Wedding dress with lace sleeves: popular models and styles of 2020, selection tips, photos


Among the number of wedding dresses that the bride tries on, it is very easy to get confused. Couturiers advise girls to prefer modest elegant outfits that have interesting details. For example, a dress with lace sleeves: it unobtrusively emphasizes the grace and beauty of women's shoulders. The style here can be anything, according to the tastes of the bride, so the girls should take a closer look: what if this is the dress of their dreams? And to make sure of this, take a closer look at the options with lace sleeves that modern wedding fashion offers..

Models of wedding dresses with lace sleeves

What could be more feminine than lace, elegantly emphasizing the delicate velvety skin of the fair sex? Just imagine how beautifully the top of the dress is played with the help of lace details. Modern designers specializing in wedding dresses create such gorgeous models of this style that it becomes a trend.

Fashion has shown that openwork sleeves will suit completely different models of a wedding dress - be it short or long, narrow or luxuriant, A-line, in style «Mermaid» or «Empire». In addition, thanks to this detail, you can advantageously emphasize the line of the neckline and shoulders, hide possible skin imperfections, and not freeze in the cold season. You can read more in detail with each of the mentioned styles of wedding attire further.

Styles of wedding models with lace sleeves

Dresses with sleeves in the form of a flashlight

It is likely that romantic, playful natures will like the look of the dress with lace sleeves-lanterns. Such a style of the outfit is able to make an inconspicuous emphasis on the shoulder line of the girl, visually giving harmony and proportionality to the figure. However, you should not bet on this option for brides whose hands are full - you risk weighting the image and looking, to put it mildly, stupid. Maintain the correct balance of your image and avoid going into details that do not fit some criteria of your figure.

Lace sleeves wedding dress in the form of lanterns

Short models

If your choice fell on a wedding dress of an unconventional short length, then your hands should be covered, for example, with guipure from the shoulder to the wrist. So you will look perfect, complementing the image with a little mystery and chic. Thanks to an extraordinary solution, the outfit will acquire chastity and elegance, not to its modest length. Often, this model resembles a retro-style in which fashionistas married half a century ago. Here are a few options that perfectly demonstrate how it is possible to beat such an image with lace:

  • Long lace sleeves, turning into a closed openwork top of the dress, through which a strict bodice is visible. This outfit looks like a fully enclosed top and a short skirt revealing beautiful slim legs.
  • A similar version to the previous one, only one hand. So you will look as feminine and seductive as possible.
  • Mini Wedding Dress with Guipure Short Lanterns.

Short wedding dresses with lace sleeves

Lush with long tight sleeves

If you are a lover of style «Princesses», then luxurious lush robe is your option. Let the skirt be made of airy tulle or thin satin, then the top with tight-fitting openwork sleeves will be a wonderful addition that will emphasize your noble and sophisticated style. A magnificent outfit is perfect and will hide all the flaws of the full figure, especially if you pick up a sleeve three quarters to make your wedding dress perfect.

Puffy Bridesmaid Dress with Long Bodycon Sleeves

Models «A-line» with a loop

Another most feminine and elegant model for a wedding celebration is the A-silhouette style with a train. Here you can fantasize and choose what a neckline can be: an ordinary boat or a frank beautiful bodice, mysteriously hidden under a transparent lace top and long tight sleeves. The train can be made of the same lace as other details of the dress - this will add sophistication to your image. And this model can be an excellent option for a church wedding (everyone remembers the special requirements for the clothes of the bride).

A-line model with lace sleeves for a wedding

Three Quarter Sleeve Dresses

The three-quarter sleeve is more of a retro style, so it is no wonder that this style is immediately associated with the image of Audrey Hepburn. This model will appeal to sophisticated, romantic brides, inclined to give preference to extravagant outfits. Here are some examples that make three-quarter lace sleeves an integral part of your wedding look:

  • 60s Style Wedding Dress with Ball Gown.
  • The tight wedding option a la «Fish», possibly with a long train.
  • Short Sheath Lace Sheath Dress.
  • Three Quarter Lace Sleeve

    Sleeveless Wedding Dress

    The next option for a wedding dress is a model with lace-up sleeves wide down. This style is ideal for full girls, or, conversely, for those who want to emphasize their elegant slim figure. This option looks especially beautiful if it is made of openwork fabric in the floor. Of similar interest is the retro-style option of a short wedding dress, which has long sleeves wide to the bottom.

    Wide to the bottom lace sleeves of a wedding dress

    Wedding dress decoration

    Speaking about the decoration of a wedding dress, it is worth noting: here the choice is so diverse that even the most daring imagination can take a walk. However, as always, it all depends on the preferences and taste of the hero of the occasion. To originally focus on the sleeves, use all kinds of fabrics, such as nylon, tulle or lace. Do not forget to decorate the dress with such small details as rhinestones, beads, pearls or sequins. Embroidery, applique or knitted elements that perfectly complement it also belong to the decoration of a wedding dress..

    When decorating a wedding outfit, it is worth remembering the one and only golden rule: do not overdo it with the number of decor elements, bright iridescent stones, bows and more. In order to look stylish at their own wedding, designers of modern wedding fashion recommend not combining controversial elements in the solemn image of the bride, for example, guipure and rhinestones.

    Lace trim for bridesmaid outfits

    Who will suit a wedding dress with lace sleeves?

    Lace is a universal elegant material that can complement the beauty of absolutely any girl. Not a single bride has looked bad in an openwork wedding dress. The main question is the style of the selected wedding attire and the fit of the figure. It is also important how and with what fabric you are going to combine lace details. For example, lace trim perfectly complements a dress made of smooth silk or lush tulle. Here are some tips to make your lace wedding outfit perfect:

    • Girls with long arms should not fit their full length with lace (let it be better if the option is three-quarters or flared).
    • Chubby brides should avoid the drapes on their shoulders in the form of flashlights.
    • For those who love conciseness and are endowed with a fragile figure, a model with short straight sleeves is ideal.

    Wedding image of a bride with lace sleeves

    What accessories do wedding dresses with lace sleeves combine with?

    One of the most important moments in choosing a wedding look is accessories. Often, girls doubt which jewelry will become appropriate in their outfit, and refuse it at all. In this case, the general appearance looks boring and incomplete, and the bride loses her luster against the background of other solemnly dressed guests. Therefore, check out some tips on this topic:

  • If your shoulders are as closed as possible, then use long drop earrings or laconic pearls.
  • Complete your hairdo with accessories - the diadem will be a magnificent decoration that does not require additional details.
  • If the wedding outfit has a neckline - use a long necklace with sparkling stones.
  • A classic pearl set necklace earrings or bracelet necklace will be the perfect accessory for any bride.
  • Do not forget about the small white handbag, preferably from the same lace as the dress itself.
  • Successfully combined lace gloves in a wedding look.
  • Shoes can also be decorated with openwork fabric..
  • Accessories for the bride's dress with lace sleeves

    Wedding Dresses Overview

    As you can see, the variety of wedding dresses, the style of which provides an openwork sleeve, is simply amazing with its beauty and originality. You can realize any of your ideas by combining it with this part. The most important thing is to take into account all the moments that will give you the opportunity to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits.

    Photo of wedding dresses with lace sleeves

    If you set out to pick a beautiful dress with lace sleeves for a wedding look, do not hesitate to look dazzling and unforgettable. And in order to finally decide on the style that will make you feel like a real queen on your own wedding day, check out the photo selection below. Here you will find many formal dresses for every taste, even the most demanding bride.

    Shaped dresses with sleeves from lace for brides