Pearls for the wedding


The classic of all women's outfits and accessories for them has always been considered pearls. With it, women create a unique image for any dress, trouser suit, ordinary ordinary blouse. Even if under an inconspicuous strict dress you put a string of pearls around your neck and decorate your wrist - already an exquisite evening outfit. This accessory is suitable for any event, event. However, there is such a controversial question: is it possible to wear pearls for the wedding of brides? And there are several answers.

Jewelry and jewelry for the bride from pearls

The decision always remains with the bride: which one to choose an accessory as jewelry on her outfit. If you are not afraid of any signs, then your choice is not limited in the variety of precious pearls. But in the case of negative signs, it is possible to use the alternative: artificial pearl jewelry. Today's opportunities allow to manufacture jewelry in such a way that it looks no worse than natural stone. It is more accessible and has a huge variety, for example:

Pearl jewelry for the bride for the wedding

  • Just a string of white pearls;
  • The original five-layer bracelet with pearl beads;
  • Concise earrings (one large pearl on each).

If you are a supporter of natural jewelry, buying a special pearl set for a wedding, be careful in choosing: there is a risk of acquiring a fake. Therefore, use a simple method of quality control - point a pearl bead at ultraviolet light and, if the color casts a yellowish tint, then do not doubt the originality of this jewelry. For reliability, watch a video on how to choose the right pearl:

Using pearls at a wedding

There are a lot of ideas that use the use of pearl jewelry in wedding themes, from the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses with related accessories, to small details in the hairstyle, bouquet, on wedding glasses and the like. Below are more detailed options for the successful use of pearl beads at a wedding.

Wedding dresses with pearls photo

The bride’s dress is the main attribute of the wedding celebration, so every girl approaches this issue very reverently, excitingly, with the utmost care. Each has its own individual style and taste, so it’s possible to find unlimited styles. Pearls are traditionally used as a decor of a wedding dress, they are embroidered with corsets, gloves, veils. Beads are used in different sizes: from the smallest to the largest. Look below at the photo interesting options for a wedding dress, in the decoration of which there are pearls.

Wedding dress with pearls

Wedding glasses

Wedding glasses are a symbol of unity of the concluded marriage. Young people celebrate the first second of their association with a glass of champagne. Therefore, it is very important that the charm from which you will drink the drink of love is beautiful. Many manufacturers now adorn crystal glasses with pearls and in bulk of any stones, it looks very beautiful and impressive. Here are examples of original ideas for decorating with pearls of wedding utensils:

  1. Engrave the first letters of your names on the glasses with small pearl beads.
  2. Beads, it is possible to glue the legs of the glasses.
  3. Use beautiful patterns in a large number of stones, or tastefully, but modestly.

Glasses of young for a wedding with pearls

Wedding hairstyles with pearls

Technologies of modern hairdressers' skills allow us to invent the most interesting hairstyles for brides at the wedding, which are decorated with pearl strings, large beads. The bride looks very elegant, solemn and is the most beautiful girl at the wedding. Here are some ideas for women's wedding hairstyles with pearls:

  1. «Babette». Hair is gathered in a bun on the top of the head. A small lock is left that gently frames the face. Around the resulting bun, tie beautifully pearl beads, securing them on all sides with invisible or studs.
  2. Gather hair in a regular sink, and attach beautiful hairpins with pearl heads along the seam of the hairstyle.
  3. Beautifully dissolve the hair, winding it in large waves, and fix the diadem on top.

Wedding hairstyles with pearls for the bride

Bridal bouquet with pearls

The bride’s bouquet is the subject of the obligatory attribute of the wedding, which she then must pass on to her still unmarried friend, as a symbol of the passing talisman in acquiring the second half and happy love. It is considered the same decoration of the wedding image, which the groom solemnly presents to his beloved and immediately leads her to the crown. There are many variations of the decor of wedding flowers, for example:

  • A bouquet, which is made out according to the principle of flowing flowers, from the hands of the bride, down. It is performed using beautiful orchids with long stems - glue beads of different colors on the petals of flowers and leaves;
  • Letter-shaped bouquet «AND» - a concise version of a practical bouquet that will be convenient for the bride to hold in her hands the whole photo shoot;
  • Bouquet with a microphone. As a rule, it has the shape of a ball, which is originally composed of roses of different sizes, and the stems are collected in a convenient handle so that the bride does not prick her hands. This handle is traditionally decorated with pearl beads, colorful pebbles..

Bridal bouquet for the wedding

A wedding is a big celebration in the life of each couple, so the impressive appearance of all the beautiful decorations, decor, outfits and accessories takes on special meaning, because it all remains in the memory for the long years of a happy life of the spouses. And pearls bring their special charm and taste to this event. Let your groom give you a beautiful necklace according to the old tradition, which will serve as a symbol of a strong and happy life.

Is it possible or not for the bride to wear pearls and why?

Yes, pearls are a noble, beautiful jewelry; many girls like to wear it. Well, at the expense of brides: whether they are allowed to wear pearl jewelry for their own wedding or not, then opinions differ dramatically. For example, esoteric representatives categorically do not support the presence of this stone on the bride on their wedding day, because pearls are considered unlucky jewelry with the negative energy of the moon. This means that the future marriage for this girl will turn into tears, bitterness, hopelessness for her..

But ancient traditions say otherwise on this issue: pearls embody the signs of innocence, purity, chastity, protect the happiness and mutual love of its owner, because the first thing a girl needs to wear on her wedding day is a pearl necklace. A lot of girls don't have that much «zabobonov» and boldly wear this jewel with a wedding dress, embroider a corset with beads, decorate the hair in bulk, which brings triumph, radiance and beauty to their image.

A bride from old in pearl jewelry

Pearls for the wedding: signs

Pearl is a difficult stone and has been popular since a long time ago. The Slavic people have many signs that are rooted in antiquity, he did not pass by superstitions and pearls. History captures a lot of evidence about this jewelry, its traditions and signs. For instance:

  • There is an opinion that this exquisite stone can change color when something bad should happen, in this way it warns and protects its owner about the danger and is endowed with a prophetic gift. Therefore, many girls in old times wore it as a talisman, especially at such important celebrations as their own wedding;
    A pearl necklace as a talisman for a wedding
  • According to ancient European traditions, the hands of the bride and groom were tied with pearl jewelry to bless the bonds of the fortress, the inviolability of their union until the end of days; Or Ancient Rome, for example, where the bridegroom must have given a pearl jewel as a wedding present to his bride. This stone has an association with the wedding and its main decoration. Some are not supporters of pearl jewelry at a wedding, others, on the contrary, associate it with a symbol of the best traditions of marriage.