Wedding dresses with sleeves (photo): long, short, three quarters


If a few years ago the majority of girls appeared at the ceremony, flaunting open dresses, which were adorned with deep necklines, various cuts, the last seasons show a different picture. Fashionistas increasingly prefer modest elegance - dresses with sleeves. Even in summer, young ladies acquire outfits, where this detail of the outfit - even if short - is present.

After the world-wide wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William, the sleeves as an element of the wedding attire received a new life. The famous royal bride showed everyone that looking feminine and modest is a trend that does not lose its charm.

Sleeve dress for wedding Kate and William

Wedding dress with lace sleeves

One of the most popular trends of the season is lace fabric. Lush short lace options will not only emphasize the delicate image of the bride, but will also distract attention from full hips, a slightly blurry waist line, if any flaws exist. See the photo for details:

Ceremonial Lace Sleeves

Three quarter sleeve

Three-quarter style suggests the length to the middle of the forearm. It suits a girl with any physique, gives the impression of a closed outfit, and also visually lengthens short arms. A model of such a wedding dress will make the image of the bride tender and romantic. Thin girls should pay attention to the styles of dresses with sleeves made of transparent fabric - this way the hands will not seem fragile. Brides with tight handles are suitable models of lace, satin.

In the photo: the length of the sleeves of a wedding dress 3/4

To the elbow

A convenient model, complemented by a stylish detail of the toilet, reaching to the elbow, allows the bride to feel comfortable during the holiday. It can cover the bend of the elbow or be slightly higher than it - this does not change the attractiveness of the outfit. The outfit looks elegant where there is a lapel, and hands are closed right up to the elbow. This model will give the wedding image a special grace. Such styles of dresses have no length restrictions, both models with a floor length and up to the knee look equally beautiful.

Wedding attire: sleeves to the elbow

To the wrist

The long sleeve covering the arm from the shoulder to the wrist is perfect for a wedding, but it will also look exquisite in a regular ceremony. The most modest option is a hand closed to the fingers, a fully closed bodice and a stand-up collar. Such patterns are sewn from translucent fabric, decorated with embroidery, lace applications, rhinestones.

Long sleeve bridesmaid dresses

Models look stylish «bishop», tight to the elbow and flared on the forearm. A wide flare on the wrist ends with a cuff, and on it there is a decorative pearl button or another, sheathed with fabric. More details on the photo:

Wedding Dresses: Bishop Sleeve Options


Short variations of this part of the solemn and festive attire - both short and long - will cover the bride’s too wide or narrow shoulders, in addition «leveling» figure. Models with short sleeve lengths are perfect for celebrating a celebration in the summer. The bride will not be hot and easy, also bare hands can be easily decorated with accessories - gloves or a bracelet.

Roof sleeve

A super short version that the designer calls «roof», barely covers the bride’s shoulders. It suits girls with thin aristocratic hands. The photo shows the popular options for wedding attire with this version of the details: empire style dresses, as well as models «mermaid».

Roof sleeve for wedding attire


A flashlight sleeve will brighten up excessively narrow shoulders and give lightness to the image, but it is contraindicated for sports girls. If you have narrow hips or you prefer cute lanterns for your look, then the skirt must be magnificent to balance the figure. See photos of the outfits of this style:

Sleeve flashlight: wedding design

Bell sleeve

The airy, delicate cut of a bell sleeve is ideal for full brides. The elegant top of the dress will distract attention from the waist and everything below. Also, sleeves-bells will create a wonderful fairy-tale look, transforming the bride into a doll. «Bells» Do not go out of fashion for several decades now, appearing annually in the collections of various designers.

Sleeves bells and wedding attire


The flared sleeve style known in different styles emphasizes an innocent, touching image. It will be interesting to look at a Greek dress with a fringe sleeve. Wedding dresses with a long, flared sleeve on one shoulder, or asymmetrical sleeve lengths look especially charming. Models in the photo:

Flare in the sleeve of a wedding attire


Classic tight-fitting models embroidered with beads, pearls or generously decorated with lace will suit girls with slender arms and emphasize perfect lines. Guipure thin sleeves will look good. The fitted long sleeves give the image of aristocracy and sophistication. In addition, such models are perfect for a wedding ceremony in the church..

Bodycon dress with sleeves for the bride

Long sleeve - an opportunity to hide flaws and emphasize advantages

A large length that allows you to hide your hands from unnecessary looks is chosen by those ladies who feel comfortable in a modest elegant version of a wedding dress. But it happens that they need to hide the imperfections of the body, which at the wedding can be visible to all guests. This option will help to hide tattoos, scars, a large number of age spots, moles, even age-related skin features - the hands of women over thirty are no longer in such a perfect tone, as in youth.

Those who have a chic figure will need transparent, barely visible sleeves that will draw the attention of guests to the top of the outfit. See photo:

Sheer Illusion Sleeves in Wedding Dress

If you don’t want to spend all day in an outfit where closed hands will not give proper freedom, think about buying a bolero covering your hands and an open back - this option is ideal for a church wedding.

This year, designers have tried to create many options for luxurious wedding dresses with sleeves. You will not lose if you pick out an outfit with this elegant, elegant detail. Tell us in the comments what options you liked..