Floor-length dresses for bridesmaids - how to choose a stylish outfit, photo


Long floor dresses for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are those characters of a wedding celebration who never go unnoticed. They participate in competitions, wedding photo shoots, help the bride in organizing the holiday. These are faithful and beautiful companions of the bride, and therefore they should look spectacular and in harmony with her appearance. Often, newlyweds themselves choose costumes for friends and girlfriends, but if no recommendations on the image were given, friends should pay attention to now fashionable floor dresses, which are considered the best option for clothes for a wedding.

Bridesmaids in comfortable clothes

The subtleties of choosing dresses for the floor for bridesmaids

It will look great on any girl a dress on the floor. This is a versatile robe that is comfortable to wear and can hide the imperfections of the figure. A dress with such qualities for a girlfriend is a real find, and the fact that it also looks great makes it simply irreplaceable at a wedding. However, the role of the girlfriend imposes certain requirements on the girls, and therefore not every dress on the floor is suitable. What to consider?

Pastel colors in the clothes of girlfriends

Color spectrum

  • The white dress on the floor will not work for the girlfriend, which will make her look indistinguishable from the wedding image of the bride. An exception can only be the idea of ​​the young themselves, who plan to dress all their friends and girlfriends in white clothes, but with a less catchy style. If this tone is nevertheless chosen, and it’s too late to change something, «dilute» the image with bright colors using accessories: ribbons of bright crimson or red color woven into the hair, hoop, jewelry, belt.

White dress with a wide black belt

  • Equally undesirable would be the choice in favor of black, if this is not a wedding, conceived in contrast. If you are afraid that light fabrics will fill you, choose a dark but not black dress, «diluting» image of bright accessories. The outfit in which there are zones of black and any light color will be advantageous. Such dresses correct the figure well, not gloomy, stylish and harmoniously combine romance and elegance.

The image of the bride's girlfriend: a black dress on the floor

  • It has long been believed that girlfriends should choose outfits of calm and cooling shades. This will allow guests «stop the eye» on a beautiful and pacifying decoration, during an active celebration of the wedding, and will not allow girlfriends to stand out from the background of the bride. However, in practice, bright colors are often chosen for their clothes, for example, pink and raspberry are popular. All because these are shades of playfulness, youth and girlhood. Robes of such colors do not compete with the snow-white dress of the bride.

Raspberry image of bridesmaids

  • Often girlfriends choose beige, pastel, golden and silver colors, as well as blue, lilac, turquoise, light green. In addition to metallics, such tones suit many, and therefore are universal. The relevance of a particular color depends on the design of the hall, the clothing of friends. It is desirable that the dresses of the girlfriends are combined with the image of the bride and continue it. For example, a newlywed's bouquet was in harmony with some accessories of her friends. Girls can also have outfits of different colors, but one style or vice versa.

Girlfriends in the image of multi-colored princesses

Material and style

The style of the dress on the floor can be anything: tapering on the chest or waist (the second option is more desirable, because it emphasizes the femininity of the bride's girlfriend and her excellent figure). The upper part of the outfit can be loose or tight, straps can begin at the neckline, go along the shoulder, stay on one shoulder, be absent. If there are a lot of girlfriends at the wedding, then each one can choose any style of top, but the length and color of their clothes should be the same. In this case, a transformer dress will help out.

Transformer Dresses for Girlfriends

So that each girlfriend can adjust the style of the outfit manually, experimenting with the position of the straps and fixing brooches, all the girls need to choose transformer dresses. Their material stretches, and therefore is suitable for a wide range of sizes. Having ordered a set of several identical transformers, the bride can easily dress all her girlfriends, they will adjust the model for themselves.

Girlfriends clothes: one color and different styles

Dresses on the floor can be decollete or not, however, a stand-up collar is not appropriate, as are fluffy skirts. The same with sleeves, they are allowed only in the case of the cold season or in a shorter form. In the warm season, sleeves in dresses are possible if the outfit is sewn from light flying fabric. Most often, clothes for girlfriends are chosen from materials such as chiffon, taffeta, organza, guipure, lace, silk, glossy satin. Such decorations fit well on the figure, creating an atmosphere of spectacular elegance even with a simple cut.

Lace Bridesmaid Robe

Dress openness

Clothing girlfriends should not be too frank, vulgar. On the contrary, she should be inspired by girlish spontaneity, youth and femininity at the same time, therefore dresses on the floor are taken with simple styles, feminine but chaste. So, the skirt on the floor should not have a deep cut for the leg, the neckline should also be modest. The length of the outfit allows you to have a strapless top or on thin ropes that will not look defiant with a closed bottom. An open back is not desirable, but can be allowed in the summer in a light sundress with a shoulder strap over the neck.

