Wedding dresses with a train: short, puffy and straight - photos of the best models


The train is a chic element of the outfit for a solemn wedding, transforming its owner into a real princess. If you want to choose such a solemn model, look at wedding dresses with a train - photos of the styles presented below will help you decide.

What is a loop

This element is an elongated part of the skirt at the back. Its smallest length is twenty centimeters, and the longest depends on your preference. While walking, this part of the outfit stretches across the floor, if it is long - at the time of the official ceremony it is entrusted to children or bridesmaids.

Short wedding dress with a train

The mini-dress, decorated with magnificent detail, looks elegant and unusual. If you have a good figure and slender legs - consider a train «tail». However, it is not suitable for a church wedding ceremony where only a long skirt is permissible..

Short tail wedding outfit

Middle length

Girls who do not have a perfect physique can turn to a convenient option for a medium-length outfit. Wedding dresses with a train - the photo shows how he hides his full legs - it will certainly attract attention. This length is convenient, as well as short, but not allowed at the wedding.

Loops for dresses of medium length for a wedding


The classic version with this element is a long formal outfit. The train tail looks the most harmonious during the wedding - the most solemn part of the wedding. Luxurious long fabric flowing across the floor fits perfectly into the mysterious, fabulous atmosphere. Wedding dresses with a train, the photos of which confirm the elegance of the length, will be useful in the process of choosing a model for girls and women of different complexions.

Long wedding dress with a train - classic

Types of materials for the loop

Thin materials like tulle or chiffon are used for this element - then it looks airy, gentle, beautiful, adding femininity to the girl. However, these fabrics are exclusively suitable for clean, tidy rooms. Otherwise, it is better to prefer a satin, silk fabric - they are heavy, strong, less prone to destruction. Heavy materials do not look so gentle, but they will allow the bride to move comfortably in any conditions. Wedding dresses with a train, photos of which demonstrate different materials in the models, give a chance to find a combination for each bride.

For the decor of the fabric, a variety of materials are used - lace, beads, rhinestones, embroidery. Choose jewelry according to your image.

Materials for train wedding dresses

Take care of helpers who will correct the tissue at the right time. Your chic appearance will be ruined if «tail» will have a rumpled appearance.

Pivoting train

The bride does not have to walk all day with a fabric tail reaching for the skirt - then he would have definitely broken and got dirty. Designers figured out how to solve this problem in several ways. The first of these is a tucking option. It is a fabric that, using special loop fasteners, is attached above or under the skirt, draped in folds.


The second way is a detachable removable model. It is convenient in that it does not add excess volume after tucking. However, there is a small risk that someone will step on it and a beautiful detail will be on the floor. It is usually attached at the waist or under the lower, shorter skirt..

Removable tail for wedding dress

Long royal train

The royal train on a white dress for a church or secular wedding looks majestic. This decoration reaches several meters, so you can’t do without the help of girlfriends. Think before you sew such an outfit for yourself, because it will organically look exclusively during a wedding in a huge cathedral. Such «tail» during painting in the registry office of a big city, it will look ridiculous.

If you want to create a luxurious look, refer to the average length - this option will look chic.

Royal style wedding outfit with a train

How to lay

Wedding dresses with a train - the photos show that it is possible to lay down the magnificent part of the decoration in different ways - can become the basis of the image due to the original details:

  • A loop tournament that appeared in the 19th century. The part is tucked and fixed at the level of the length of the skirt, creating an additional volume of decoration in the back, resembling a tournament.
  • Fastening the loop with the help of special loops and buttons. Taking the assembled look, such an element fits perfectly into the decoration structure.
  • A loop from air material. It is fixed on the hand so that the bride independently adjusts its length.

Wedding loop styling options

Short train

A neat short model is ideal for a modest small wedding, painting in the district registry office, even at the banquet it will look organic. The bride will be able to independently correct this detail of the outfit, to control the situation. A short Empire style Greek version of the robe in the Empire style will adorn a short bride who will not suit a medium or long model. Look at the photo:

Loops for wedding dresses of different lengths

A fluffy dress with a train

Ball gown, decorated with a train «tail», looks great. This style can cause the bride a lot of discomfort, if the bride is not «full-time» helpers - a voluminous skirt will interfere with correcting the fabric.

Voluminous wedding dress with a train

Straight dress

Elegant narrow model adorned with magnificent «tail», perfectly complement the romantic, delicate image. The restrained direct model is rarely decorated with many details, usually rhinestones, embroidery on the bodice, laconic draperies. To make a simple model of a wedding dress look more interesting, try to imagine it in soft pink, blue, and cream colors. Options for the direct style can be seen in the photo:

A straight style wedding dress with a train

Fish dress

Stylish elegant option «mermaids» with a train - the choice of tall slender girls. Due to the peculiar style, tightly fitting the figure to the knees, this option will look good only on brides of perfect physique. Look at the photo:

Mermaid Wedding Dress with Train

The most famous dresses with a train

Several outfits decorated with this detail have gained worldwide fame, and the first of the best is the decoration of the English princess Diana. The lover of her son, Kate Middleton, also made her trainable wedding dress world famous. Outfits of celebrities are presented on a photo:

Famous wedding dresses with trains

Having chosen such an interesting, magnificent model, you will become a real star not only at the celebration, but also photos that display the ceremony. A chic detail will easily attract attention, making you the most elegant bride of the day.

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