Dress code for men

It would seem that dressing a man for some kind of celebration is simple, picking up a suit, shirt, tie, wedding shoes, socks and that’s it. But, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. The male dress code provides for a number of requirements, according to which even the most seemingly smallest details play a far-reaching role.

In order for your companion to look appropriate to the celebration, it is worth taking care of the main details of his future wedding dress in advance. There are four options for the solemn "uniform":

  • “White tie” (Cravate blanche, white tie) or “Full evening toilet”. Celebration - a ball or a routine to which entrance is only by dress code. You, in turn, can wear a ball gown. A celebration of this level always involves the most sophisticated look. According to the requirements of the dress code, a man must be dressed in:
    -black tailcoat. Single breasted with silk lapels.
    -pants. Only black without lapels. Black silk stripes on the side seams. Suspender Pants.
    -vest. White cotton pique.
    -shirt. White, with a stand-up collar, with bent corner edges. Single cuffs, always with cufflinks.
    -butterfly. White. Make sure there are no fasteners. A bow tie, like a tie.
    -shoes (boots). Black patent leather shoes with long silk socks or Oxford smooth patent leather shoes with hidden lacing.
    -cylinder. Rarity in our time, but it is an integral part of tailcoat.
    -scarf. White silk
    -gloves white.

    The final stage is a cape or mantle, a cane. The last few positions (cylinder, scarf, gloves, mantle, cane) are more likely the historical requirements of the male dress code than the need of our time.


  • "Black tie" (Cravate noire, black tie). The celebration is slightly lower than the level of the ball or social events. You can wear an evening dress, and a man is required to wear a tuxedo. A tuxedo is inherently a formal jacket, originally from England. In simple words, a tuxedo is a jacket in which you can smoke. The material from which the jacket is made makes it easy to shake off the cigar ash without leaving any residue.

    So, a tuxedo includes:
    -a jacket. Often black, navy, white with silk sharp lapels or a shawl collar.
    -pants. Black, no lapels. Processed by a single silk galloon. On suspenders.
    -shirt. White with corrugated plastron. Double cuffs. Cufflinks. But there are exceptions where other shirts are acceptable, for example: tuxedos from Armani.
    -silk sash with folds laid up. The tuxedo does not provide a vest (like a dress coat), in order to hide the belt, you need a sash.
    -butterfly. Black, also without fastener.
    -shoes. Smooth patent leather shoes or boots, often black.


  • "Business card-coat-coat" with cut corners. In European countries, according to the requirements of the men's dress code, it is permissible to wear such a suit for weddings, royal races. As for the first option (wedding), then a light gray business card with trousers of the same color scheme is customary to wear a groom or father of the bride. In all other cases, black business cards with striped trousers are often found. The requirements according to the male dress code are less stringent than those described above. In this case, a colored vest or a simple classic shirt is allowed, in harmony with the overall look. Tie. Suppose a cylinder is gray or black, depending on the situation.
  • "Triumph without special requirements." The most common species in everyday life. But, nevertheless, some dress code rules exist:
    -only front dress.
    -a jacket and trousers (without cuffs) are permissible in different colors. A double-breasted, fitted, slimmed down jacket is suitable. Trousers a little narrowed without pinches.
    -shirt and tie most often put on the same color tone. Cashmere and silk sweaters in winter and silk t-shirts in summer are acceptable..
    -vest is optional.
    -shoes, the color is selected for the general view.

For a lady, a cocktail wedding dress will be a suitable outfit.