Suit for the groom

We all know how to choose the wrong suit of the groom able to spoil the appearance of a man. Of course, we have repeatedly observed this terrible sight - on a tall man, a smart suit looks like on a hanger, and a short guy just drowns in excess material.

No one will be surprised that most men do not recognize suits. So how do you avoid a lot of mistakes when choosing an outfit for the groom? Here we will consider the most common body types and try to give some tips on choosing the right wedding suit, and you can safely go to the store.

The tall man is undoubtedly beautiful. But, choosing a suit of the groom, he understands that high growth often becomes a problem for him. The strategy with high growth is to hide it, following the proportions and avoiding vertical lines, as well as using some details that attract the eye.

When choosing a jacket, you should give preference to a well-tailored one. If full-sized proportions are not respected in the suit of the groom, the man will look like a boy who grew out of this suit. A jacket with two buttons will be the most acceptable option, and patch pockets will help to hide high growth. Trousers should be spacious, preferably wide folds should be present in their cut. It’s also good that they taper slightly to the bottom. When choosing fabric for a man of high stature, prefer a dense or medium density fabric. A large multi-colored pattern will be quite an acceptable color for such a suit. It is better to replace a long narrow tie with a bow tie (more about accessories for the groom). There should be no sharp or angular moments in the shirt collar. A semi-wide or wide collar is ideal. A good horizontal line that you can create with a belt, as well as a vest with a pattern, are also attributes of a wedding dress that can hide the shortcomings of high growth.

Full men should emphasize height and hide weight. To do this, use vertical lines. Eliminate thoughts associated with double-breasted jackets and patch pockets. An ideal option would be a jacket with three buttons. The cut of the trousers must be extended. If you put them on higher, you can visually add to the legs length. By choosing a soft fabric, you will feel more comfortable, and the dark colors will hide the fullness. If possible, add vertical lines. The pattern on the tie should also be vertical. Tie a tie, let it be the middle knot. When choosing a shirt, do not give preference to a very thin collar.

Now regarding low men.

Make sure you don’t look like a dwarf in your chosen suit. For this, abandon the tight-fitting options. The ideal option for a jacket is on one button. If nevertheless it turned out that there are more of them, let them be located low. Pants, as for full men, will add length to the legs if they are taller. The fabric should be light, monochrome, light shades. The knot on the tie should be small, otherwise it will be disproportionate to your growth. The collar of the wedding shirt should be long and narrow. If you unfasten your jacket, it will clearly add growth.

For men of athletic physique, buying a ready-made suit of the groom will be almost unrealistic, so perhaps turning to the services of a tailor would be the ideal solution. A jacket, preferably single-breasted, with deep armholes for sleeves, will suit you. So you can feel more comfortable. The jacket should have a tight-fitting look, so as not to highlight the figure, but to emphasize. Wide shoulders will balance patch pockets. Pants should expand up. They should be worn to the waistline. From the fabric, either medium or light, possibly stretch, is suitable. Coloring and drawing can be any depending on your desire. The tie should be tied in a knot proportional to the neck. To balance a wide torso, prefer massive shoes.

And finally, men with a normal physique can choose what they like, following their own taste (for jewelry for men you can see here).