Boho style wedding dresses - selection tips, popular models and styles with photos


Boho style is a combination of several cultures in one image: Gothic, Scottish, Gypsy, Mongolian, African. Boho combines romanticism, sophistication, a bohemian lifestyle and hippie freedom. It is suitable for any wedding, whether it be a classic or neo-romanticism. A boho style wedding dress is a bohemian chic made from natural fabrics: cotton, linen or chiffon. This is a long, multi-layered high-waisted style with lace, frills or embroidery.

Boho Style Wedding Dress Tips

Now the choice of wedding dresses is so wide that creating an individual image for any girl will not be difficult. But not all brides at their main celebration want to shine with luxurious outfits. Some people prefer to choose something special without excessive shine, they want the dress to be romantic, memorable. A universal solution for creating such an image is a boho style.

Bohemian style in wedding dresses

Fashion historians attribute this style to the 15th century, and the gypsies, who were called Bohemians in those days, became its founders. His next bright representatives were young French artists who lived in the turbulent 18th century and rejected the traditional foundations of the then society. They were so original that their clothes were remembered for a long time. Then, in the 60s of the 20th century, the ideas of the French became the basis of the hippy movement in America, and the style of clothing was continued.

Its characteristic feature is a harmonious combination of vivid opposites. Boho style things are distinguished by modesty, originality, sophistication and some fantasy at the same time. A wedding dress created in a boho style is ideal for a creative nature, because the bohemian image itself is a wide field for various experiments.

Due to its versatility, the boho wedding style is suitable for all girls without exception, regardless of height and build. When choosing a bohemian image, remember: the key to harmony lies in a sense of proportion. When choosing a boho dress, take the absence of a heel on shoes for granted, because neither a hairpin nor a thick heel will be appropriate here, but a wedge will fit perfectly. As for the hairstyle, curls and a wreath with fresh flowers will be ideal.

Boho style for obese girls

Varieties and styles of wedding dresses Boho

There are a lot of styles of boho wedding dresses, but they are united by some basic features:

  • natural shades;
  • volume;
  • layering;
  • comfort;
  • a combination of incongruous - fabrics, textures, lace, knitting, dresses, rough shoes;
  • various accessories - bracelets, beads, belts;
  • different materials - silk, velvet, flannel, leather, wool;
  • low running shoes.

Flawless style is achieved by a competent selection of these elements. Various patterns and drawings are popular, in which there are natural (deciduous, floral), ethnic, rainbow and avant-garde motifs. The image of the bride is sophistication, femininity, romanticism, creativity. As part of this image, several subtypes of boho style managed to stand out:

  • Glamorous.
  • Eco.
  • Hippie.
  • Vintage.
  • Gypsy.
  • Eco boho - a fashionable version of the style

    However, boho cannot be confused with any other direction, because there are three whales on which it is based: negligence, freedom of expression and things with history (remade or from flea markets). A very important role is played by accessories and jewelry - macrame, beads, ethnic applications, woven straps.

    Beach image

    Beach boho is ideal for a wedding ceremony on the nature or the coast. Simple cut skirts, natural thin fabrics that, from the slightest blow of the wind, develop beautifully, giving the bride romance - this is his highlight. Shoes are completely unnecessary, because walking on bare sand is much more convenient. But if the bride prefers to go shod, elegant wedding slippers decorated with rhinestones, pearls, ribbons or flowers will be appropriate..

    Beach image of the bride

    A beach wedding dress will look great if it is made of chiffon, crepe georgette, crepe de chine, organza, silk or gas. No crinolines or frames are needed, just a train, light draping and flowing folds. Against the background of the azure ocean or the green riot of summer nature, a snow-white dress will look great, but delicate shades of pastel colors will also emphasize the colorful variety of sea landscapes.

    The bride's hairstyle for the beach image does not have to be strict, because all the same, an ocean breeze or a forest breeze will crack a tightly braided braid. A natural look in a loose bundle, with flowing hair and a wreath or with half-tailed braids will be the perfect complement to the bride's slightly sloppy beach style. Although it’s difficult to maintain individuality on the beach, you are guaranteed a romantic and fabulous image..

    Boho chic

    Nevertheless, in the boho style, luxury is present, but even expensive things cannot change it beyond recognition. In bohemian wedding dresses-chic, the main traditions are adhered to, combined with a slight sheen or flicker, which adds a twist. Add a floral or berry wreath to a slightly flared, airy dress, some favorite accessories - and the image will be completed!

