Rules for choosing a suit for the groom


The main parameters that you must decide before you go in search of your suit are style, size.


Estimate the proportions of your figure. The choice of a suit for the groom, namely, the model of the jacket, will depend on them.

  • Short men should go past voluminous jackets with broad shoulders, elongated jackets are also not their option. They visually reduce growth. Lapel trousers shorten legs.
  • Double-breasted suits are not suitable for large men, they will add more volume.
  • The classic choice of a three-piece suit suits almost all types of figures.

In the fitting room

We try on your chosen style of costume. The collar of the jacket should comfortably fit the neck and not interfere with the back. A good jacket should fit perfectly in the shoulders. You should not feel constrained, but also too loose too. When choosing a suit for the groom, pay attention to the fact that no folds, either vertical or horizontal, would form on the back of the jacket. Stretch your arms forward and look in the mirror on your back.

Fasten the jacket, if at the back there is one, and even more so two slots, then they should not diverge. The jacket, which is just right in the shoulders, but hardly fastens on the lower button, should not be changed to a larger size. It is worth choosing a suit of a larger stature or other fullness of the same size..

Stand exactly in front of the mirror, you should grab the jacket floors without any extra gestures. It turned out - that means the length of the jacket is just right. The length of the sleeve should be 2.5 cm shorter than the length of the sleeve of the shirt. Her cuffs should protrude so cufflinks are visible. These are the rules of good form when choosing a suit for the groom. The length of the trousers should not be lower than the heel. “To the middle of the back of the boot” is the ideal trouser length. In this case, one arrow should form on the arrow in front. Classic, regular trousers are hemmed so that they are 1-2 cm longer in the back than in the front - a special lap on the heel. Owners of large feet should not opt ​​for a suit with trousers narrowed below.

A carefully selected perfect suit, already, by itself, will make the groom elegant.