Black wedding dress - popular models and styles of 2020 with a photo


The bride’s outfit, made in black, is a matter of taste. Someone perceives the dark colors on the bride and groom, as an expression of originality, courage and creativity. Others believe that this is the color of mourning and sadness. Black wedding dress is no longer considered a new way. But it still continues to amaze and provoke a storm of conflicting emotions.

Styles of black wedding dresses

The main thing when choosing a wedding outfit is the style. Do not give preference to too strict or closed dress, a tragic look in this case can not be avoided. On the other hand, it should not be too frivolous - you are not going to the carnival, but to your own wedding. Modern fashion designers offer very interesting and beautiful models of black dresses for marriage: original, elegant, able to turn any Cinderella into a real princess.

Silhouette Model A with Lace

The traditional style of the A-silhouette dress remains relevant in the coming year. Such an outfit is able to hide flaws and emphasize the merits of your figure, and the emphasis will be on the aspen waist. The bride in it looks gentle and elegant. Another important fashion trend of 2015 is the combination of white and black shades. This option will appeal to bright personalities who are not afraid of experiments.

For those who do not plan too far from tradition and are going to wear a white wedding dress, stylish outfits with black accents are suitable. Pay attention to details that will darken the top of your robe, such as a lace bolero or wrap. Such accessories will fit almost any model, making it unusual, interesting and memorable..

A-line bride dress with lace

Short dress with a train

Black tone has a special magnetism, it is able to distract from all other colors of the rainbow, taking all the attention to itself. Perhaps that is why black and white wedding dresses are so popular. Indeed, the expressive contrast of these shades perfectly emphasizes the figure of the girl, especially if white and black colors are used not only in the dress, but also in accessories.

A big plus of the short style is its practicality. You will be able to wear an outfit for any occasion, and do not make it gather dust in the wardrobe. Black wedding dress with a short skirt has another advantage. Buying or stitching it to order, you will spend less money than when buying a long model of formal attire for a wedding.

One of the most romantic, elegant and appropriate accessories that add variety and freshness to any image of the bride is a train. He looks perfect on a newlywed in a short black outfit, since he is able to visually lengthen the skirt, cover the legs at the back and, using the contrast created, emphasize the openness of the dress in front.

Short dress of the bride with a train

Lush princess style

The fashion for black wedding dresses began with the magnificent dress of Sarah Jessica Parker, which the actress wore on her wedding day with Matthew Broderick in 1997. Still airy black skirts do not go out of style. A magnificent black dress should be complemented with jewelry made of natural light diamonds or crystals. A dark outfit with pearls embroidered with a white veil or a brilliant diadem looks luxurious..

Full skirt for a wedding

Black and white wedding dress

Your choice fell on a black and white wedding attire? This option provides the opportunity to make the figure of the bride close to ideal. However, you should know a few nuances that will help you make the right purchase:

  • If the girl has a pear-shaped figure (heavy hips in relation to the narrow upper body), then you should pay attention to the model with a black skirt and a light corset. This will help you move your attention from the bottom up. Another suitable solution would be a style with a black ornamental fringing along the line of the hips.
  • Brides with a figure similar to an inverted triangle should choose a black and white dress, where the bodice will be dark and the skirt light. So, the hips will visually become wider, and on the contrary, the shoulders will narrow.

Black and white wedding dress of the bride and groom

Models of white wedding dresses with black elements

The bride, who decided to wear a black wedding dress, but is afraid to deviate too much from generally accepted norms, is recommended to stay on a white dress decorated with black decor elements. It can be flowers, lace, ribbons sewn onto a skirt. Another option - the outfit may be white, and accessories black. Then the newlywed should take care of purchasing a black veil, bow or gloves. The bouquet, in this case, is suitable of red flowers, decorated with beads or stones of a dark tone.

White dress with a black belt

A white wedding dress is always relevant, and it is unlikely that it will ever change. However, to bring something original to the bride’s standard outfit, it is worth diluting it with dark details. White dresses with black belts look especially beautiful and favorably emphasize the waist. If you chose this option, make sure that the suit of the groom matches the style of your outfit. Only in this way you can get the integrity and expressiveness of the image of the bride.

White wedding dress with a black belt

With trim or décolleté trim

A transparent neckline is the peak of the wedding fashion this year. Gently covering your shoulders with lace, you get a romantic image of the bride. Even with an explicit corset, lace fabric will cover all sensitive areas and allow you to wear such an outfit without embarrassment. The style does not imply the need for jewelry on the neck. You should complement the image with a silver bracelet or earrings, then your appearance will be complete.

If the bride wants to focus on the chest line, she will ideally fit the style of the dress with trim or decorative inserts in the neckline. Girls with a pear-shaped figure should choose an outfit with horizontal trim in the bodice. The material for such decoration can serve: lace, ruffles, satin ribbon, embroidery, beads, etc..

Insert or trim the neckline of a newlywed costume

With embroidery or floral applique

Black embroidery looks original on a white wedding dress. Such wedding dresses are romantic, tender and fully meet the marriage traditions. With the help of decor it is possible to focus on a specific part of the outfit or to decorate the entire costume. Complete the look with suitable accessories that will resonate with embroidery. It can be dark gloves, jewelry or shoes. Fashion designers recommend brides to boldly experiment when creating an image.

Dark embroidered wedding robe

White dress decorated with black beads

The black and white wedding attire is unique, and with a good choice it emphasizes the attractiveness of the bride. It is extremely important to consider the features of the figure, the color of the skin and hair of the girl. For example, swarthy dark-haired newlyweds will look great in a white dress with dark decor elements. Beads will be the perfect decoration for your outfit. It is used by many world famous couturiers when creating wedding collections..

White robe of the bride with black beads

With black lace on a white background

A wonderful combination of two opposites - black and white - provides the opportunity to create stunning wedding suits. Black and white dresses captivate with unusual visual effects. So, the lace robe decorated by the bride intrigues with an extraordinary shade. Dark lace fabric, laying on the white material of the corset or skirt, creates unusual tones and patterns. And the image of the bride in this outfit becomes sensual and tender.

The image of a bride with black lace

Photos of fashionable wedding dresses in black 2015

Black wedding dress is presented in the collections of many modern couturiers. And each designer has a black and white outfit for the bride, and dark elements are sometimes even invisible at first glance. For example, an unobtrusive narrow frill along the hem of a skirt or ribbon in a corset can only be detected by a detailed study of the model. Wedding dresses in black and white look original and very impressive. See for yourself.

Models of dresses of black color for the bride and groom