Men's accessories: how to create a fashionable look?


In the bustle of pre-wedding hassle, as a rule, the bride is the focus of attention. However, not only the girl should sparkle and be irresistible at the festive ball. No less important is how the groom looks. It should not be forgotten that the essential components of the image of a young man are accessories - tie, watch, bow tie, cufflinks, etc. Men's wedding fashion is not as influenced by time and not as volatile as women's, however, there are certain trends.

The wedding portal will tell you what men's accessories this season should be paid attention to and how to combine them correctly with each other..

Butterfly in the image of the groom
Stylish image of the groom

Stylish tie

An obligatory part of a man’s costume for any celebration is a tie or bow tie. There are no certain fashionable trends regarding this part of the gentleman’s wardrobe. However, there are unshakable canons that are always relevant, and which should not be neglected if you want to emphasize style and sophistication, and not to demonstrate bad taste.

Tie and vest for the groom
Tie and vest for the groom

So, for example, if the shirt is plain, a tie with a pattern is ideal. And vice versa - if the wedding is thematic and is held in an unconventional format, it is better to give preference to extravagant shirts with a pattern. However, it is worth balancing the outfit for the groom with a calm monophonic tie. At the same time, the most optimal option for a wedding dress is a tie made of natural silk.

If the groom wants to show his own impeccable taste and awareness of men's fashion at the wedding, you should try the game of contrasts. This season, almost all well-known fashion houses have released models in contrasting ensembles on the catwalk. For example, with the help of a contrast tie, many famous fashion designers turned a plain beige or white suit into a stylish avant-garde outfit of a modern man.

Groom accessories
Groom accessories

Various prints are no less relevant this year in men's fashion. At the same time, designers suggest using several drawings in one image. However, such a bold move should be resorted to only if you know the rules of the game. In other words, in everything you should show a sense of proportion, and combine trendy trends with restraint and taste..

Tie with prints
Tie to match the suit

Butterfly or Ascot

A great alternative to a tie is a bow tie for the groom or a bow tie, which is also very popular this season. This small stylish accessory without undue effort will add gloss and aristocracy to the whole image. Today, men's fashion offers a huge selection of bow ties - from strict plain to silk polka dots, velvet and even embroidered with sequins. The main thing is that this accessory should correspond to the suit of the groom and successfully complete the image, and not introduce dissonance.

Butterfly - an attribute of a gentleman

Neckerchiefs are very popular in the fashion of this season, which will especially appreciate creative natures who avoid stereotypes. From such a neckerchief or so-called escot, a volume knot is tied, in the center of which a pearl pin is pinned. True, it should be borne in mind that such an accessory is not the best option for a classic costume, but it will look great with a jacket, tailcoat or jacket-coat.

Neck scarf

Important little things: cufflinks, buttonhole, etc..

Well-chosen cufflinks and a tie holder will complement the image of a modern groom. Unusual designer cufflinks are at the peak of popularity today, and will be very useful if you need to add a touch of extravagance to the image. The tie clip should be in harmony with the suit and, of course, with the tie itself.

Cufflinks for the groom

It is difficult to imagine a man’s wedding suit without a buttonhole. A stylish and sophisticated solution will be a composition that will resonate with the bride’s bouquet.

Groom's boutonniere

A hat will help to make the image of the groom aristocratic and extravagant, and suspenders will help the perky and positive. What to choose, it's up to you!

Groom-style suspenders
Suspenders and a hat in the image of the groom

Genuine leather products are very relevant today in men's fashion, which has always been an indicator of taste and aristocracy. A leather belt or bracelet made of genuine leather can be the highlight that will be the final chord in creating the image of an irresistible groom.

The wedding portal recommends focusing on only one accessory, an abundance of exclusive details will be unnecessary and will only have the opposite effect.