Is there an alternative to a standard suit for the groom?


Everyone wants to look stylish and solemn at a wedding. This, first of all, concerns the heroes of the occasion themselves. And if the bride knows for a month what she’s going to wear, her future husband sometimes puts off the purchase of the costume until the very last. And the thing is not that he is lazy, and the groom simply does not want to wear an ordinary business suit on the happiest day of his life. So is there such a wardrobe worth the alternative?

Fancy suit groom

Do not rush to write off the suit

Even the most unattractive costume can make a stylish and elegant little thing. To do this, you just need to decorate it with the necessary wedding accessories. Firstly, classic cufflinks will be suitable for any wedding suit, which will be made of metal that is pleasant to the touch or even gold. Secondly, one of the most important roles in such cases is the shirt. The right tone can save even the most gray and plain-looking business suit. Colors should be pleasant and warm, because on such a day, the newly-made cell of society should simply shine. Tips on how to embellish an existing costume are available on our website at However, if the so-called «lotions» don't save, then it's time to look for a good alternative to a wedding suit.

Cufflinks - an important accessory for the groom

English spy wedding

What comes to mind when they say the phrase James Bond? Right, the first association is a flawless black tuxedo cut. In a similar suit, the groom will immediately add to the charm, sophistication will flow from his happy eyes. Tuxedos have been considered the standard of style and courage for almost two centuries, and, according to many users of the site, they simply must be in the wardrobe of a real mod. But it should be remembered that high-quality and beautiful tuxedos are very expensive. In such a festive occasion, it’s better to sew it to order, then he will sit on the groom like a glove and directly emphasize his figure.

Wedding tuxedo

Talk about tailcoats

Thrace is a business suit with a special cut for a wedding celebration, which will turn the groom into a real lord, in whose veins the blue blood of real kings flows. Next to him, the bride in a white wedding dress will look like a real queen!

Tailcoat for a wedding

However, it should be remembered that when wearing such a suit, there are standards of style. In particular, if the groom is going to put on a tailcoat, then in his arsenal there should be a starched snow-white shirt with a fastened collar, which looks very, very pompous. Buttons should also pay special attention, because they should be at least a pearly shade, which demonstrates the importance of the entire wedding ceremony.

And if in other business suits a satin scarf does not have to be present, then in cases with a tailcoat no excuses about this are accepted.

Ultimately, the choice should remain with the groom. Whatever wedding attire is chosen for the occasion of the wedding, it is worth remembering that the main thing is convenience. The future husband should be comfortable and also pleasant to look at himself in the mirror before the start of all wedding ceremonies.