Winter Wedding Dresses - An Unexpected Solution

In the West, the tone, as before, is set by the stars. Madonna and Guy Ricci held a December wedding, the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas was held in November. What can stop when setting the date is the fear that the bride might get lost in the snow ... However, this is one of the most common misconceptions: a winter wedding dress, chosen wisely, will help to bring a touch of freshness and harmony or even give the ceremony a sacral tint.

Numerous fashion experts claim that winter is time for unlimited creativity. Indeed, even if this is not the best month for a wedding, you can play on the most unexpected tones and the most original decoration of dresses. And away the conservatism, which is so characteristic of the spring-summer period!

Unexpected solutions in this case are ideal. Let's say bridesmaids can put on a deep red and purple tones. These are colors of elegance and an indicator of excellent aristocratic taste..

Choosing a winter wedding dress, forget about caramel pink dresses and pay attention to black or dark blue dresses - they will effectively emphasize the beauty of the bride.

However, if you don’t like dark tones, then use metallic shades - silver and gold.

By the way, a winter wedding dress will well tint and skillfully selected bride’s bouquet. For example, in the design you can use gold ribbons.

And the dress itself can be decorated with silver bells or use shiny patterns in jewelry and accessories. It is possible that with Christmas motives - then certainly by originality you will not be equal.

The white outfit, of course, is wonderful and magnificent, but history shows that in the Middle Ages in Europe, and in Russia, too, they wore exclusively a red dress for the wedding. By the way, in the East, this tradition has survived to this day. And the fashion for a snow-white wedding outfit was introduced by Mary Stuart. And the red winter wedding dress today has remained an unconventional choice of the most daring and original brides. So, think about it: red is gaining its relevance today in the modern world.

Not ready for radical experimentation? Then pay attention to shades. And the original design of outfits, so that you have no equal! What is not an option for bright patterns on the fabric of your dress? ! Bright flowers or berries, twigs or even an ornament enliven the fabric, and accordingly, the classic style of cut. Moreover, the main tone of the dress does not have to be dazzling white - pink or blue, light green or purple tones - this is another note of freshness and originality. And girlfriends can be clothed in burgundy or dark red fabrics. Actually, the oriental style can also be used in the design of interiors of halls - by making, for example, garlands of living or paper flowers, certainly bright! So there is no limit to fantasy!

The only caveat: do not combine red with other colors, To shade it, white, black and gold notes will do..

And who said that white has no shades? As many as you want! You can combine the ivory color of a winter wedding dress with white flowers, sparkles and even ... candles. Believe me, such a fairy tale will remain in your memories for a long time and your betrothed and all honest company. You can use this color for attire, say, a witness. But here the measure is important. And above all, a measure of originality: the higher it is, the greater the effect it will have on viewers your amazing wedding attire!