Dress of the bride: traditions and style


Luxurious wedding dress

It so happened that a satin white dress is considered the bride’s traditional outfit. This option is ideal if your wedding ceremony is in the fall or winter. But if your wedding is in late spring, summer or early autumn, you should think about less dense material for your wedding dress.

Thus, we can say that atlas, brocade, velvet or moire are best suited for dressing a winter bride. The spring bride will charmingly look in lace and taffeta. Summer - in the airy light tissues: chiffon, thin gauze, voile, cotton, light lace fabric or linen. In addition, every year new synthetic fabrics are added to the materials we offer..

If you prefer an informal wedding ceremony, or if you are entering into a second marriage, then you can buy yourself on your wedding day just a luxurious outfit without taking into account the traditions of the wedding dress. Then in this toilet you can quite go on a honeymoon and show off at it at various events more than once.

Veil for the bride

Today, the custom of covering the bride’s face is not always taken into account when thinking over a wedding dress, although a veil is a mandatory attribute for a wedding ceremony. In civilian ceremonies, they often just use wraps that fall down to the waist, made of lace or tulle.

For the wedding ceremony, you can attach a small veil in the form of a square piece of transparent fabric.

If you still decide that you will have a veil, then keep in mind that you will have to remove it from the face during the wedding ceremony. To do this, consider whether you can just fold it back or have to unfasten the veil and hand it over to the witness. To do this, also think about your hairstyle so that it allows you to carry out the required actions with a veil and remains unchanged.

Looks amazing lace veil, transmitted in the family by inheritance. But if you decide to wear it on your wedding day, then you should especially carefully approach the choice of a wedding dress. Since from time to time the lace on the veil can slightly change the color (for example, turn yellow), then most likely the dress for the wedding dress will need to be chosen not dazzlingly white, but the colors of champagne or ivory. But in principle, you can wear a white dress, especially if you've been dreaming about it all your life.

Do not forget about wedding shoes and gloves

Most often, the bride’s shoes are chosen from the same material from which the dress is made. I especially use white satin, silk or brocade. But the most important thing is to make sure that the shoes are sitting well on your feet, and whether you can walk in them all day of your wedding. For a wedding dress, it is better to choose closed shoes.

The choice of gloves should also be approached with special attention. For example, if you wear short gloves, it will be easy for you to take them off when the groom puts a wedding ring on your finger. If the bride’s gloves are high, then usually the finger of the glove is cut so that you can easily pick it off during the wedding procedure. But, you must admit, this option is rather wasteful, and not very attractive. Nowadays, it is permissible if the bride comes to the wedding ceremony without gloves at all.

Choosing jewelry

Most often, jewelry that can fit any wedding dress is selected for the wedding toilet. Usually these are jewelry made of white pearls or diamonds. For example, it will be enough to put on a beautiful pearl necklace and pin a brooch made of pearls or diamonds. Such decorations are often given to the bride on the wedding day by the parents or the grandmother of the groom.

If your future spouse gave you some jewelry on your wedding day, then you should definitely wear this jewelry at the wedding ceremony, no matter what color the stones are in it.

Apply makeup

For the wedding day, makeup should be discreet and applied very skillfully. Avoid very bright and defiant makeup, as it is not at all suitable for the pure image of a pretty bride. By the way, this recommendation should be taken into account by the bridesmaid.

Most often these days, experts are invited to apply wedding makeup to the bride and bridesmaids. The work of professionals will allow you to look great both at the wedding ceremony, and then at the wedding banquet. In addition, specialists will be able to advise you which makeup is best for photo and video shooting on the wedding day..