The most enviable groom for the most beautiful bride

It was not for nothing that the people had the idea of ​​the bridegroom as a beautifully dressed young man, demonstrating with his appearance neatness, style, elegance and, even, some charm. It is impossible not to pay attention to such an enviable groom. But what are the features and secrets of the men's suit?

For some, a suit is casual work clothes, for some it is uncomfortable, but obligatory solemn. Those who prefer jeans, and only jeans, trousers seem less comfortable. But fortunately, there are those who don’t think so!

The culture of men's costume remains unrecognized by our men. Everyone agrees that a suit is necessary for an enviable groom at a wedding, but not everyone is able to feel free and natural in it. And, moreover, harmoniously selecting details and wedding accessories is a problem for many, in general. If we recall that in Soviet times, a man’s suit was limited to a “two” or “three”, and, perhaps, a tunic type costume was also in fashion for some time, then the problem becomes clear. However, in the last few decades, the production of men's suits and their diversity has reached the level of world fashion. And this, in turn, further complicated the task of choosing a wedding suit to create the image of an enviable groom. Well, now it's time, time to learn to be elegant and presentable!

Unfortunately, some guests invited to the wedding ignore such “useful conventions” and put on a knitted sweater and the best jeans for a friend’s wedding. Forgetting that there are cases in life when such liberties in clothes are not permissible and speak of the attitude towards the bride and groom and their holiday. To friends who invited you to share their joy, it will be even more pleasant to see a guest in a perfect suit, even if he does not wear it in everyday life. Therefore, there is only one way out - to buy a suit that would fit the occasion and have a decent look of a friend of an enviable groom.

The fashion with respect to the classic costume is now very diverse and even those who believe that they will look like “nerds” or “office plankton” can find options for a classic costume, pick up accessories that will create the image of a macho man. Just have to make more effort, imagination and taste..

A bit of history. The men's suit of the usual look was first coined in England in the 19th century. Minimalism and nonsense, characteristic of his restraint, always delighted the public and, thus, costumes gained incredible popularity in the world.

But in those days, not everyone could afford such a suit. Only well-to-do well-off wealthy people had the opportunity to wear a suit every day or on major holidays, for example, on Sunday service in church. But every enviable groom of that time must have ordered a wedding suit from the best tailor.

Modern grooms, sometimes, do not even consider it necessary to buy a fashionable suit for a wedding, believing that the presence in their wardrobe of a decent enough work suit is the way out of the situation. But look at your chosen one, who with such attention and scrupulousness picks up a wedding outfit. Don't you really want to match her. Is it possible at a wedding to allow the groom to remain in the shadow of the charming image of the bride. No, not only should you be a “perfect couple”, you should also look like a “perfect couple” and shine harmoniously, like a charming bride and an enviable groom.

With all the diversity of choice of luxurious fabrics, possible models, having a solemn appearance is not difficult. Better yet, choose a wedding suit for the image created by your bride, the general theme and style of the wedding, the season in which this significant day is appointed. Even if a linen or silk suit will look extraordinary, but it is quite appropriate for a hot summer. And originality in everything and a creative approach is a sure sign of an enviable groom!