Slit skirts for newlywed girlfriends

The choice of outfit depending on the time of year

The wedding season is an important factor in choosing the color and style of clothing for girlfriends. This will help to lighten her image in the warm months and prevent it from getting lost on cold days. Do not forget about such nuances. A warm dress will look no worse than light, but a girlfriend dressed in a season will feel much more comfortable and confident, and this is important at a wedding.

Winter Dress Tips

  • Choose a dress from warmer and denser materials than is customary at a summer wedding. The fabric should not be excessively dense, in a banquet room in such clothes it will be stuffy.
  • You can stop on a dress with sleeves (long, flashlights,?) Or without them, but paired with a cape, sweater or bolero.
  • Ideally, if your outerwear will complement the wedding ensemble «bride's outfit - your dress - accessories».
  • Choose winter clothes in more saturated colors - burgundy, chocolate, fuchsia, electrician, this will make the image more expressive.
  • Girlfriend winter look: dress model with sleeve

    Spring and fall

  • Choose a dress style made of dense materials, but without sleeves.
  • Pay attention to products with shallow recesses for the sleeve and a modest neckline - they look stylish and they will not be cold.
  • Choose a warm jacket, cloak, sweater or bolero that you can wear without ruining your look.
  • Choose pronounced colors of the outfit, but not dark. For example, purple, azure, green.
  • Girlfriend autumn and spring look: model with sleeves

    Options for sleeveless summer dresses

  • For a summer wedding, choose a sleeveless outfit. Sundress dress would be appropriate.
  • Based on the characteristics of the figure, you can wear a dress with a top-corset, with wide straps or without them, with thin straps, cords, with a wedge-shaped, rounded neckline or without it.
  • Prefer a style that hides your flaws and focuses on the merits.
  • An open back is acceptable if it does not look vulgar.
  • The material for the dress should be lightweight, comfortable. It is advisable to abandon the dense and synthetic options. In a dress made of natural materials you will feel comfortable. If you need to create a clearly festive effect, choose a light satin, silk, chiffon.
  • Give preference to light and cheerful colors, such as lavender, powder, light pink, because dark will make the image heavier.
  • The image of the girlfriend of the bride: a light summer outfit

    What floor dress is suitable for full girls?

    Girls with a curvaceous figure should be especially careful when choosing a dress style. Outfits on the floor perfectly hide the fullness and unevenness of the legs, stretch the silhouette, but the top still remains open. It is necessary to choose clothes so that the fabric conceals imperfections and gently emphasizes the advantages of the upper part of the figure. In order for a magnificent girlfriend to look harmonious, she needs to pay attention to the styles of dresses:

    • Which will not fit the figure of a girl. It is better that they are slightly loose or with a lap. Poncho dresses or too spacious dresses can fill up, so it is better to stay on models that show a figure, but do not tighten it. Using a figure-modeling underwear, a girlfriend can achieve a chic effect.
    • Which hide the fullness of the upper arm. The main task here is to hide the area from the outer shoulder line diagonally to the lateral line just below the armpit. To do this, dresses with freely lying short sleeves (on the elbow or half of the upper part of the arm), drop-down sleeves-lanterns or wide (or wide lowered) straps capturing the outer shoulder line are suitable.
    • Which softly emphasize the chest. Such an effect in a girlfriend’s dress is acceptable, but the emphasis should be soft, not vulgar. Suitable dresses with a wedge-shaped, but shallow neckline and a neckline-boat. It is impossible to completely clog the chest (with no decollete) - this will visually increase the upper part of the figure.
    • High-waisted dresses are allowed, but if the nuances regarding the upper arms and neckline are taken into account. The waist line should not focus too much on the chest, this will visually fill the girlfriend.

    Clothing options for a full girlfriend

    What to wear pregnant for a wedding to a friend?

    If a girlfriend is expecting a baby and the tummy is already clearly visible, a dress on the floor for her is an ideal outfit. To slightly hide the presence of pregnancy, it is necessary to transfer the waist line a little higher, under the chest, and leave the neckline open. So the emphasis will shift to the chest and neck. This style of dress will refresh the image of a girlfriend, make him light, cute and expressive. The length of the skirt should allow the girl to wear comfortable shoes, such as ballet shoes. Do not leave a heel pad.

    The image for a pregnant girlfriend: a dress on the floor

    Video: options for evening dresses for the bridesmaid

    If the witness is alone or the newlyweds do not provide for the special design of the event, then girlfriends can wear ordinary evening or cocktail dresses of any style. However, do not forget that friends still should not stand out against the background of the future spouse, and their outfits should not be too artsy.

    Photos of stylish evening dresses in the floor of 2015