Wedding dresses with a long train - popular types and models with photos


How to feel like a princess at your own wedding? A wedding dress with a long train will give the bride a charming royal charm. In this decoration, the girl will make all guests at the celebration admire her grace and beauty. What are the wedding dresses with a train? What to look for when choosing such a spectacular wedding dress?

Types of long train wedding dresses

A train is the elongated back of a skirt flowing across the floor. Its minimum length is 20 cm, and the maximum has no clear restrictions and depends on the desire and imagination of the designer or bride. Some models have a 20-meter part of the skirt dragging along the ground. Magnificent and royal look lush wedding dresses with fabric flowing across the floor. Modern designers create no less sophisticated and beautiful models of straight, short dresses, in which the back is elongated and gracefully stretches along the ground.

Outfit has a special beauty «Mermaid» with the part of the skirt flowing on the ground. There are different models of wedding clothes with an elongated hem. In some of them «tail» is one-piece with a skirt, and in others - removable. In the first case, the long element of clothing can be transformed and folded in the form of an upper (the end of the dragging part is attached to buttons or loops at the waist) or lower tourniquet (the back edge of the dress is draped in folds and fixed on the inside of the upper skirt).

If necessary, the folded hem can be unfastened, unfold and appear before the guests in all its glory and splendor. And during the banquet, he just fits the newlywed in a tournament, which allows the bride to easily move and dance. A beautiful and interesting option to shorten the train is to put it on your finger or hand with the help of a buttonhole sewn at its end.

With length «chapel»

Fashion designers divide the trains into several types, depending on the size. So the back part of the skirt, flowing along the floor, from the waistline to the ground 0.9-1.5 m long, is called «chapel». Designers recognize this size as optimal for movement. If necessary, the bottom of the skirt with a length «chapel» easily tucked up like a tournament. The bride in a dress with a hem of this type will look sophisticated and aristocratic, and wearing it will be appropriate for a celebration of any level.

Long train chapel in newlywed clothes

«Cathedral» plume

Long Train A-Line Wedding Dress «the cathedral» able to turn the bride into a beautiful princess. A girl in such a wedding dress will amaze everyone around with her grace and originality. «Cathedral» the hem of the skirt has a length of up to 2.5 m from the waistline. In order for the bride in a dress with such a bright element to appear before the groom and guests in all its glory, it is necessary to find girlfriends or children in advance to wear the bottom of her wedding clothes.

Throughout the wedding, the bride and groom should have a person who will help her manage with the long detail of the skirt. So, during a photo shoot, he will help the bride to beautifully spread the hem, and at the banquet he will quickly lay down and fasten the hem «tail» to a special button or hook at the waist. The newlywed herself will not cope with the task and will be nervous that she doesn’t look the way she would like.

Cathedral Hem Wedding Dress Hem

Long «royal»

Many people from all over the world watched the official wedding ceremony of the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton. The bride of the prince had a dress with a royal train about 3 m long. Wedding dresses with the size of the dragging part from 3 m to 20 m would be appropriate only at celebrations held at the state level. But if your dream is to wear a model with an elongated royal back of the skirt for the wedding ceremony, then you decide whether or not it is appropriate.

Wedding clothes with a skirt flowing for many meters can cause some inconvenience. To minimize this discomfort and make the outfit as comfortable as possible, it is best to use almost weightless thin fabrics to sew it. Perfectly for this purpose, light chiffon, organza, tulle are suitable. No less elegant, lace hem flowing on the ground will look great.

Royal tail tail in newlywed clothing

What length of a train of a wedding dress to choose?

The choice of length of the loop depends on the format of the wedding:

  • For augusts, wedding dresses can be with an impressive length streaming on the ground part (3-20 m).
  • Small «tail» (10-30 cm) in the clothes of the bride will be appropriate at any celebration of the wedding.
  • The edge of the skirt dragging along the floor with a length of up to 90 cm from the waist is also universal and suitable for different weddings, but it will be a little uncomfortable if the celebration is held outdoors, outdoors.
  • Extra long back of the skirt type «chapel» Suitable for a wedding and a beautiful photo shoot.
  • «Cathedral» tail will be appropriate at a ceremony attended by a large number of guests.

An outfit with a fabric or lace part dragging along the ground will decorate the bride with any figure. It is worth noting that low honeymooners from clothes with too long hem, flowing on the floor, it is better to refuse. Fact that big «tail» visually reduce the growth of the girl and make the image of the bride inharmonious.

For small and thin newlyweds, outfits with a short piece of clothing flowing across the floor, no more than 1 m long, are suitable. If you purchased a wedding dress with an element dragging along the floor, then before going to wedding, practice walking, dancing, sitting, and bending over. Such classes in preparation for the celebration will help you get used to the wedding clothes, and then at the wedding your movements will be graceful, beautiful.

The longest wedding dress in the world

Romanian fashion designers created a wedding dress with «tail», whose length was 2977 m. This model of clothing fell into the Guinness Book of Records. Its production took 100 days. For sewing an unusual wedding dress, 4700 m of taffeta from Italy, 5.5 m of lace were used «Chantilly» from France and other materials. The cost of the famous wedding clothes was $ 8,000. Romanian Emma Dumitrescu demonstrated this magnificent decoration in the center of Bucharest, flying in a balloon with a flying «tail» from three kilometer fabric.

Wedding clothes with a train

Photo selection of beautiful dresses with a long train

Streaming on the floor «tail» skirts makes the decoration majestic, and therefore it is necessary to move in it royally. This is easy to learn if, before the wedding day at home, practice the right walk to the beat of solemn music. Many brides use gait for this purpose «step-attach-step-attach». This means that you need to go slowly, majestically. The correct walk and a beautiful wedding dress with an element streaming on the ground will make the bride inimitable, beautiful, spectacular at the celebration.

Wedding dresses with a train