Photo of short wedding dresses: lush, for pregnant and full, with sleeves


Short wedding dresses

From ancient times it was customary that a wedding dress should be floor-length. But fashion is changing, tastes are becoming more liberated, modern brides want to be extraordinary, unique. Short wedding dresses in 2015 have become fashionable. I must admit that only a true fashion connoisseur, a brave girl with good taste, will wear such an outfit at the wedding. The first such girl was the great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, who fell in love with herself a hundred years ago a wedding dress just below the knee.

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Short wedding dresses 2015 photo

In 2015, there was a tendency in wedding fashion to return to the retro style of the 60s. For the bride, who considers a long wedding outfit obsolete, knee length is suitable. Such an outfit is convenient for movement, dancing, allowing you not to step on long petticoats. It is light, elegant, emphasizes the figure. A collection of shortened patterns is especially useful for a summer wedding when heat and heat prevail. Each girl will choose an outfit to their liking..

Collection of short wedding dresses

Especially such styles will suit graceful fragile girls of short stature with beautiful legs. It is very important to skillfully choose shoes, since the legs will be constantly in sight. A short dress will serve you more than once after the wedding as an evening cocktail outfit at various celebrations.

Short puffy wedding dresses photo

A dress with a full skirt is rarely worn by girls in everyday life. It is appropriate for a prom or wedding. Romantic, light as a cloud, such an outfit from any girl will make a fairy princess.

With a full skirt photo

Depending on the taste, type of the bride, as well as the venue of the wedding, the designers developed magnificent wedding dresses of different styles. They are not necessarily white, cream is considered equally fashionable..

White swan style

Like a ballerina, light and graceful, romantic and mysterious, all in voluminous chiffon folds, the bride seemed to soar through the air. The style emphasizes graceful slender legs and a thin waist.

In the style of a ballerina photo

20s style - gold and feathers

An outfit of chic sequin, rhinestone and feather trim. Would you like such an image? Rate it on the photo.

With decoration

Hard cut

The skirt is strictly outlined, like a ruler, there is no lightness and weightlessness. Photo models of hard cut.

With a skirt of a tight cut

Modern princess

Mostly silk fabric elegant dresses, the silhouette of which resembles the letter A, knee-length.

In the style of the letter A

Miss Dior - in the power of the 50s

Slim fit, fluffy bell skirt.

Short wedding dresses for pregnant women photo

Salons provide the opportunity to choose a harmonious outfit for each period of pregnancy. Early pregnancy, when the tummy is not yet very noticeable, any form-fitting model will beautifully decorate. Create a charming image of the bride subject to a straight narrow dress with wide, decorated frills or pebbles, straps or boleros, distracting attention from the tummy.

Early Pregnancy Models

The style of the A-silhouette and a slightly oversized waist line, the models of which can be seen in the photo below, will also look good.


At later stages of pregnancy, you should choose free models, for example, in the Greek style - a high waistline under the chest, flowing from under it with beautiful folds with a skirt just below the knees. Such a model will harmoniously look with a veil, giving the wedding look a romantic, graceful look. A fastener on a belt or corset should not squeeze a stomach too much. And the rest - without any restrictions. The wedding images of the goddess are presented in the photo..

Late Pregnancy Models

Short wedding dresses with sleeves photo

Extremely adorn the wedding dresses sleeves made of thin transparent lace. They give the image elegance, a touch of chastity.

With lace sleeves

Such an outfit helps fluffy girls balance the upper and lower parts of the body. It will hide the flaws in women with full hands. A dress with a sleeve will make a bride of small stature taller and slimmer. Sleeve models can be seen in the photo..

With sleeves

Wedding short dresses for full photos

Full girls may well wear a short outfit for their wedding, with or without a cut. The main thing is that he hides those parts of the body that do not look the best, emphasizing beautiful features. The bride must determine the style, choose a neckline neckline, beautifully framing the chest, the length of the skirt that matches her figure.

The best option for all full girls would be an A-silhouette, diverging downward. How such models look, look at the photo.


There is an opinion that girls with curvaceous forms should not show their figure and should wear only clothes of a spacious cut. Nothing like this! An elegant model that exposes the back or beautiful legs will not spoil the celebration of any bride. It is not worth it to unnecessarily expose or fit yourself in a tight outfit to the little donuts, everything should have measure and taste.

For full photos

Wedding dresses with a short front photo

If you are confused, and do not know which style of dress to choose for a wedding - short or floor-length, it is worth paying attention to models with a short front, combining these two styles. This outfit will emphasize the beautiful legs shod in brand shoes that no one would have seen in a long one. A long train at the back will make you feel like a princess from a fairy tale.

With a loop

Accessories for short wedding dresses photo

To make a short wedding dress look chic, it is important to choose the right accessories for it. The main thing is not their quantity, but a harmonious combination with the outfit.


It is especially important to choose beautiful shoes, because they will be displayed for all guests along with the legs of the hostess. The choice of shoes should be treated very responsibly..

Shoes for a short wedding dress

If the wedding dress is short, this does not mean that it is not appropriate for the bride to wear a veil or diadem. Match these accessories to your taste. It’s better to choose a short veil too.


Brides who prefer a romantic style can choose a veil veil.

veil veil

If you choose a model with a train, stockings imitating boots and long gloves will be appropriate for such a dress..

stockings and gloves

From jewelry to short lace styles, a pearl necklace and gloves decorated with a lace pattern or embroidery are ideal.


The wedding hairstyle will look unsurpassed with a romantic wreath woven into it.

In cool weather, the shoulders are covered with a bolero jacket or a cape selected in style.

Bolero or cape on the bride

A contrasting satin belt accentuating the waist, platform shoes and short gloves will work well with the retro style. On the head there may be a wide ribbon or a flirty hat. Options for this combination are presented in the photo..

Retro style

Did you like the outfit of a sweet and romantic bride we created in the photo? Or would you like to supplement it with something? Leave your comment at the bottom of the page.