Elegant groom outfit


Since ancient times, mankind has been striving for beauty. The male costume of the ancient Roman looked like a piece of linen wrapped around his hips and intercepted on his hips. It was called - shenty. And the pharaohs of Egypt wore a klaft - this is a headdress - a scarf that was fastened with a ribbon or a hoop. But the very concept of wedding fashion came into our lives in the Middle Ages. Both the casual men's suit and the groom's outfit acquired several types of cut. In the 18th century, England presented the world with this type of costume as a tailcoat and a reading coat, and afterwards a frock coat and top hat, a business card and a bowler hat appeared. Modern grooms are increasingly turning their attention to such traditional types of costumes as tailcoats and tuxedos. After all, still nothing more solemn and elegant than these models of men's suit.


Tailcoat - a suit with a special claim to chic. For a particularly solemn wedding ceremony, there is no more suitable outfit for the groom than a tailcoat. The lapels of the jacket are finished with silk, elongated forks are in the back, trousers with galloons are trimmed along the outer seam, a short white dress vest. Depending on the taste and desire of the groom, he can choose a double-breasted or single-breasted vest, white gloves, a bow tie and a top hat. In this outfit, the future husband will radiate luxury and sophistication. The bride’s heart will be broken forever, don’t hesitate!

The tuxedo

Groom's outfit - tuxedo? The epitome of elegance and timeless classics. Black silk lapels, a white shirt with cuffs on cufflinks, a bow tie - you can’t come up with a more worthy suit for the groom. Not a single bride will remain indifferent, even an avid fashionista. After all, a tuxedo is something more than a simple black suit, and maybe it’s not a chance to wear such a chic one more time.

a suit, but on this day you will look like a king. The bride, after all, is also not going to go in a wedding dress and you never think of the idea of ​​its practicality. In the end, both a tuxedo and a tailcoat can be rented..

Classic suit

If a tuxedo and a tailcoat are alien to you, then a suit - a two or a three is suitable for the groom's outfit. Double-breasted or single-breasted, plain or with a pattern, unlike previous ambitious models, here you have a lot of room for creativity. Indeed, it is simply not permissible to violate the complete set of tailcoat and tuxedo, and any experiments look like violations of the rules of good tone and regulations. A classic suit allows you to choose many options, both in color and style.

There is only one non-adherent rule - the bottom button is never fastened!