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The sixties of the last century is a whole era of fashion, which brought the world a large number of extraordinary design solutions. Then the world-famous couturiers such as Emmanuel Ungaro, Paco Raban, Mary Quantum, Yves Saint Laurent ruled the ball. And the wedding dress in the style of the 60s was demonstrated on the catwalk by top models Verushka, Twiggy, Gene Grimpton and others. Star «Breakfast at Tiffany's» Audrey Hepburn glorified the style of Givenchy's outfit, which delighted half the world with its combination of rigor and sophistication.

Retro Style Wedding Dress Tips

Some admired the sophistication and austerity of the sixties. But at the same time, the rejection of long dresses came, and the colors became bold, sometimes even «screaming». Use this knowledge when choosing a wedding retro dress. Now popular are those combinations that were previously taboo. Outfits of the 60s were sewn of the most unexpected length: midi, maxi or even mini. This gives room for a fancy bride who decided to dress in the style of the 60s.

Despite the fact that the century has changed, wedding dresses sewn in the spirit of the 60s remain in trend and have not lost their relevance. You can opt for a simple sheath dress, which became an analogue of mini-dresses of the style of those years, or fluffy skirts, more similar to fashion trends of the 50s. However, we advise you to refrain from excesses in detail and pay attention to dresses made from smooth materials. Modern wedding salons offer a huge assortment of wedding dresses in the style of the 60s. How to choose your own?

60s outfit for the bride

Color spectrum

When choosing a dress and decor elements for a wedding, the bride should think about its color scheme. 60's style wedding day should be done in discreet, pastel colors. Stylists advise to leave white and pay attention to pale blue, beige, muted yellow and pink tones. To successfully create the image of dudes, you need to combine no more than three contrasting shades. If the bride chose a white dress, then it is worth adding it in red - put on a red belt, pick up a scarlet lipstick, make a tone in this tone along the hem of the wedding dress.

Actual colors in the style of clothing 60 x

Length and material of the outfit

The fashion of the 50s left its mark on the wedding dresses of the early 60s. The emphasis is on decorative elements: bandages, folds, draperies. The wedding dress can be knee-length or go to the floor. A fluffy skirt to the knees is a popular version of the dress for the bride, which emphasizes the fragility of the girl and beautifully exposes her legs. A long wedding dress symbolizes femininity, and the silhouette at the same time visually becomes taller and slimmer. Retro wedding dresses sometimes have a length «mini», but then it is offset by a long veil.

The waist of a girl in a magnificent dress will seem even thinner if you choose matte material. Lacy patterns of a wedding dress in the style of the 60s were less common. If such details were used in the outfit, then they were superimposed on top of the main material. A good option is a lace corset dress with a silhouette flared down, tucked up with a satin belt. But keep in mind that lace visually increases the volume. If you do not need such an effect, limit yourself to small lace inserts. So you will look elegant.

Wedding retro outfit for the bride

You can choose a retro dress for the bride in specialized wedding stores. It is not necessary to purchase a rare thing; modern salons provide a wide selection of dresses of a classic style. Another option is to buy a magnificent short dress in the style of a baby doll, typical of Audrey Hepburn. He will give your image tenderness and femininity. All models have something in common - a narrowed upper part of the dress, a wide belt, neckline, elegant skirt, the length of which can be different (usually, maxi or midi). Do not forget to choose a bright accessory for the main costume.

Accessories, makeup and hairstyle

When creating a vintage atmosphere at the festival, you can not do without accessories. You can find them on the mezzanines of your grandparents, make them to order or buy in special stores. For invitations, choose bright colors, floral prints, «peas». And the ideal bouquet for the bride at the retro wedding will be Biedermeier (a tight bouquet, closed in a circle, where concentric rings are made of different colors).

Elegant shoes in the spirit of the 60s and stockings of flesh-colored - these are mandatory attributes of the bride. In the style of the sixties harmoniously fits into such a detail as boots, stockings. For a female retro look, a hat with a mesh or a lush veil will be the perfect complement to the dress. Pearl thread on the neck and earrings in the ears will be a wonderful decoration for the bride and groom. And such an accessory as short gloves will look elegant and sophisticated in a general way.

Hair should be styled concisely. A short thick bang or a popular haircut in the 60s is suitable «bean». However, if the selected outfit belongs to the middle of the decade, a lush bouffant will be the most successful option. To increase the volume of hair it is worth using a chignon - a characteristic detail of that era. Do not forget the rim, it was a squeak of fashion of the sixties.

60s bride hairstyle

Young makeup should consist of densely summed eyes (use eyeliner to draw arrows - an indispensable attribute of the 60's style), false eyelashes, soft lipstick and powder of pale shades. This should look like a real bride of that time. Tip: the shape of the arrows and eyes should be similar. If the eyes are narrowly set - emphasize the line on the outer corner, otherwise - draw a uniform line, starting from the extreme point of the inner corner.

Styles of wedding dresses in the style of the 60s

Despite the fact that the 60s have long sunk into oblivion, wedding dresses, created in the spirit of that era, and now look relevant and fashionable. Times are changing, but that style is always held in high esteem. Therefore, if you decide to have a wedding «a la sixties», first carefully study the features of popular models of dresses for the bride of those times.

Simple cut

It is believed that in the 60s wedding dresses for the first time appeared without unnecessary details and draperies. Everything was simple - the usual cut, high-quality matte fabrics. These moments were considered characteristic features of the real classics of the sixties. Legislators of this style include Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and other stunning ladies. Particular attention when creating a wedding image of the 60s was given to accessories. Neat gloves, expensive jewelry and a tablet hat - that was the example of grace and femininity in the 60s.

Simple cut wedding clothes

Short A-Line Dresses

If the figure of the bride allows, it is better to look at a more open wedding outfit. For those who want to bare their legs, a trapeze silhouette dress is suitable. You can choose the length based on your preferences: above or slightly below the knee. This style makes the bride’s figure fragile, slender and it always looks fashionable. The main advantage of the outfit is that it becomes the background for the overall image.

Models with a full skirt

The hallmark of the sixties of the last century is considered a fluffy skirt. Other trends of wedding fashion of the time are a combination of a simple cut and a minimum of elements on the dress, a fluffy skirt with a fitted bodice. The length of the outfit was approximately to the knee. Often dresses were made of chiffon, satin and other types of dense material. A short jacket or bolero was used as a complement to the outfit..

If you opted for a style with a fluffy skirt, then, depending on the features of the figure, the dress should be supplemented with some cut elements. If desired, decorate the wedding outfit with sleeves of suitable length or a classic collar in the form of ruffle, bow. Owners of wide shoulders should do without such details - leave the top of the suit «free» from similar jewelry.

Full skirt wedding outfit

Are you a happy owner of a pronounced waist? Then a good option would be the assembly on a skirt-sun. So, your dress will look even more magnificent. To it is worth adding a belt to the tone of the outfit or, conversely, a contrasting color. But do not forget about the rule of 2-3 color combinations - do not combine more tones in one image. Bright details of the wedding image can be served by the edging that runs along the bottom of the outfit, a belt, gloves or a ribbon in the hair.

Printed French Lace

A worthy decoration of the bride will be a dress made of expensive printed lace. It is often used by famous designers to create their collections. All guests will be fascinated by the beauty, sophistication and tenderness of such an outfit. Stylish wedding retro dresses from printed French lace can be small or long, have a delicate lace trim around the sleeves and hem.

Photos of beautiful 60s wedding dresses