Wedding suit for the best groom

It is unlikely that the bride can go unnoticed in the crowd of guests, it is she who will capture the general attention, which can not be said about the groom, he choose the usual dark suit. But a wedding is a holiday for two and in order to look like a couple, a charming bride must have the best groom, stylish and beautiful. How to achieve a harmonious combination and image of the bride and groom's style? Indeed, the generally accepted concept - “bride in white, bridegroom in black” - is a classic. In order not to get lost in the crowd of guests also dressed in suits, it is worth approaching the issue of choosing an outfit for the groom seriously. And therefore, care must be taken to:

  • to build an image in harmony with the image of the bride and not stay
  • imperceptible against her background;
  • to think over every detail of his toilet (for all the democratic fashion of today's wedding fashion, the choice is still less than that of the bride);
  • choose for yourself not only the original outfit, but also comfortable.

So, having set such super tasks for ourselves, we strive to become the best groom!

Classics and Etiquette.

If your views on men's wedding fashion are conservative, then match the classics to the end and fully. The bride in a white wedding dress - you, the groom - in a black suit or tuxedo. Both that, and another should sit perfectly on you and therefore it is better to sew things to order. Sometimes a tuxedo is rented. If you have chosen a suit, a tie, bow-tie or a neckerchief is matched to it. If you have chosen a tuxedo, then a snow-white vest and bow-tie are put on him - these are the rules of good form, without which you cannot become the best bridegroom. But today the classic style is not so categorical, and accepts some deviations from the rules. Couturiers allow more diverse options for a classic costume.

A suit for the groom can consist of a jacket and trousers - two, or a jacket of trousers and a vest - three. The costume will be relevant both at the official ceremony and at the family celebration. He will hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits. A white shirt and tie in gray and black and white will suit a dark suit. A light gray vest, black boots and socks, and an indispensable white handkerchief in a breast pocket that harmonizes with a shirt. Classic suit for the best groom - a win-win.

Modern fashion trends consist in the fact that it has become possible and even stylish to use various fabrics with a pattern for sewing classic costumes and to choose brighter details that create contrast as accessories. A vest, tie, scarf, trousers with a lapel - and now the suit of the groom looks a little like the classic.

If the groom has a athletic figure with broad shoulders, then fitted suits will suit him. Allowed the use of various types of fabrics. Soft: tweed, wilvet - will give the classics a more relaxed look, characteristic of the British style for the best suitors. Wedding shoes - leather with overlays and patterns, notch.

If the wedding will be held in the summer, then perhaps you will want to choose a club jacket. Shiny buttons on the floors of a double-breasted jacket, inspire thoughts of walking on the water on a yacht.

Tuxedo - evening suit - a luxury over which fashion is not dominant. Rules and etiquette have long defined the requirements for the cut and configuration of such a suit. The best suitors will certainly choose this double-breasted or single-breasted jacket with a “shalq” collar or a regular one, which is covered with satin or satin. Pants trimmed with silk fabric on the side seam - galloon. The shirt is exclusively white with a hidden clasp and double cuffs that should protrude from under the tuxedo sleeve and fasten with cufflinks. A tuxedo is supplemented by a belt, scarf, vest (usually white) and a bow tie. The color of the suit is black, gray, white. If you are organizing a grandiose, solemn wedding, have a party in the open air, then there’s no better option.

A tailcoat - a suit of a specific cut for an evening celebration is worthy of the attention of the best groom. On the front, the shelves are shortened to the level of the waist, and on the back, long tails. The costume is sewn of black crepe with silk trim collar. Trousers, also, are finished with silk galloons in two rows along the side seam. All accessories are white. A starched shirt with a snap-on collar - a stand, whose toes are bent. Vest with elongated lapels, double-breasted or single-breasted. On it are mother-of-pearl or silk-covered buttons, lower and upper pockets. Tie, bow tie and scarf complete the suit.

This is not the whole range of models of wedding suits for the groom. Good taste will help you make the right choice and be the best bridegroom for your charming bride.