Secrets of matching wedding dresses of the bride and groom


The combination of tender feelings, a solemn mood and images will certainly make you admire a beautiful couple of everyone present at your wedding, and even strangers. Believe me, from the side such weddings are very different from most of those where the main role is one bride.

What should be envisaged for this??

The bride is hardly worth worrying about. She will not be able to overshadow. It remains only to match the groom and not get lost in the foam of a snow-white veil and rustling skirts. After all, a wedding is a celebration of the beginning of a new life for two, and the image of the groom should be perfect in the same way as the image of the bride. Take the time and energy, pay enough attention to the choice of costume. After all, picking up a ready-made suit is not so easy, it should sit "like a glove." You should not hope that you will be lucky at once, and the first suit will sit amazingly. Do not forget, the next step will be the selection of wedding shoes and accessories, which is also not easy. After all, with such a beautiful bride should be next to the same handsome man - the groom.

Choose a Role

The image that you have to work on should be considered in advance. It will depend on the general theme of the wedding, each other's styles and your preferences. Often, it is the bride who helps her chosen one in choosing a wedding dress and the necessary trifles. Discuss this in advance. Who will you appear at the wedding: an elegant gentleman, a hot macho, a stylish dandy, an ardent seducer, a cheerful bully, a romantic poet or a sensitive young man? But, whatever role you choose, the costume should not raise doubts about your taste.

Despite the current “permissiveness” in the choice of attire, nevertheless there is some focus on this or that life situation. So, costumes for parties, weekends, cocktails, business, sports, club and wedding, in spite of the same components, differ in the types of fabrics, color, style, accessories and wedding accessories selected for them. All this makes it possible to move away from the traditional concept of a boring solemn costume and look individually, inimitably and stylishly..

New classic

But even for attachment to the classics, no one can convict you of bad taste, especially since the latest trends in wedding fashion have changed the look of such a costume so much that it’s not difficult to look extraordinary in it.

In the costumes offered by the designers, the sleeves of the jacket and trouser-legs are narrowed and are now called “flute-like”. The classic two can look like this: narrow and, as if, short sleeves of the jacket, trousers with small cuffs, a tie to match - narrow and restrained, in tone with the suit. This kit can be described in one word - chic.

The desire to be original and unlike everyone can sometimes lead to bold experiments, but if you are embarrassed by something in the chosen suit, or you feel insecure, do not try to deal with this feeling. Even if the item is selected with impeccable taste, it still needs to be able to wear. If you are not comfortable - this is not your thing. Leave the risk experiments "for later", they do not have a place at your wedding!