How to choose a suit for the groom for the wedding

On the wedding day, everything should look perfect, because this is a special, significant day. Every bride wants to look stunning on this day, and the groom should not lag behind her. Faced with the choice of wedding dresses, many couples come across a number of difficulties. But, one way or another, everyone wants the price to match the quality.

There are several parameters that should be guided when choosing a men's suit:

  • firstly, the suit should fit well.
  • secondly, the material must be of high quality (wool, linen, etc.).
  • fourthly, the design and model features of the costume.
  • fifth, accessories, and the quality of auxiliary materials (pay special attention to the lining of the jacket and seams).

How to choose a men's suit so that it is of high quality, fits well on the figure, while being affordable? All this is quite possible, knowledge of the main features of manufacturing, will greatly facilitate the choice of men's suit.

Let's start with the cut and design of the suit. Each costume model is developed for a separate type of figure, the shoulder line is taken into account at most:

  • natural line. A typical figure, it is characterized by the natural position of the line of the shoulders and body. In suits of this cut, the coding V, E, Z is used.

There is also such a thing as “Italian base”. The difference from the cut of the first variant of the “typical figure” is that in this cut small allowances are used along the chest, waist and hips. High armhole. The code of models 616, 672 is used. Model 616 cut shelves in 3 loops, model 672 in 2 loops.

"The basis of" Comfort "- cut into a typical figure with slightly fitted floors. Model codes 607, 670. In the first case - a suit made of natural materials (linen) with patch pockets. In the second case - a semi-lining jacket made of woolen material with patch pockets and unconventional sleeve processing.

  • high, straight shoulders. The cut is slightly fitted in shape, the floors on the back are straight with high straight shoulders. Model Code K, P.
  • not natural / informal.

In choosing a men's suit, completeness is a fundamentally important point. It is the well-chosen completeness of the suit that will provide the man with a good fit. In a suit of the right size, but with inappropriate completeness, the man will feel uncomfortable. The main criteria for completeness is the difference between the volume of the chest and the volume of the waist.

The choice of men's suit begins with the selection of completeness, and then growth and size. Often, many factories and studios for the production of men's suits design costumes for the average man with an average completeness, which in comparison is only 50-60% of most customers. Therefore, going to the store, you should not expect a stunning result, such luck happens very rarely, and for sure you will have to visit more than one salon or wedding store.

When choosing a costume, pay attention to the material from which the costume is made - it should be a woolen fabric. A label marked "Super 100" and above can help you. Although, if you have a good enough amount and contact a good branded bridal salon, the brand itself will guarantee quality.

When dwelling on various options, pay attention to the label, the name of the manufacturer and the mark of the quality of yarn should be indicated on it.

In the choice of men's suit, style plays an important role. When choosing a particular model, try to rely on your taste and style, but remember that classic has always been a sign of good taste..

The next stage is accessories and auxiliary materials. A cheap lining may look nice, but if you put on a jacket a couple of times, you will find that it is on the seam. The quality of the lining can be seen on the same label, the quality thing will be marked "cupro" or 100% viscose.

Further, not the very first, but not unimportant moment, which cannot be dispensed with when choosing a men's suit, is size, height and fullness. These three criteria will help you to choose the exact costume that will be "tailored for you" quite clearly and relatively accurately. Size is determined by the following several criteria: chest and waist, height, fullness.