alternation of facial and wrong loops, second row - facial loops.

Knitting pattern of a wedding accessory

  1. «Openwork» done according to the scheme: we knit the loops before the rapport, then the pattern of the rapport (from the marked line to another line), then we complete the loops indicated after the rapport. «Openwork» we knit 12 rows in height. We remove each first loop of the row, and we sew the last one on the wrong side - these are edge loops, they are not included in the description of the scheme.
  2. «Border» Knits according to the pattern with a repeat of rapport. How in «openwork pattern», make the first and last loops of the row.
  3. Before starting work, you need to determine the density of the knit. For «openwork» we collect 18 p., we knit 20 p. You should get a 10 cm x 10 cm sample. Do the same with the pattern. «border»: dial 18 p., knit 22 p. As in the previous case, as a result of knitting, we obtain a square sample 10 cm wide. If this does not work out, adjust the density of the knitting.
  4. Getting started. On knitting needles we collect 136 loops and knit 8 rows of garter stitch. The next 276 p. we knit according to the instructions: 1 hem, 3 stitches, 128 stitches «openwork», after which 3 p. garter stitch, we complete the row with an edge loop. After 276 rows we knit 8 p. garter stitch. This is followed by 14 rows according to the pattern: hem, 3 stitches, 128 stitches «rims», 3 p. Garter stitch, completes a series of hem hem. In 307 p. all loops close.
  5. To complete the assembly of the product, we collect 136 loops for the short width of the wedding accessory. Next, we knit according to the scheme: an edge loop, 3 p., «border» 128 loops, 3 p. Garter stitch, the final - the edge loop. So we knit 14 p, and in the 15th we close all the loops.
  6. The finished product is recommended to spread on a soft surface, around the entire perimeter of the edge and on each clove of the rim to fix with pins or needles. Sprinkle generously with warm water using a spray gun. Leave to dry completely..

Crochet Wedding Stole

Especially gently looking crocheted stoles. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to create original openwork drawings. Finished products look attractive. They serve as an excellent decoration, in addition to a wedding dress. Choose such stoles for spring or summer weddings. To give the product an extra sparkle, a knitted accessory can be decorated with beads, fringe, satin bows at will.

Crocheted Stole for the Bride

Necessary materials

  • Yarn of the required color, consisting of a mixture of merino wool and polyamide in a ratio of 50:50 - 200 g.
  • hook number 1.75.

The scheme and stages of knitting

At the beginning of work on the palatine, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions and symbols.

Scheme of the main pattern for crochet stole

  1. The main pattern consists of loops, the number of which is a multiple of 35, plus another 6 p. And one edge air lifting loop. It is necessary to knit a pattern according to scheme 1: the first time we knit from the 1st to the 12th row, we repeat all the remaining times the pattern from the 3rd to the 12th p. That is, the first two rows no longer repeat.
    Scheme of a fan border for a crocheted stole
  2. To tie the accessory with a fan border, it is necessary to perform the basic pattern, but subject to the changes indicated in Scheme 2. At the corners of the cape there should be a fan motif: from the 1st to the 5th p. If the edges are not tied, they may become deformed..
  3. Before making the stole, it is recommended to tie a small sample to determine the density of the knit. The linked sample should be 10 cm by 10 cm and consist of 21.5 loops and 8.5 rows.
  4. Getting to work: we collect 112 air loops. We knit the main pattern according to the pattern. As soon as the product has a length of 180 cm, we finish the work.
    Crochet a wedding wrap: legend
  5. If desired, we tie the entire perimeter with a fan border or decorate only the short and one long sides of the product. Each corner should have one fan motive. It should be done in the second row of the pattern at 11 instead of seven double crochets and continue in the same way..
  6. The longitudinal edge of the wedding accessory, which remained unformed by a fan pattern, and tie the ends of the border near «shells»: 1 single crochet, skip see the picture, then 7 double crochets that are attached to 1 base loop, skip the picture again and repeat.

Photo of wedding stoles for brides

The use of wedding stoles in the image of the bride is a fashionable and original idea. Among the whole variety of these wardrobe details, each girl will be able to find that accessory that will ideally fit the silhouette of her dress and will be in harmony with other elements of the outfit. Even a factory stole can be decorated with your own hands and give it a unique look. To do this, use shiny jewelry, beautiful applications, make inserts with the fabric from which the dress is sewn, tie the product seam with an openwork pattern. In search of new ideas, see the selection of photos.

Beautiful wedding stoles