Veil: long or short?


A variety of models and types of veils allows brides to create a variety of wedding images: elegant and charming, delicate and sensual, daring and exciting. In addition, the veil makes the image of the bride more feminine and romantic. Therefore, do not refuse such an amazing wedding accessory! But which veil to choose: short or long?

Wedding Veil

Having studied the numerous options for the proposed models and their features, you can understand what kind of veil you need, the wedding site notes..

Long veil bride
Long Veil Model

Veil: long, medium or short?

Wedding salons offer many models of veils. It’s very difficult to choose the most suitable from all the variety, but you can.

Long veil

A long veil is considered when the length of the product varies from three to four meters. This group includes most of the existing types of veils:

  • «Chapel» - a veil spreading across the floor. Usually mounted on the back of the head or crown. The length of this model is about three meters. There is a loop. Traditional Veil Length «Chapel» matches the length of the dress. The bride who chose this veil model will look feminine and romantic.

Chapel Model

  • «Waltz» - the length of this product can reach the level of the ankle or ankle (length from one to one and a half meters). Fairly elegant and charming veil model.
  • «Spanish lace» or «Mantilla» - This veil option covers the bride completely. The wedding accessory is made in the Spanish style. Has a lace texture.

Veil with lace elements

  • «Cathedral Veil» - The length of the veil can reach four meters. Despite the fact that this is a rather bulky model, the bride will look exquisite in her.
  • «Royal veil» - A luxurious model up to four and a half meters in length. Quite expensive and impractical model.

Custom Veil
Lace veil

Short veil

A short veil means a product up to 60 cm long, i.e. The wedding accessory reaches shoulder level. Convenient and optimal option veils. The model belongs to this category. «Blush», which is fixed on the crown.

Short Veil Model
Creative short veil

Veil of medium length

A veil of medium length creates an original, light, fairly informal look. The length of the product is approximately 120 cm. These types are distinguished:

  • «Cubit» - a model whose length reaches the level of the elbows. A simple and universal option for a wedding attribute.
  • «Fingertips» - the name speaks for itself. On the edge of such a veil, as a rule, is decorated with lace or ribbon.

Veil on the elbow
Veil average
Light veil with bead trim

Pros and cons of long and short veils

It is said that a veil is the final touch in the bride’s wedding look. Modern wedding fashion allows you to look stylish and elegant, both in long and short veils. To choose a veil for a wedding ceremony, you need to know all the pros and cons of each of the existing types of this accessory. So, together with the portal, we will consider everything «behind» and «against» long and short veils.

Opinions «behind» long veil:

  • Long veil lengthens the silhouette of the bride and groom.
  • On a long veil, much more elegant patterns and decorations are placed.
  • Luxurious long veil looks great in the lens.
  • Long veil allows you to adjust the silhouette of the bride.

Extra Long Veil

Opinions «against» long veils:

  • Long fluffy veil is not suitable for little girls.
  • A long veil hides all the chic finish of the wedding dress.
  • Very long veil - an inconvenient and non-universal option.

Opinions «behind» short veil:

  • She does not constrain movements.
  • Short veil does not hide the exquisite decor of the dress.
  • A shortened veil gives fervor, grace and charm to the image of the bride.
  • The short veil is easy to fix on the hairstyle, it does not cause inconvenience.

Short fluffy veil

Opinions «against» short veils:

  • This model does not fit tall girls.
  • On a short veil, as a rule, very little decor and embroidery.
  • A short veil looks ridiculous in combination with classic dresses. Better to choose more custom and creative outfits..
  • It is believed that a short veil is not suitable for weddings in the church.

Basic rules for choosing a veil

When you choose a veil, it is important to consider different factors: from the wedding attire to the venue of the wedding celebration:

  • If you choose a dress with rich finishes, then a veil should choose a simpler.
  • The dress and veil should have a common material, color, pattern and / or motive.

Long Veil Option

  • It is better to choose a long veil for official celebrations, including for weddings in the church. A short veil is suitable for an informal holiday with friends and relatives.
  • Long models look good in combination with narrow wedding dresses, expanding downward. Short veils harmonize better with cropped outfits or cocktail dresses..
  • A short veil should be chosen by girls with a thin physique. Long veil - more versatile and suitable for almost everyone.
  • The choice of veils also depends on the wedding hairstyle. For loose hair, laid in neat curls, a long veil model is suitable, and for high hairstyles that open the neck and shoulders, you can choose both short and long veils.

Veil for the bride

Veil - an innocent, exciting and elegant wedding accessory that complements the delicate and romantic image of the bride!