Wedding evening dresses - for mom of the bride and groom, for overweight and pregnant women, photo 2020


For each girl, a wedding invitation to a friend causes a lot of trouble about choosing the right outfit. This event obliges you to look appropriate, therefore, special attire is necessary. Evening dresses for the wedding photo will help you choose a style. In preparation for the celebration, remember that color, length, material are of great importance here. You should look perfect, beautiful, but not overshadow the chic outfit of the bride.

General rules for choosing a wedding evening dress

To look irresistible on such a gala day, adhere to certain rules when choosing and buying a wedding dress. The outfit should be evening, but not too pompous. It will look stupid and inappropriate. After reviewing the evening dresses for the wedding according to the photo, you can choose a fashionable outfit. Pay attention to elegant dresses for bridesmaids, accessories, suitable shoes. All details of the image should be in harmony..

Harmonious evening dresses of bridesmaids

Color spectrum

Compliance with the rules for the selection of colors for a wedding weekend dress is of great importance. You should focus on flowers that will not resonate with the image of the bride or be associated with another reason for the outfit (for example, mourning black). The tips below will help you choose your evening outfit in the right color scheme:

  • Refuse snow-white evening dress. It will resonate with the image of the bride. You can cause a lot of indignant guest reviews about your appearance.
  • The black color of the wedding dress will also be inappropriate. Although it is used in evening style outfits, it evokes other thoughts. Prefer combination dresses, with elements of black accents mixed with white.
  • Other dark colors (for example, dark blue, brown) are also able to darken the appearance at the celebration..
  • Preferred are neutral shades, pastel, soft. For example, a noble dress in beige tones, a beautiful silver outfit. Neutral tones of wedding evening dresses
  • You can choose a bright, eye-catching dress color, but only if you are a witness or host.
  • Choose for yourself those evening dresses for the wedding photo that you like by color and try to try them on. So you will understand whether this color will suit you.
  • Dress length

    Pay attention to the length of the evening dress for a wedding celebration. Choose an output image of such a length that it is convenient, practical for you. A wedding is a fun event where you have to dance a lot, participate in various competitions. However, the choice of the length of the evening dress can be any, it all depends on your personal preferences. Check out a few tips below to determine the style and length of your outfit..

    Wedding dress length options

  • Avoid the vulgar and vulgar appearance that is possible when using a short mini dress.
  • Looks very extravagant lush outfit in the style of the 60s, fashionable this season.
  • A long robe on the floor can be a good evening outfit for a wedding, especially if you visually want to look slimmer and taller. The same effect can be achieved by wearing a high-waisted knee-length dress.
  • Outfit above the knees, made in style «Case», able to give you a special charm, emphasize femininity and extravagance.
  • During winter and non-flying snowy weather, the issue of a long dress on the floor disappears by itself. However, do not give up other styles to look beautiful and not freeze at the same time..
  • Product Material

    When choosing a wedding dress, pay particular attention to the material from which it is made. Emphasize your femininity with a chiffon dress. If you want to achieve a flowing effect, give preference to silk. A crepe satin outfit at a wedding, pastel-colored satin dress or guipure outfit will look beautiful. They will create an ideal image for you at the celebration of the wedding day of your best friend. Below you will find evening dresses for the wedding photo, which will serve as a good example for you.

    Wedding Guest Dresses

    Tips for choosing the image and attire for guests at the wedding

    Guests at the wedding should also look appropriate to the occasion. Perhaps the young ones will narrow the horizons of your choice by warning you in advance about a thematic dress code, according to which you will have to dress. In this case, the task is slightly simplified..

    Wedding image of mom of the bride and groom

    Moms at the wedding attract the attention of guests not much less than the young ones themselves. They worry as much about their appearance as the bride. It is important for mothers to choose the right outfit that will not add age to them, they will ideally sit, emphasize virtues, and hide too much. There are several effective tips on this subject:

  • First of all, check out the evening dresses for the wedding photo. In absentia, pick out a few styles for yourself, take some ideas on the note, and then proceed to finding the right option and trying on.
  • You will look very elegant if you choose a trouser loose suit over which a long jacket is put on the floor. Visually, this will make you slimmer and hide some of the figure flaws..
  • Women aged 40 and over prefer a classic fitted dress with a beautiful lace wrap, which makes them younger, gives freshness and femininity.
  • Pencil skirts with an interesting chiffon or silk blouse look great.
  • The outfit should be neutral in color, but so that your face is not pale, accentuate the image with several details - a massive adornment with green stones, red or other.
  • A fitted lace dress or pleated skirt will make you an elegant, solemn, attractive woman.
  • Wedding outfit for mom of the groom or bride

    Recommendations for choosing a dress for full

    To achieve a positive effect from the outfit, it is important to choose it in accordance with the features of the figure. If you are the owner of a large size, then you should consider some nuances. Often, overweight women have difficulty choosing a beautiful evening dress. Many styles that you like, they just do not fit, and the rest looks like a regular burlap free cut. To avoid this effect, adhere to the following rules when choosing a beautiful outfit:

    Evening wear for overweight women

    • Immediately exclude from your consideration dresses sewn from lycra or stretch. This fabric will only fit the existing imperfections of the figure and expose them.
    • Visually concealing unnecessary kilograms are capable of flowing light fabrics (silk, chiffon).
    • Refuse the colors of pastel colors, as well as the opposite - bright outfits.
    • Colors for clothing such as purple attire, red silk dress, blue or green are perfect for you..
    • Avoid large prints and drawings on clothes, let your look be done in plain color or using medium-sized patterns.
    • To divert attention from the massive hips of your figure, focus on the cervical region and shoulders. Choose dresses with a neckline that reveals your beautiful chest and neck.
    • An evening outfit for those chubby should not open their hands. This will only emphasize it and give an awkward look in the area of ​​the sleeves.
    • Massive jewelry and accessories try to avoid.
    • A win-win option is a high heel, it is able to give you more harmony, maximally focus on your femininity and beauty.

    What dress to wear a pregnant woman?

    The special position of the pregnant woman makes you move slightly away from the classic fitted dress for the exit. In this case, long outfits with a high cut or with a high waist are best suited. The dress should be comfortable at the same time, not constraining any movement, and also look elegant in the evening. Take care of comfortable shoes, choose a low platform or wedge.

    Maternity Wedding Dress

    Photos of short and long evening dresses 2015

    Browse the wedding dresses for weddings, photos below, to clearly see which styles are fashionable this year, to draw for yourself some good ideas for elegant images. You will see that evening dresses can be of different lengths, styles and styles. Choose what fits perfectly on your figure, suits the color of your eyes, skin and makes you an irresistible guest at a wedding celebration.