The Queen is in awe! And the guests too


Wedding dress for the bride must be chosen wisely, taught a wise friend. Buying your first rental rental is not the best one. What is liked is not always suitable for the figure.

Therefore, you need to be patient, get the most information and get ready for countless examples! Only in this case, the bride’s wedding dress will become a worthy outfit of the queen and will cause not only the delighted whisper of the guests, but also the envious glances of random witnesses (or rather, witnesses) of the celebration.

Let's figure out the silhouettes

In fact, there are not so many models of wedding dresses for the bride. One of the most common ¬- A-silhouette ("year") is a narrow top-fitting figure and a wide bottom. "Princess" - a more flared, pleated skirt. The ball gown is very voluminous and magnificent. Two types of bodice are distinguished here - the waistline is real and understated. The Empire style (or, as it is also called, a la Natasha Rostova) is characterized by a high waist. A straight dress for the bride sits strictly on the figure. But there are no length restrictions - you can choose both a long and short option.

So what do you face?

Any colors (and white is no exception) have many shades. Therefore, when buying a wedding dress for the bride, it is important to consider the complexion of the queen of the ball, and make the choice only in good light, because the wedding for the girl is a very exciting and exciting event and we need to make it memorable for a long time!

If you are blonde with light, almost transparent skin, give preference to white colors, golden gray, apricot or gray-blue.

The choice of fair-haired and gray-eyed girls should be dresses for the bride in milky white, white-pink, white-greenish and lilac-pink colors.

The beauty and irresistibility of the peach skin of red-haired and brown-eyed brides is emphasized by outfits of cream shades.

A good choice for brunettes with fair skin - snow-white, silver gray and pale pink.

Dress for the bride will emphasize the figure!

Become the queen of the ball? Easy! It is important to consider the features of your figure and height. Well, a few little tricks when choosing a wedding dress for the bride will help make your look irresistible!

Girls of average height and physique will suit any style. For example, a wedding dress can emphasize the elegance of your shoulders and the beauty of your chest or slender legs.

It is better for a bride of medium height with a full figure to pay attention to simple styles and cut with vertical lines. Elegant details and finishes help complete the look..

Wedding dress for the bride "A-silhouette" - ideal for girls with wide shoulders. White gloves perfectly highlight your unique style..

Ruffles and puffy skirts are not for full and tall princesses. Cascading, long skirts, train - that's what you can play on, choosing a wedding dress for the bride of your dreams.

But elegant suits and tight-fitting dresses seem to be created for thin and tall girls.

How not to upset the groom?

Although the modern world does not differ in superstition, preparing for the most important event of their life - a wedding, many still prefer to follow traditions. For example, do not show the bride’s wedding dress to the groom before the ceremony. Browse through catalogs or discuss the styles of wedding dresses for brides in a beauty salon. And when choosing, be sure to consider the opinion of the narrowed.

Details are important!

The bride’s wedding dress will face many challenges. So choose non-creasing fabrics - this is the time. And two (which, unfortunately, are often forgotten) a wedding outfit should not hamper movements and interfere with walking!