Wedding dress style: which one to choose?


Perhaps the first thing guests pay attention to is the bride. Everyone, especially the female half of those present, carefully examines the bride’s wedding image, her hair, makeup and, especially, the wedding dress. In turn, every bride dreams of everyone admiring her beauty, her dress. To make a dream come true, you need to choose the right style and color of the dress for yourself. The wedding portal decided to help brides sort out the styles of wedding dresses a little.

Style «Princess»

This style of dress is also called A-silhouette. Dresses of this style are suitable for any female figure. It is worth noting that the style «Princess» can be found not only on brides on their wedding day, but also at any other special occasions.

Due to the fact that the A-silhouette dress allows you to make some changes, this style is popular with absolutely all women. For example, if a woman has a figure «an Apple», then she should pay attention to the dress of such a style in a shortened version, and the waist should be too high. It is important that the skirt of the dress begins to expand from the waistline. Thus, the dress allows you to hide the waistline and abdomen.

Type Owners «pears», on the contrary, they can and should emphasize their thin waist. Moreover, the A-silhouette, emphasizing the advantages, hides wide hips.

Generally, style «Princess» with a high waist will be an ideal option for brides with shapes, as well as for girls who are on a short pregnancy.

Princess Balloon Wedding Dress
Wedding dress princess

Style «Empire»

Style Wedding Dress «Empire» has a high waist, located slightly below the chest area. From the waist begins the skirt of the dress. It can be both flared and narrow.

As a rule, for tailoring style dresses «Empire» light fabrics are used. But quite often you can meet «mixed» models. For example, the top of the dress is made of brocade, and the skirt is made of satin.

Style «Empire» provides both summer and winter dresses. In the first case, the dress comes with thin straps, or without them at all, in the second - with wide sleeves.

Style Wedding Dresses «Empire» will be an excellent choice for pregnant brides, for chubby girls, as well as for girls with short stature. In addition, ladies with figures can resort to this style «an Apple» and «pear».

By the way, such a style can be suitable for owners of a small breast. The main thing is that the top of the dress was sewn from dense material, and the bottom, respectively, from light.

Empire wedding dress
Empire wedding dress

Style «mermaid»

This model of a wedding dress in the last couple of years has been very popular among brides. However, recalls that for a dress-«mermaids» you must have a perfect figure. Such a style is not suitable for chubby brides, nor for pregnant women, and with a figure «an Apple». However, it will be beneficial to look at «hourglass».

Important to remember dress styles «mermaid» They are made mainly of fairly light, transparent fabric. The dress model itself is very, very tight-fitting. All this together in the end gives such a result that in the smallest details you can consider the figure of the bride, and even the outlines of her underwear. In addition, the style «mermaid» significantly limits freedom of movement.

Wedding dress mermaid
Wedding dress mermaid

Style «straight»

Like «mermaid», «straight» the style fits tightly on the figure of the bride. To some extent, the name of the style reflects the very appearance of the dress, which is quite simple. However, if the bride wishes, the dress can be modeled in a variety of ways.

«Straight» the style is perfect for brides of small stature. In addition, such a style will emphasize the harmony and volume of the figure to tall slender brides. But if you are afraid to add volume to your figure, then you should abandon this style. This style is suitable for both classic celebrations and themed weddings..

A-line Wedding Dress
A-line Wedding Dress

Style «ball»

This style of dress is also referred to as «story» or «ballroom». But all this means the same thing. «Ball» ideal for brides with a figure «pear» and «banana». Also, brides with large breasts can turn their attention to this style.

Perhaps the style «ball» categorically do not wear small brides. However, such a dress is perfect for tall brides or girls of medium height. The style of the dress will hide the hips and a small tummy, which is so important for every bride.

Wedding dress balloon
Wedding dress balloon