How to choose a men's suit by model, color, size

Nothing decorates a man like a well-fitting suit. The main thing is to make a choice competently in accordance with your style and complexion. Then, even ardent opponents of suits, can love this type of clothing forever.

So, how to choose a men's suit?

Whatever costume hater you are, you will have to pick up one of the options for this outfit for the wedding. What are the criteria to make your choice? First of all, determine your body type.

If you are a tall man, then you need to slightly "hide" the growth, aligning the proportions of the figure if necessary. Clear vertical lines should be excluded and parts that attract attention should be used. The jacket must be in good shape, with a clear and simple silhouette. Particular attention should be paid to the length, which should be sufficient, otherwise the costume will look scanty. A double-breasted jacket and a jacket with three buttons are not your option. How to choose a men's suit for tall and slender grooms? Pay attention to the model with two buttons, short lapels and patch pockets, which visually hide your height. Trousers with wide pleats, quite loose and slightly narrowed down.

Having decided on the model, you need to pick up the fabric. For tall men, a suit made of thick fabric with a large pattern, possibly multi-colored, is suitable. Striped colors should be avoided. Having learned how to choose a men's suit, we will pick up accessories.

Instead of the usual narrow tie, it is better to choose a bow tie. Shirt with a wide collar, with not long and not narrow capes. Tall men, no matter how anyone suits vests with a pattern. Also, it’s worthwhile to “break” the silhouette with a horizontal belt, and large patch pockets will finally balance your proportions.

If you are a complete man, then, on the contrary, vertical lines are recommended to you, since you need to visually increase growth and hide fullness. The silhouette of your costume should emphasize the line of the shoulders and distract from the waist. A semi-fit jacket is your choice. There should be no patch pockets or wide lapels on the jacket. Double-breasted jackets emphasize weight, but a jacket with three or two buttons is just for you. Trousers without lapels, with a slightly high waist, which adds long legs. How to choose a men's suit that visually adds a few centimeters? Yes, very simple, choose a dark soft fabric with a vertical pattern. This will help visually stretch the silhouette..

A tie with an average knot and a vertical pattern is suitable for overweight men. Better not to wear a butterfly.

It doesn’t matter if you order a costume at the studio, buy it at a store or rent. Make the right choice, given these rules, and then a wedding suit may become your favorite and not the only one, but you already know how to choose a men's suit.