Choosing a suit for the groom

A wedding is a special day in the life of young people, on this day everything should look perfect. Particular attention has always been paid to wedding dresses. Choosing a wedding dress for the bride and a suit for the groom is a rather complicated process. Perhaps, every bride wants her lover on the wedding day to look beautiful, stylish, elegant, and most importantly, his appearance is in harmony with her look and outfit.

To date, the consumer market offers a wide range of men's suits in a variety of styles and colors. But, often many factors confront young people with the difficult choice of a suit for the groom.

Consider a few tips on how to choose the right suit:

  • firstly, when choosing a suit for the groom, it should be remembered that it should be in harmony with the general appearance of the bride, not overshadowing him.
    The most popular and widespread is the classical style, if you are planning a traditional wedding, and not a stylized one (country, rock, etc.). The color of the costume depends on the time of the year when the wedding will be celebrated, light colors suitable for warm seasons, dark for cold ones. But again, many factors, including tailoring, and the tone of the color scheme of the costume depend on the bride’s wedding dress.
  • secondly, the suit for the groom must match the tastes of the man. He should feel comfortable in a suit..
  • thirdly, when choosing a suit for the groom, several more factors should be taken into account. Pants should be long enough to cover the top edge of wedding shoes. The collar of the shirt should fit and stand beautifully, while being free enough so as not to strangle the groom. The cuffs of the shirt should peek out from under the sleeves of the 2 cm jacket, this will add a certain piquancy and elegance. Well-chosen cufflinks also help emphasize the style. A tie or bow tie is selected depending on the type of suit and shirt, sometimes without them. The color scheme of the tie should be in harmony with the tone of the jacket and shirt, often prefer calm colors that suit the classic style. Socks should be long enough so that their edge from under the trousers is not visible when the groom is sitting. Shoes are selected to match the costume, have a classic look with closed toes and heels..
  • fourthly, the costume style plays an important role. Increasingly, there are cases when, choosing a suit for the groom, the young ones opt for frock-coats, tuxedos and dress coats. Each of them is an evening suit and has its own peculiarity, for example, a tuxedo, whose name goes back to English traditions, means a jacket in which you can smoke. Of course, the cut of the jacket, and even the material from which the product is made, allows its owner to smoke, while easily shaking off the ashes without leaving any residue. Tuxedo, as a wedding outfit requires additional equipment, the shirt should only be white.

Tailcoat - a suit with a special elegant look of cut - front floors in front and long narrow back. The shirt is white, trousers without a lapel at the edges. How a suit for the groom suits men with a narrow waist and hips, owners of an athletic physique.

Syurtuk - the most common and most popular men's wedding dress recently. A slightly elongated single-breasted jacket with four buttons will suit middle-aged men with a slim figure.

In shops and salons specializing in the sale of men's suits, consultants will help you choose a suit for the groom, customize the figure on the spot, or, most often, dismantle the suits and pick up exactly what you need.