Eloquent boutonniere of the groom

This wedding tradition - decorating the groom's suit has been known for a very long time. Newlyweds have always decided to crown with flowers, thereby highlighting them at the wedding. Slavic girls weaved wreaths for their chosen ones. Now the groom’s boutonniere decorates the men's wedding suit.

It all started with the fact that the bride gave the chosen one a flower from her wedding bouquet as a sign of love and fastened it in the buttonhole of the wedding suit. And now it is accepted that the boutonniere of the future husband should be from the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet. This is what distinguishes it from the decoration on the jacket of a witness or other guests. In addition, a decoration made of flowers that carry an exceptional meaning will give a newly-married couple a particularly romantic mood: maybe reminiscent of the first bouquet presented to the groom or eloquently speaking of love.

It is known that there is a language of flowers. Choosing a boutonniere for the groom, you can say without words about your feelings or enter another meaning in this miniature bouquet. For example: chrysanthemum speaks of fidelity and cheerfulness, orchid - the beauty of the bride, hydrangea - about courage and honesty.

According to ancient Russian traditions, a boutonniere can consist of modest field, but such touching flowers and herbs. It was they who decided to decorate weddings in Russia. Gentle daisies symbolized calm and kindness, rosemary - devotion and fidelity in the family, sage - wisdom and prudence.

When composing a groom’s buttonhole, do not miss the opportunity to beautifully and subtly demonstrate your taste, personality and love, and the language of flowers will help you with this!