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On the day of the wedding, all the brides want to be unique, charming, sweet and gentle. To do this, they use makeup secrets, chic hairstyles, model shoes and additional accessories. But the best way for brides to become original is custom wedding dresses. Every year, world-wide designers and lawmakers of wedding fashion offer brides new bold solutions in the form of a combination of unusual materials, colors, and cut for the bride’s outfit.

Fancy wedding dress

Custom Bride Dress Ideas

Modern young couples, having decided to marry, seek to choose unique outfits for the long-awaited celebration, moving away from the usual traditions. World designers for such cases annually create non-standard dresses that surprise others with an unusual color scheme, the length of a mini or midi, a frank or intricate cut, as well as the use of unusual materials.

An extraordinary dress for the bride


The traditional color for wedding dresses is white. But if the bride wants to get an extraordinary outfit, then stylists recommend choosing custom shades. Depending on the color chosen, the character of the bride and groom can also be determined. The creative, extraordinary shades of wedding dresses for modern brides include the following colors:

  • Red. The color scheme using red shades in the image of the bride indicates the girl’s active, sexual nature. Initially, this color was used by newlyweds from the East, but later, at domestic weddings, they also began to use red material.
  • Yellow. If you want to appear in the image of a sunny, bright bride, then you need to use yellow material for the dress. People who prefer this color are endowed with rich imagination and excellent artistic taste..
  • Blue. Dresses made in this color are suitable for girls who want to emphasize sophistication and chic in their style. Blue shades indicate a calm, even character..
  • Pink. This color scheme symbolizes youth, joy and tenderness. Preference for pink shades is given to girls who have a romantic and sensual character..
  • The black. To create a gothic image of the bride, black color is used. The use of dark shades at the wedding does not symbolize mourning, but emphasizes the non-standard choice of the bride and groom. If the future wife fears a completely black dress, then in this case, a non-standard solution in the form of a wide dark belt at the waist of a white outfit will do..
  • Flag colors. The bride will be able to surprise others with her patriotism with the help of a wedding dress, the coloring of which is made in the form of the flag of her country.
  • Colored wedding dresses: lack of standards


    A bold decision for a modern bride is to choose a short wedding dress. If the wedding is planned for the summer, then the mini-dress will help the newlywed feel comfortable in hot and sultry weather. A short outfit makes the bride and groom romantic, fun and carefree. If the couple plans to celebrate the celebration on the beach of the sea or ocean, then the mini dress is ideal for such a non-standard wedding.

    Custom Mini Wedding Dress


    You can easily emphasize femininity and dignity of a figure with the help of frank wedding dresses. A deep neckline cutout will show all the beauty of the magnificent breast and draw the attention of all guests present. The use of transparent lace elements at the waist or hips in the decor of a wedding dress will add a twist to your look. If you have a thin waist and even posture, then a completely bare back will help to emphasize.

    Candid Wedding Dress for Custom Brides

    Custom cut

    In order to get custom and original wedding dresses, famous designers experiment with the style of the outfit for the bride and groom. An unusual cut is manifested in the form of a lush or narrow short skirt in front and a long train at the back. Asymmetrical necklines, torn hemline, custom flounce on the sleeves will create an intriguing, eye-catching look.

    Custom-made wedding dress

    From unusual materials

    Modern newlyweds try to organize weddings that surprise with their originality all the guests present. If the future wife uses an unusual outfit to create her image, then all attention is guaranteed to be riveted to the young couple. For sewing wedding dresses, fashion designers traditionally use tulle, chiffon, organza, lace, satin. But if the future wife dreams of an extraordinary design, then the master can make an outfit from the following materials:

  • Jeans. Such an outfit is suitable for a young and creative newlywed who is not afraid of bold decisions. The dress may be fully or partially composed of denim. Denim goes well with white lace, tulle, leather, satin.
  • Feathers. Modern designers for custom design wedding attire use the feathers of peacocks, parrots or swan fluff. A corset made in this style will make the image of the newlywed unusual and memorable..
  • Fur shreds. If the wedding is planned for the cold season, then a non-standard outfit made of fur will be an excellent solution for protection from wind and frost. Depending on the girl’s preferences and financial capabilities, fashion designers can use shreds of artificial or natural material.
  • Paper. An outfit made of this material is not durable, but surprises with its originality. Designers use newspaper clippings, corrugated paper, cardboard, white Whatman paper to create such a masterpiece..
  • Body art dress. Girls without complexes can use body art in their wedding image. To do this, invite a professional artist, and the master will draw on your body a beautiful robe for the bride and groom.
  • Flowers For the design, dried flowers or live compositions are used. In such a non-standard style, corsets or a skirt can be performed..
  • Denim wedding attire: an original solution

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    All kinds of provocative and unexpected styles for the bride and groom - all this is available. If you are not surprised by a Gothic wedding dress or medieval attire, then an unconventional celebration is what you need. Choose an extraordinary image - and your wedding will be remembered for a long time.

    Photos of unconventional wedding dresses 2015

    This season, among unconventional dresses for the bride, dresses made of unusual materials, various colors and styles are popular. If you have not yet decided what to wear for a wedding, then by looking at the options presented in the photo below, you will quickly find the right image. Stylish and fashionable outfits will help you feel like an extraordinary bride with an unusual inner world..

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