Wedding dresses with closed sleeves: popular models of 2020 with a photo


Sleeveless Wedding Dresses

Some wedding brides choose open dresses with a deep neckline or bare shoulders, while others prefer an elegant wedding closed outfit. Long dresses with a covered top and hands at the peak of popularity in wedding fashion. They look charming with a lace top in the silhouette of a mermaid, a princess and can completely hide the neck or have a neckline in the neckline. What models of wedding clothes with closed sleeves are relevant this season, and how to choose accessories for them?

Models of dresses for the bride with closed sleeves

There are many styles of dresses with covered sleeves. At a winter wedding or at a wedding, festive clothing decorated with elements completely covering the hands will be especially appropriate. She will emphasize the sophistication and expressiveness of the beautiful image of the bride. Closed sleeves can be in the form of a flashlight, cover completely or 3/4 of the length of the arm.

Dress with closed sleeves and neckline

If you want to make your image of the bride clean, mysterious and impeccable, then an outfit with completely covered hands and a decollete zone will suit you. For weddings in summer and spring, models in which a lace or mesh top are suitable. These materials emphasize the grace and beauty of the woman's hands. And when choosing a variant of wedding clothes for the winter, it is better to give preference to closed models of satin or similar material.

In a closed wedding dress, the bride will look elegant and aristocratic. There are many styles of such long dresses, but a newlywed in a short skirt with a completely covered top will look especially advantageous. The latter option looks great with lace drapery on the top and a knee-length skirt. This style is ideal for chubby brides, because it will help to hide flaws and make the figure visually slimmer.

Wedding dresses that completely cover the arms and neckline

Fluffy with sleeves

Bright and majestic will look a girl in a magnificent wedding dress, in which a thin fabric tightly fits her arms. One of the types of such clothes turned out to be a worthy choice of a beautiful modern princess walking down the aisle with the prince of England. Therefore, if you want to look elegant, sophisticated and royally at your wedding, then pay attention to the wedding closed models.

Lacy or transparent material is often used for sewing the upper part of festive decoration. This type of model can be made with an open or covered neckline. Guipure details emphasize the purity and femininity of the girl. Perfectly formal clothes look with a V-neck in the neckline. It will help visually lengthen the silhouette of the bride and groom and will focus the attention of others on a beautiful chest and neck.

Wedding models with fitted elements on the hands

With sleeves flared down

A girl in a wedding outfit with extended sleeves at the bottom is fashionable, original. The exquisite image of the bride is emphasized by harmonious jewelry. Too wide or narrow flared lace elements of clothing on the hands can give the image of the newlywed a special charm and make it more feminine, elegant. Guipure elements of the top are perfectly combined in the style of the A-silhouette. Satin flared details on the hands look no less impressive in combination with the rich decor of the bride's outfit.

Wedding styles with flared sleeves

Wedding dress sleeve flashlight

Unusual, stylish look dresses with "flashlights" that give the hands an original look. This style is suitable for a kind, cheerful, mischievous bride. The voluminous, airy elements decorating the hands are sewn from a thin, light fabric. They are perfect for an A-silhouette model or straight styles. The “flashlights” on the hands can have an impressive volume or only slightly hint at its presence. In any case, the airiness of the upper part of the silhouette will give the girl the image of a feminine, languid beauty.

Wedding outfit with a flashlight on hand

Dress with sleeve «three quarters»

Wedding outfits that cover 3/4 hands have a special charm. In them, a magnificent girl will be able to visually hide the fullness of her hands and look more refined, attractive. The open part of the hand near the wrist gives the image of the bride more femininity. Covered on? the girl’s hands look great in A-silhouettes, princess styles and wedding retro outfits. Now it is fashionable to wear lace, so it is often used to create wedding clothes for the bride and groom. Openwork fabrics covering 3/4 hands are well suited for the feminine look of the bride and groom.

3/4 sleeves on wedding models

What accessories are suitable for a dress with closed sleeves

If the clothes of the newlywed are distinguished by a completely covered top, then you should not wear a necklace to it. But beautiful hair accessories are perfect for him. For example, if the top of the model is finished with rhinestones, then they will be appropriate on the decoration for the hairstyle. For a simple dress in retro style, a veil is suitable. And under the outfit, in which a covered top, gloves are not suitable for creating a harmonious image of the newlywed.

The beauty of the strict model is emphasized by bright long earrings, a comb in the hair, decorated with shiny stones or flowers. A necklace on the neck of the bride will be appropriate if the dress has a neckline in the neckline. Successfully selected accessories for a lush strict along with the ability to emphasize the beauty of the bride. For example, a tiara or diadem will make the girl’s style more refined, harmonious. This combination of strict style and accessories was in the image of Kate Middleton, when she went down the aisle with the Prince of Great Britain.

Photo of wedding dresses with closed sleeves

The newlywed in a closed wedding decoration emphasizes her modesty, elegance. It gives the girl a certain grandeur and royal charm. These factors explain why a strict wedding dress has become relevant. This outfit that is simple at first glance can transform a girl, making her more feminine and clean. In addition, it is also practical for the following cases:

  • If the girl has wide shoulders, then a long sleeve, a covered neckline and a straight neckline on wedding clothes will visually make them narrower.
  • With problematic skin, scars, excessive hair growth on hands, closed wedding clothes will hide these imperfections.
  • Closed lace wedding clothes look rich, luxurious, so it is perfect for a Hollywood or vintage wedding.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves