Classic wedding dresses - colors and styles, length, which fabrics are used (photo and video)


If it is not easy for the bride to make a choice regarding a wedding dress, she can safely give preference to the classic version: he is always in fashion, appropriate, popular, allows you to feel like a real princess, elegant and concise. Classic wedding dresses are dresses that will always be in trend. Since non-standard wedding dresses are always a risky move, you don’t have to look ridiculous in your choice.

Classic bride dress

The main features of a classic wedding dress

To determine which dresses are classified as classic, you should know the main signs of wedding dresses in the style of "classic". You will have to rely on such parameters as color, style, length. Having chosen this type of dress correctly, the bride will look no worse than real princesses. Queen Victoria, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton at their weddings preferred the classics and looked simply excellent. So, the girl will be able to fully realize her childhood dreams of a wedding, a fairy prince and a fabulous outfit.

Royal wedding chic


The color of a classic wedding dress is white, ideally snow-white. From time immemorial, it has meant the purity and innocence of the future wife, he acted as a symbol of the wedding. And therefore, the classics are always exclusively white. But for brides, due to their physical characteristics (for example, skin color, hair), the white color may not be face to face.

Therefore, at traditional weddings, a dress is allowed not in pure white, but in its shades: beige, champagne, ivory, creme brulee, gray-white, pink-white and other pastel colors. All of them are considered acceptable for the traditional image of the bride..

Snow-white classic bride outfit


The style of a classic wedding dress may be different, but there are some nuances here:

  • The presence of a corset or wedge-shaped neckline that open the shoulders.
  • A clearly defined transition from a corset to a skirt.
  • The skirt can be fluffy with a petticoat on the rings, fluffy flowing freely (A-silhouette), fitting the bride’s camp - a la art deco fashion (the skirt usually expands slightly by the end).
  • Moderation in jewelry.
  • Is the presence of long or? sleeves (especially in aristocratic, puritan circles).
  • Often, the presence of a loop.

V-neck wedding dress

The classic dress restrained in jewelry looks great because of its fabulous style, the impression of which is especially enhanced by an elegant hairstyle and a veil suitable for the ensemble.

Straight cut wedding dress

Of particular interest is the cut of a wedding dress for weddings in the church. It should be as simple and closed as possible, floor length. Full skirts, open neckline and corsets are not welcome. A long, flowing skirt fits. To make the product look elegant and light, the top and sleeves are made of lace fabric. To give the product exclusivity, it is sewn from velvet, satin or made a special cut, but which does not violate the basic characteristics of a wedding dress.

Wedding dress of the bride


The length of classic wedding dresses is strictly stipulated - this is a skirt on the floor, often turning into a train. A train also acts as a characteristic feature of this outfit style if it does not accompany a short skirt. The classics also include: products of simple cut just below the knees, which came into practice during the period of female emancipation. This length (midi) is already a deviation from the standard style, but is considered acceptable. Short skirts, dresses in the style of "ballerina" belong to unconventional dresses for the bride, although they may otherwise look like classic wedding dresses.

Bridesmaid dress with a train

What fabrics use

For the manufacture of traditional wedding dresses, any common fabrics are suitable: tulle, organza - although they do not differ in density, placed in layers one on top of the other, add airiness and do not compromise. The main requirement is not to place them in one layer, so that the dress is not completely transparent.

Wedding outfit with lace top

If the celebration falls on the cold season, the most popular materials for wedding dresses are velvet and brocade. It is warm in them, they are dense, hold their shape perfectly, create a feeling of wealth and well-being. This is one of the most traditional aristocratic preferences, a truly royal choice..

Winter wedding set

Chiffon and satin are also popular fabrics among brides who prefer classics. The outfits created from these materials have the best characteristics of the previous ones: they are light, but very dense, fit well and create an elegant look.

Aerial wedding dress with a train

When choosing fabric for the wedding, the bride should first come from the time of year (warm or cold), in which the celebration will take place. Or choose the fabric you like and develop a style with the designer that uses the best characteristics of the material. It will be logical to act the other way around, and proceed from the desired style, picking under it a fabric that will carry out the plan better than others.

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