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The most fashionable wedding dresses

Every girl dreams on the day of marriage to look like a real princess. The future bride is trying to choose the perfect hairstyle, makeup, accessories. But fashionable wedding dresses can complement the look and make it truly beautiful. The choice of styles, colors is simply huge, the main thing is to find one that perfectly fits the figure and will meet all the requirements and desires of the charming bride.

Colors and styles of dresses for the 2014-2015 season

In the wedding season of 2014-2015, the following will be fashionable:

  • Classic, less outspoken styles. Particularly popular models are strapless, but with lace sleeves. Lace will be especially relevant this season, because they will help create a more elegant, delicate, feminine look. Frank, deep necklines are less and less common, and if there are, they are hidden under delicate lace or guipure.
  • Classic dresses, white, symbolizing innocence and purity. But the trend will also be the color of champagne, steel, pastel shades and olive.
  • For girls who love extravagant things, designers have prepared fashionable styles in bright colors: scarlet, burgundy, brown. From such a variety, each bride will be able to choose a model to her taste in order to look charming at her wedding.

Fashionable colored dresses

A-Line Dresses

The model of the A-shaped silhouette favorably emphasizes the merits of the figure of a beautiful bride - vertical seams increase attention to the chest line, the fitted cut emphasizes the waist. The outfit is able to hide the flaws of the figure, if any. Such a style is ideal for girls with curvaceous forms or short brides, as it visually makes the bride taller and slimmer. As the material for this outfit, natural silk is used, which lies in a free wave on the figure or satin, which makes the image of the bride more strict and restrained.

A-Line Model

In greek style

Dresses remain Greek style. This style is popular due to the fact that in it the bride feels free, it does not constrain movement, but looks gentle, elegant and attractive. For sewing wedding dresses of this style, light fabrics are chosen, and several layers are used to create a fluffy skirt. The top of the model is usually decorated with flowers, rhinestones or bead embroidery. A loop can complement the image.

Greek style

Silhouette «mermaid»

In the 2014-2015 season, fashionable style dresses are popular «mermaid». A feature of such a model is a tight corset, which is decorated with beads, rhinestones or beads, as well as a narrow, tight skirt, expanding downward. Such a model is suitable for girls with a beautiful figure. To make the dress, fitting, emphasize each contour of the figure, it is worth choosing a wedding dress made of thick fabric, satin or silk will fit the figure freely. To complete the image, you should pick up sandals or high-heeled shoes..


Empire style

Empire style wedding dress has similarities with the style of the Greek style, but differs by the presence of a square neckline. A model in the Empire style will be a winning option for girls with wide hips, because it will hide the disadvantages favorably. For the outfit, light flowing fabrics are used. A train is able to complement the image. In this outfit, the bride will look mysterious and sophisticated.

Empire style fashion dress

With a full skirt

Dresses with magnificent skirts have been especially popular for a long time. For the first time, a model of such decoration was sewn back in the 19th century. The model is characterized by the presence of a corset and a wide skirt, which is created due to the large number of layers or keeps on the frame. Such a model sits well on slender girls. Long gloves and veil of any length can complement the image..

Fluffy skirt

With a loop

To create a sophisticated and mysterious image of the bride, a dress with a train will help. As a rule, he looks good with a dress in the Greek style, Empire style, «mermaid». Often, such a dress is chosen for a wedding ceremony. It’s good if the train is unfastened, because it’s very inconvenient to walk with it all day and it is unlikely that the bride will feel comfortable on the dance floor during the height of the celebration.

Dress with a train


Wedding dresses decorated with lace have always been popular, because at the expense of it the outfit looks elegant, delicate, luxurious. For sewing lace patterns using guipure, Chantal lace, lace elements in retro style, combining them with modern lace. Such wedding clothes look simply amazing, but it is important to remember that excessive use of lace elements, frills can lead to the fact that they will look ridiculous.

Elegant lace

Short wedding dresses

«New is well forgotten old!» Dresses of the sixties are returning to fashion - short, sewn in retro style. Many girls do not feel comfortable in long dresses, so why arrange torture if the designers took care of the mini fans too, creating fashionable short wedding dresses. Knee-length outfit for the bride with slender legs.

Choosing a short dress for the wedding ceremony, special attention should be paid to shoes, as it will attract attention. It is better to choose high-heeled shoes or sandals. As for the veil, it is better to give preference to a short one, with a maximum length to the waist, or you should completely abandon this accessory. The material for sewing fashionable mini dresses can be completely different - from natural silk and satin to lace lace fabrics and guipure.

Short models

For pregnant

Many designers and fashion designers pay special attention to maternity wedding dresses. The wedding dress for a girl expecting a baby should be beautiful, as comfortable and convenient as possible, as well as stylish and fashionable. A distinctive feature of dresses for pregnant women is the lack of tight-fitting elements, high waist, the use of natural fabrics.

For pregnant women, a Greek-style wedding dress or Empire style is perfect, where the fabric lies and flows freely. As an option, you can consider the A-silhouette style, where a rounded tummy will hide a trapezoidal skirt, and a corset will emphasize a beautiful chest. When choosing, first of all, it is worth focusing on the feelings of the pregnant woman, the main thing is that the bride feel comfortable.

Wedding styles for pregnant brides

Fashion designers look at wedding dresses

Each designer has his own vision of a trendy wedding dress:

  • In the latest collection, Douglas Hannant identified new trends, preferring the spherical shapes that are used in wedding dresses - round skirts, sleeves, other details.
  • Maggie Sottero's new collection includes white and ivory dresses with lace.

Maggie Sottero Collection

  • Creating a new collection, Angel Sanchez emphasized the combination of classic elements and modernity. The designer is sure that the neckline and beautiful embroidery will become the bride’s true decoration in the new season.

Models Angel Sanchez

  • The collection of wedding clothes from the designer Ines Di Santo is distinguished by an abundance of lace, the use of expensive fabrics and layered skirts. The main goal that the designer pursued was to make the bride a real queen.

Ines Di Sa Collection

  • In the view of the Wtoo designer, wedding dresses of golden color with an open back and shoulder straps will become fashionable in the new season.
  • Bodycon dresses to help create a romantic, sophisticated look for the bride are available in the Maria Karin collection. A feature of the designer’s outfits is the presence of transparent elements and multi-colored magical splendor, which is provided by real Swarovski stones. Watch a video showing Maria Karin models:

  • Vintage style is close to Anne Barge. Wedding dresses in the style of the 20s are abundantly decorated with lace, beads, beads and organza skirts in several layers, due to which their splendor is ensured. You can view and watch the collection on video:

  • Fashionable dresses of different colors, which are strikingly different from the classic wedding color, are in the collection of Vera Wong. Here there are outfits of red, burgundy and even black colors..
  • Classic fashion dresses are the prerogative of Tadashi Shoji, whose collection contains outfits in the style of A-silhouette, chiffon models with transparent details.

Photo selection of the most fashionable wedding dresses of 2015

Fashionable wedding dresses 2015