Harmonious image of the bride


Undoubtedly, a wedding is a celebration of love, but the beauty of a couple in love is its visual embodiment. You can improve your whole life both of them, but on this day everything should be as beautiful and impeccable as possible, including the image of the bride and groom.

Enter Image

You need to make a choice among a variety of images before you begin preparing for the wedding. What will your fantasy tell: fatal beauty, young lady, ancient Greek goddess, snow queen, forest queen? Maybe remember your childhood dreams and finally bring them to life. Creating your image, borrow colors from nature, because they are so diverse in each season. In summer - bright and sunny, in winter - snow-white-azure, in autumn - warm, red, and in spring - transparent pastel shades of freshness. A cream base with reflective particles will give a special shine to the make-up. Healthy velvety skin, natural eyebrows, a minimum of blush - makeup, fashionable in any season and suitable for the image of the bride. A few shades of calm, but saturated shades. The yellow colors modified with brown eyeliner are also not ignored - a make-up corresponding to a dress made in a golden ocher color scheme. Particularly harmonious, such a radiant golden image, quarrel in the fall, competing, perhaps, with the sun itself.

Attention on hands

For a man, not only shoes are an eloquent evidence of his accuracy, but also his hands. The desire to look perfect at a wedding should, nevertheless, encourage a man to visit a salon. Men's manicure is gaining in popularity.

If we talk about women's wedding manicure, then there are a number of individual features that must be taken into account when choosing the color and texture of varnish, suitable for the image of the bride. First of all, it is the color of the skin, the length of the nails and their shape. Light, pink, white colors of the varnish can visually age the skin of the hands, but in order to hide irregularities in the nails or their imperfect shape, such shades are welcome. Mother-of-pearl tones, even of light varnish, immediately emphasize all the grooves and roughnesses on the nail. For successful masking, it is better to choose light, but matte shades. White tones of varnish, also visually increase the nail plate. If you already have large enough nails, then it is better to use a darker varnish, for example, berry shades.

We entrust the hair to a professional

Choosing a hairstyle to complete the image of the bride is not so simple. Such a responsible business requires time and a serious approach. Scroll through the catalogs: hairstyles for long and short hair, with ornaments of artificial flowers and natural, with tiaras and wreaths, rhinestones and pearls, light, chaotic and neatly calibrated - everything that your heart desires.

If you make sure in advance that the master you have chosen goes to your house, then you can probably make a hairstyle for the wedding directly on the wedding day. Thus, you will find a professional assistant who will put an end to the creation of the image of the bride. In addition, for sure, even those who wish to be puffed up among relatives and guests, take advantage of the opportunity and the services of a professional. Stylists are happy to serve such orders at any time, even early in the morning or late in the evening, but we must make a reservation of this ahead of time..

When you first visit the salon, you need to know exactly what wedding dress will be on you.

If you ordered individual tailoring, but it is not ready yet, bring a sketch and a piece of fabric. If you bought a ready-made dress, it is better to show it to the stylist, for example, in the photo, then he will be able to choose both makeup and a hairstyle that matches the bride’s image of your choice.

In turn, the stylist must indicate how much time his work will take so that you can plan your wedding day correctly.