The canons of men's wedding fashion


The choice of men's costume is dictated by etiquette, the time of day at which the wedding will take place, and men's wedding fashion. Tuxedo and tailcoat, as well as a strict three-piece or two-piece suit, are still considered festive models..

The model of the classic costume is made of dark fabric. A white shirt and tie in gray tones, black boots and socks are mandatory additions to it. A three-piece suit also includes a vest. A white scarf is placed in the breast pocket, and sometimes both a tie and a scarf are made of fabric with an ornament carefully selected for the color of the suit.

A tuxedo is an evening outfit. Black jacket with a shawl collar made of satin. Pants with galloons on the outer side seam. For a tuxedo, men's wedding fashion provides a shirt with a hidden clasp. Alternatively, a white pique vest or wide satin belt is worn under a tuxedo. Sometimes a butterfly, a belt and a scarf in a breast pocket can be selected from a fabric with a colorful pattern or a plain, but contrasting fabric. Shoes - strictly black.

Tailcoat - a suit for special occasions. At the beginning of the 19th century, it is considered ceremonial men's clothing. The tailcoat is distinguished by a special cut. Short, to the level of the waist in front and with long tails at the back, he is a favorite of men's wedding fashion. The lapels of the jacket are also finished with satin. Pants with two galloons on the sides. The shirt complementing the tailcoat has a detachable stand-up collar with bent tips, cuffs for cufflinks. Under the tailcoat, they wear a white pique vest with buttons made of nacre or covered with fabric. Be sure to select a bow tie, scarf. All frock accessories are white. Black are shoes, socks and a top hat.

We select a suit according to the figure

Grooms of short stature should not choose elongated and voluminous models of a jacket. A classic suit suits men of any proportions. The sleeve of the jacket should be shorter than the sleeve of the shirt by 2 - 2.5 cm, as dictated by the men's wedding fashion.

Particular attention should be paid to the length of the trousers. It should be up to the middle of the back of the boot, and in front on the arrow of the trousers should form one hall. It is necessary to choose trousers exactly in size so that when wearing no extra creases on the arrows. Trousers with lapels are suitable only for tall men. Slim-fit trousers are not suitable for owners of large legs.

Nice cloth suit

The quality of the fabric speaks of the quality of the costume. The soft, plastic, loose and textured fabric of the suit better conveys the silhouette of the model. Fabrics containing 50% wool will make you feel comfortable in any weather. Products made of synthetic materials do not fit well, form creases, and therefore men's wedding fashion pays close attention to natural fabrics. To diversify the classic costume, sometimes choose a vest made of decorative fabric. But, you must carefully select the color, texture and accessories: tie, scarves.

Important detail - tie

A well-chosen tie indicates the taste of a man. For such a celebration as a wedding, a tie made of silk fabric is suitable. The color is matched to the tone of the jacket. Etiquette does not allow the appearance of a celebration without a tie. It can be replaced with a scarf, but if there is such a part of the suit as a high-necked vest. Men's wedding fashion allows only the groom to be in a suit, complemented by a scarf.

Buttonhole in a buttonhole

It is customary to supplement the groom's outfit with a boutonniere. This elegant, neat decoration is attached to the left lapel of the jacket. The groom’s buttonhole is always combined with the bride’s bouquet.

Shoes for the groom are black leather low shoes. It’s better to carry them a little before the wedding to feel comfortable. Lacquered shoes worn with a tailcoat and tuxedo. Socks should be high enough and the same color as the boots. Now there are even evening socks - thin silk with the addition of nylon.

Observing all these not-so-cunning rules and turning to the latest trends in men's wedding fashion, you can create an image of an elegant, chic man worthy of the beauty of the bride. After all, your task is to look like a couple that causes delight.