    Expensive materials for a boho dress

    In boho-chic, layered skirts, a carelessly thrown shawl and embroidery will be appropriate. Experiment with natural tones, it is not necessary to use white color for a wedding dress. Such fabrics as cotton, chintz, linen and even thin wool in dusty pink, mocha, blue, sand, ivory or cream color will look great. Free flowing curls or sloppy bunches with a satin ribbon on the head to match the color of the dress will complete the bohemian image..

    Printed French Lace

    Lace boho dresses are the basis of a separate wedding area. Dresses are long or short with lace trim on the sleeves and around the edge or completely lace. The openwork interweaving of threads is ideal to express the nuances of style, and the masterful work of the master will make the dress of printed French lace both elegant and modest. Lace is an active detail of the image, showing the refined taste of the hostess and responsible for the interesting style..

    Printed Boho Style French Lace

    Bridal bohemian lace dresses are gorgeous. They make the bride a fairy fairy or a snow queen, and hand-printed stuffed lace fascinates with its beauty. Dresses that are completely made of transparent French lace look amazing, but only the most daring brides will decide to wear them. More often choose dresses with an adjacent lace bodice and a multilayer skirt made of translucent fabric, and unexpected accessories made of natural materials complement the image.

    Hippie style

    Hippie-style wedding dresses are characterized by a loose fit and high waist. Boho hippie dresses are decorated with fringe, lacing or embroidery, and girls use large bracelets, beads, rings and baubles as accessories. Hairbands, leather bands, neckerchiefs and various pendants complete the hippie brides' image. The hippie girl's hair is spread out in full length and decorated with a leather strap as a headband. Often, brides decorate their hair with beads or fresh flowers.

    Hippie Boho Wedding

    As for the color of the hippie wedding dress, it can be anything, even in a small flower. As you know, the hippie style is simplicity and comfort, denial of restrictions and rules imposed by the system. Therefore, their wedding dresses are created as unconventionally as possible, of a natural texture, with national ornaments and even with psychodynamic prints.

    Vintage style

    Vintage boho is marked by images of the past. Fashionable dresses of the 20s of the last century again found their admirers. In a word «vintage» characterize ripe wine, which has lain and has become unique in taste. The bride in vintage style is very similar to an old wine, she is able to turn her head, causing delightful emotions. Vintage wedding dresses are insanely feminine.

    Vintage wedding dress

    A vintage boho style dress is not necessarily pastel shades. Unlike all other directions, there is room for brightness. Pink, yellow, light green dress with large accessories in color - everything is allowed for the bride in a vintage wedding look. But you should not forget about the measure. Remember: you can not combine modern accessories with a vintage dress - they must match the style.


    Word «boho» came from the word «Bohemia». This word called the inhabitants of Bohemia (now Czech Republic), who for the most part were gypsies (nomads). This freedom-loving people did not recognize the rules and values, so women dressed inexpensively, but conveniently. Bohemia as a style in our understanding appeared much later, but she adopted the gypsy features, tried on herself and left.

    Gypsy bride image

    In contemporary wedding dresses, the gypsy image is very popular. This is a fluffy skirt with frills, open shoulders and massive accessories: a wide shiny belt at the waist or a wide gypsy shawl, casually thrown over the shoulders. There are no restrictions in this image; freedom is welcomed in self-expression. Brides who choose a gypsy wedding dress decorate their hair with wreaths, bulky hairpins, hoops or fresh flowers.

    Flower theme

    The classic style of wedding boho is floral dresses that are as close to nature as possible: thin chiffon, linen or silk, decorated with handmade sewing, exquisite embroidery or flowers. Flowers are appropriate everywhere: in the hands of the bride, in the hairstyle and on the belt of the wedding dress. White fabric with floral print also looks gorgeous at a wedding in the style of magical and incredible boho.

    Boho wedding dress with floral motifs

    There are no voluminous bows, shiny rhinestones, traditional veils in this floral wedding dress, but the bride in a flowing silhouette looks amazing. Floral wedding dresses made by famous designers seem magical, and the brides in them look like the heroine of «Alice in the camp of miracles». A playful chiffon short dress reveals the girl’s beautiful legs, and a lush train stretches behind.

    This is a very feminine wedding dress in the classic Boho style, on which lilies blossomed. It does not even require traditional Bohemian jewelry, the girl looks cute and fresh. You can add a flower to your loose hair or tie a small bundle of feather grass to your belt - and the bride will become an individual. The main thing is to have a great desire to look at your wedding unique and boundless imagination.

    Photos of beautiful wedding dresses in the style of Boho

    Bold and romantic bohemian style wedding dresses are Indian embroidery and magnificent lace, a belt with feathers and an emphasized free silhouette. Even a separate top from the skirt or too short dress length, which emphasize the individuality of the bride, will never go unnoticed. You can choose a wedding dress in the style of Boho by looking at our photo selection.