Spanish wedding dresses - fashionable styles in 2020, selection tips, photos


Any girl treats the choice of a wedding dress with all her heart, putting all her feelings and feelings into this process. As a result, the bride puts on herself not just an outfit, but a whole story. Spanish wedding dresses are very popular all over the world, since weddings in this country have earned a reputation as the brightest. No wonder these celebrations are compared with carnivals and festivals, which the country is famous for..

Spanish Style Wedding Dress Tips

In Spain itself, the bride's traditional outfit is sewn from black silk and adorned with a beautiful lace mantilla. Also, a dress can be created using a combination of two materials, for example, chiffon, tulle, organza, taffeta, etc. Sometimes embroidery or inserts with beads are found on the product. And as decorations, the Spaniards use large metal earrings, popular with them, with original ornaments. For the groom, the girl embroiders the shirt that he puts on for the ceremony.

Compared to others, the Spanish style looks very bright and original. Many fashion designers consider him a favorite in world fashion. The traditional cut of this style is a V-neck and tight-fitting top. A mandatory attribute of Spanish wedding dresses is a veil, which is lined with delicate lace along the contour. Without such a veil model, also known as a mantilla, Spain’s wedding attire is unthinkable. This element belongs directly to the Spanish culture and is included in the national outfit..

A successful addition to the image will be a strict classic hairstyle, which can be decorated with a beautiful white or pink flower, as well as hairpins and a comb. A good addition to the wedding along with the bride can be a bright fan and large earrings, which we mentioned earlier. For those who prefer something more original than simple classics, you should create a different image.

Spanish style wedding dresses

Try on the role of the burning and seductive Carmen. In this case, the dress should be sewn from bright red, yellow or blue fabric. A white model in the image of Carmen will also be appropriate, but it should be supplemented with bright elements. No guest will be able to forget your extraordinary image, and after many years you will be pleased with the colorful photos that remained after the solemn wedding day.

The styles of Spanish dresses for the wedding of 2015

The bride’s wedding dress can be sewn from different materials, have different lengths, colors, and volumes, but he must fulfill his main task - to transform the girl. In 2015, fashion designers strive to emphasize the silhouette, for this they clearly indicate the waist and chest line. We will consider the main aspects of fashion trends this year, which relate to a wedding in the Spanish style..

  • Fashion still favors a train and fitted models of dresses with different forms of skirts. However, modern brides sometimes prefer a practical trouser suit to dress.
  • As before, the role of the favorite is a white outfit. The traditional color is chosen by most brides. But summer weddings are more colorful, because the choice of young girls from time to time falls on colored dresses. In this case, the color range is huge - from delicate pastels to juicy colors of the rainbow. Combinations of white with red or black colors look original.
  • As a complement to the dress, fashion designers are advised to choose a cute accessory such as a belt, brooch or necklace. Such a detail can easily transform the image of a young.
  • This year, fashion designers prefer the classic types of material: silk, satin, tulle, chiffon. Using their combinations, you can create flowing beautiful folds. Lace has again gained great popularity, which allows not only to give femininity and tenderness to the dress, but also to emphasize the bride’s figure.

Spanish wedding dresses

The classical form of the wedding dress does not lose its relevance - a tight-fitting bodice, a thin and accentuated waist, an airy skirt. Emphasizing the beauty of the girl, this dress, sewn from smooth satin in tandem with a light chiffon, will shine with luxury and elegance. Exquisite materials, a charming cut make this wedding outfit delightful. It is worth complementing with satin shoes, as well as small neat accessories on the head.

Dresses in the style of a fish or a mermaid

«Mermaid» - This is the name of the dress that best emphasizes women's curves. The new season offers brides lace dresses. The most original models «mermaids» This year they are distinguished by a top made of whole lace, which gives chic and respectability along with. Moreover, lace can be used of different types - thin French or dense.

Do not listen to those who say that «mermaid» goes only to tall women with perfect proportions. In practice, it has been proven that this model easily transforms any girl, the main thing is to choose the right type of neckline. For example, a miniature ladies suit dress with open shoulders and a high neckline. Such models visually make you slimmer and taller. Full-bosomed girls can safely purchase a dress with a heart-shaped neckline - such a neckline will emphasize the natural beauty of your bust.

Fluffy lace models

The 2015 wedding ceremony is no longer combined with lush «marshmallows» dresses. The declining trend in the popularity of such models continues. Despite the rich appearance of the outfits, they are now at the back of wedding trends. However, do not rush to write them off completely, because the year has just begun, so narrow corsets and immense skirts can return to fashion again. Spanish beauty is fascinating, and dresses are admirable.

Spanish wedding dresses

V-neck and tight-fitting top

Holders of wide hips will appreciate how a wedding dress with a V-neck will sit on them. The bodice pointed upwards visually slenders a female figure. As a result, guests will see the silhouette of the bride and groom close to ideal. It is worth emphasizing that the shape of the neckline plays a key role in the formation of the whole image. This model, decorated with lace appliques, looks interesting. Usually on the top such elements are arranged densely, and the skirt is decorated randomly with them. When walking, such a dress is guaranteed to attract the eyes of all guests and the groom to the bride.

Photos of wedding dresses from famous designers

Spanish-style outfits are easy to find among designer wedding dresses. Regardless of the country of residence, couturiers gladly use in their collections both individual motifs donated by sunny Spain and solid images, taking as a basis the historical costumes of the Spanish provinces. Such clothes look great on blondes and brunettes, brown-haired women and fiery red beauties, giving an image of passion. A selection of photos will demonstrate everything that attracts Spanish-style brides..

Spanish Wedding Outfits