Purple wedding dress for the bride 2020 - photo


Wedding fashion is constantly changing. Modern brides no longer seek to wear a white dress. The other day, weddings you can increasingly see the newlyweds in bright color dresses: red, green, pink and even black. Recently, in the trend of weddings in purple tones, when at the celebration this royal color is dominant. The bride in a dress of such a tone looks amazing and becomes the center of extravagant celebration.

Options for wedding dresses in purple

The symbol of wealth, luxury is considered purple. All its shades magically attract the eyes of others, so the bride in a purple outfit looks like a sorceress. More conservative girls choose white dresses with violet accents. Those newlyweds who are not afraid to combine colors dilute the white-purple outfit with pink, light lilac or blue shades. But the monophonic model in different tones of purple looks more chic than others.

Dark purple dress

Violet has many shades: from light amethyst to black currant. Brides use the following tones for their outfits:

  • heather
  • lavender
  • lingonberry
  • hyacinth
  • lilac
  • lilac
  • violet
  • mallow
  • grape

Popular dark shades include grape, prune, and eggplant. This enchanting palette is inimitable. Wedding wear in a deep dark color is aristocratic and elegant. Brides are increasingly turning their eyes to dark purple or purple wedding dresses, which in the past were only crowned persons. Dark colors are majestic, luxurious, but they are suitable only for self-confident newlyweds, as well as for those who want to surprise with their courage.

Ripe grape wedding dress

Light purple

The delicate color of lilac is suitable for modest girls who prefer to stay closer to the classics. Lilac and lavender are ideal colors for brunettes, but blondes also look very attractive in wedding dresses of this shade. Therefore, lilac color is the most popular in the wedding industry in recent years. For an evening wedding, it is better to choose more intense shades, and for a day wedding, a light lilac model will be a great solution.

Princess Lilac Outfit

Gray violet

Gray shades of purple are neutral, so dresses of such colors will suit any wedding style, bride of any age and skin color. Any gray tint is perceived as solemn, noble and emotionally detached, which gives it an aura of power. Gray-violet styles for their wedding are chosen by open, intelligent, sociable girls who do not tolerate any restrictions and have a wealth of thought.

Gray-purple model is suitable for any style of wedding

Models of white dresses with purple elements

Not all brides can boast of courage by wearing a lush purple dress for the wedding. But what if you want to dilute the white outfit with some stylish twist? For this occasion, fashion designers offer many different combined models sewn from satin, silk and other airy fabrics. White-purple wedding attire is able to adjust the figure of any girl, hiding flaws and emphasizing the merits.

A white wedding outfit with violet elements will help to break stereotypes and patterns, especially if it is complemented by contrasting accessories: a bride’s lilac bouquet, appropriate make-up, a banquet room lavender decoration, a groom’s tie or neck scarf, a wedding cake with lilac mastic and other similar decor.

Purple belt

A purple satin belt will emphasize the bride’s thin waist and will be an interesting accent on a snow-white dress. Such a simple element will be able to refresh absolutely any model of wedding attire, and if you complement the image with violet accessories, for example, a bridal bouquet, shoes or a necklace, the image will become perfect. In order to create a harmonious tandem of outfits for both newlyweds, the use of the violet element in the clothes of the groom will not interfere.

A contrast belt will accentuate the bride’s waist

Bow Ribbon

To emphasize the airiness of the wedding dress, design a satin ribbon in the form of a beautiful bow, which is located behind or in front. If you want to fix the bow in front of the outfit, then it is better to formalize it strictly and make it small. The bow at the back will look gorgeous if it is tied in bulk. Decorating such dress elements with rhinestones or other decor is not recommended so that the bride does not look like a Christmas tree.

Dress with a bow looks especially solemn

Purple skirt with a white top

Combined wedding dresses are again in fashion. If you cannot find the desired combination on sale, then a model with a white top and a purple skirt can easily create a professional seamstress. A two-piece style has many advantages: in finding the perfect combination, various materials are used in shade and texture, and if the girl’s figure is far from ideal, then the combined outfit will emphasize the best parts of the body. Such a combination of colors will help pregnant brides to hide the protruding tummy and make the wedding outfit comfortable.

Photo of purple bride wedding dresses

Violet, lavender, soft lilac and color grapes - so many options we offer a purple palette! And if you successfully choose a model for the wedding: a trapeze, an A-silhouette, a fish, a princess or a free Greek style, then the bride will be happy to remember all the happy moments of the celebration when all the eyes of those around him were focused only on her.

Fashionable purple wedding dresses