Wedding dress a year: popular 2020 models for brides with photos


Wedding dresses made in the style of the year appeared in the 12th century in Europe. Compared with «mermaid» or «fish» This style is characterized by a variety of cuts: a tight-fitting top with a lowered waistline ends with a flared skirt. Flares can start from the knee, mid-thigh, be barely noticeable or very magnificent. The silhouette of year dresses is very popular due to its presentable appearance, femininity, grace. Let's figure out who suits such wedding dresses, what to combine them with and what they are?

Who suits the silhouette dress

The silhouette dress is suitable for owners of a proportional figure and height not lower than average, but such a wedding outfit can distort the growth of miniature brides. If you have low hips, short legs, then it is better to give preference to a different style, otherwise a year will make the lower part even lower. Since this silhouette of the wedding dress focuses on the hip line, girls with flat buttocks should abandon it, because from the side you will look not the best way. If your goal is to look away from the tummy and sides, then a year will not help in this either..

Wedding style year on tall girls

Unexpressed waist, thinness, roundness - there is no reason to refuse this silhouette of a wedding dress. Figure «hourglass» in a year it will look more advantageous, and thin women will seem more curly and mouth-watering. This style is designed to emphasize the grace of your own body. The height of the bottom wedges is selected taking into account the height of the hips of the lady: at the knee level, above or below. The shape of the skirt also changes the image: the round skirt provides volume, and the backstroke - Spanish color.

Models of wedding dresses in the style of the year

Distinctive features of the dress are considered clear shapes and curved lines, length. The wedding dress seems to flow through the body, creating a unique look of sexuality. The style of the dress demonstrates all the advantages of the figure: harmonious proportions of the hips, a narrow waist, a neckline. The silhouette blends perfectly with any cutouts, sleeves, so there are many design variations of this silhouette. The top can have one, two straps, with covered lace or bare shoulders, on the straps.


Lace dress remains relevant on the catwalks for several years. Wedding attire can be made of guipure, antique lace, deliberately coarse rustic, delicate French. Additionally, the dress is decorated with rhinestones, appliques, embroidery, ribbons. There are wedding options with bare shoulders, sleeves. Each bride will be able to choose the right option for herself..

Lace dress year for brides

On the straps

A wedding dress on the straps helps to visually balance the lower and upper parts of the figure. If you are a fragile girl with narrow shoulders, a wedding outfit on thin straps will add femininity, tenderness to the image, and make the upper part a little wider. Decorated shoulder strap on one shoulder, wide straps look great on brides with an expanded upper body. Such a wedding outfit can have a deep neckline, a V-neckline that visually emphasizes a beautiful chest and stretches a silhouette.

Dress with bridesmaid straps

With sleeves

A wedding dress with a sleeve is a very unusual combination of details, but this season it is at the peak of popularity. Such a style is considered a find for the bride and groom on cold days and off-season. In most cases, the sleeve on the dress is decorated for a year, because it is made of transparent, lightweight fabrics, which gives the dress a year of elegance and originality.

Wedding dress year with sleeves

With a loop

Models of a special shape with a train are an undoubted trend of the wedding season. This accessory perfectly complements the outfit, adding mystery, making the image captivating. Simple styles with richly embroidered lace train look elegant. If the dress itself is self-sufficient, then this part should not have special frills.

Wedding dress with a train

With open back

Many models of dresses of the aforementioned style come with an open, originally designed back. If you like this option, then you can boast of regal posture and a beautiful figure. So, outfits can have a simple neckline in the form of a triangle, a drop or a fully open back, decorated with a series of pearl beads, a button, ribbons, lace.

Open back dress silhouette

With a belt

The belt is a very fashionable wedding accessory. It can be a simple satin, with stones, applique, flowers, silk or leather, vintage or glamorous decor. The outfit decorated with embroidery on top perfectly combines with a silk dance, embroidered with rhinestones, sequins. When using this accessory, the bride may be limited to a minimum of jewelry. The shining belt will bring luxury and solemnity. Such a detail goes well with lace, textured, smooth fabric..

A belt that complements the style of the year makes the waist especially thin, and an emphasis on the center of the figure creates outlines «hourglass». For small newlyweds, the use of a belt becomes the ideal solution, since the expanding skirt at the knees conceals a couple of centimeters, but the emphasis on the upper body allows you to forget about this problem.

The volumetric belt with applique, buttonhole looks excellent. He gives the image a charm, makes an unusual accent, transforms a simple outfit. A wide belt with the presence of large parts can greatly change the dress for the better. Asymmetrical accessory looks playful, romantic, brings a relaxed mood, making the image special. The main decoration of the belt can be a large stone or a voluminous bow.

Godde style wedding apparel belt

How to choose shoes and accessories for a dress a year

This style is self-sufficient, so do not overload the image of the bride with massive accessories:

  • In the case of jewelry, give preference to a modest pearl necklace, elegant chains.
  • Pay attention to the choice of linen: since the model involves a tight fit, it is better to choose a thin seamless set.
  • A necessary accessory will be a small clutch, which will make the image feminine, finished and charming.
  • To keep the bride and groom cool on a cool evening, especially in an outfit with an open back, pick up a translucent light shawl.
  • Hair should not be overloaded with voluminous hairpins, just a few hairpins with miniature flowers, beads, rhinestones will suffice.
  • Shoes should be neat, elegant, with heels. It can be gentle sandals, shoes matching the color of the dress. Choose heel in proportion to height.

Wedding accessories for style

Photos of fashionable wedding dresses year 2015

Elegant style models can be very diverse, which confirms our selection of photos. Lurex embroidery, sewn flowers, inserts, lace ribbons, drapery on the hip, waist, bodice are in fashion. The highlight of the apparel can be fabric: graceful ladies are better off choosing delicate silk, which will favorably shape the shape; lace conquers its fragility and tenderness; atlas is an ageless classic; Chiffon gives a feeling of lightness and airiness..

Options for wedding dresses a year