Winter wedding dresses 2020, fashion models and styles with photos and videos


If the lovers decided to start a family, then there are no barriers in the form of frost or snow for them. Wedding in winter is a magical fairy tale in which you can realize all your fantasies and dreams, turning the wedding into an unforgettable holiday. Winter wedding dresses, complemented by interesting accessories, allow the bride and groom to stand out, clearly showing their individuality. We suggest figuring out which wedding models will be relevant in the winter..

Options for wedding dresses for a winter wedding

In the winter wedding collections there are different materials: brocade, velvet, taffeta, crepe and a traditional atlas for brides. The winter style of the outfit is emphasized by a fur trim or cape, which also performs a warming function. As for the color of winter dresses, then brides can afford to realize any fantasy, because against the background of white snow, any color will look amazing.

Modern brides have proved that short dresses for a winter wedding are quite appropriate. Girls successfully combine them with white fur boots, a cape, a clutch or gloves, turning into a fairy princess. But the longest dresses to the floor, which are either completely lace or with lace trim, are considered the most popular shapes for winter. Watch the video that shows the best models of winter wedding dresses of the season 2015:

Wedding dress with fur trim

Natural fur has always been an indicator of status and luxury. Previously, furs were available only to rich women, now they are found on any bride. The original way to decorate wedding dresses with fur is on the neck and décolleté, creating a small warm apron. The fur on the collar of the outfit is also very popular among brides. Famous designers include in their collections winter wedding dresses with fur decor around the edge of the sleeve or at the bottom of the hem, combining white fur with lace or lace fabric.

The wedding dress skirt trimmed with natural fur, with an open lace top and a coat draped over the top, which is made of the same quality and color of the fur, looks unusual. Such furry wedding dresses impress with their chic, making the bride irresistible. Another popular accessory is a fur vest. This new product appeared two seasons ago and quickly became in demand. The fur of different lengths and different cuts makes the vest suitable for any style of wedding dress. He not only creates a chic look, but also does not allow the bride to freeze on a cold winter day.

Wedding dresses with fur

With a closed back and long sleeves

A closed dress with long sleeves emphasizes the elegant mystery and seductive sexuality of the bride. Such styles are chosen by girls who want to focus others on their natural beauty. In addition, a closed wedding attire will hide the excessive fullness of arms and narrow shoulders. The length of such a winter style does not have to be to the floor - a lace multilayer dress to the knees will look stylish, especially on chubby girls.

The long sleeve can be in the form of a balloon, three quarters or extended downward. Sleeves combined with small elegant gloves give the bride a special magnetism. The choice of such an image will allow the girl to be an aristocrat at her wedding. The back of a wedding dress decorated with lace or embroidery looks very seductive. Winter closed models are also in demand among newlyweds, seeking to emphasize their charm and soft femininity.

Indoor Wedding Outfit

Dress with a closed neckline and shoulders

In the wedding fashion, there is a tendency to closed dresses - explicit dresses are already a bit of a thing of the past. Femininity and aristocratic modesty are now relevant, so winter models abound in closed necklines, shoulders and arms. Such styles are ideal for girls with boyish figures, as well as for:

  • Believing brides.
  • Pregnant bride and groom.
  • Girls with small breasts, narrow shoulders.
  • Noble persons whose status does not allow exposure.
  • A closed neckline will emphasize the beauty of the hands, and lantern sleeves and a soft semicircular neckline will create the image of a gentle and graceful bride. If you want to make the waist thinner or visually lengthen your legs, then the belt tied under the chest will create such an effect. A lace neckline is perfect for winter brides who prefer a strict style of clothing. An openwork upper will soften any style of a wedding dress.

    Closed neckline for honeymooners

    Dress with lace bolero top

    To make the image look harmonious, it is important not to overdo it. If you close one part of the body, then you need to open another. But if the wedding ceremony or other situations do not allow the bride to be exposed, then for such cases it is better to stock up on a removable lace bolero. This wedding item became mega popular after Kate Middleton chose it for her wedding. In addition to beauty, lace bolero also has a functional load, it:

    • indispensable for weddings in the church;
    • Perfect for a formal celebration;
    • hides figure flaws;
    • suitable for use after the wedding.

    Bolero does not have to be chosen to match the wedding dress. A contrasting color will also look stylish if you select a bride's bouquet or shoes of the same shade to it. Best of all, a lace bolero looks with a lush model on the straps or without them at all. If the bride’s winter outfit is decorated with shiny rhinestones or stones, then the lace bolero should not be decorated at all.

    Lace bolero for the bride

    Accessories for a winter wedding dress

    Winter gave brides a lot of bright accessories:

    • knitted gloves;
    • graceful boas;
    • fur drape;
    • chic robes;
    • stylish couplings.

    All these things not only care about the elegance and beauty of the bride and groom, but also about her health, warming during the winter cold. For the bride’s bouquet, there are also several original ideas that are suitable for the season: for example, fir cones, soft cotton, rowan branches, dried fruits. Such a stylish combination will make the winter look unique, in addition, all the elements of the bouquet are frost-resistant, which will keep this main accessory in its original form until the end of the celebration.

    We must not forget about a luxurious winter accessory - a diadem. A beautiful wedding hairstyle with a royal diadem will distinguish the girl from the crowd, making the winter wedding outfit royally delightful. As a popular winter decoration, girls widely use white gloves: leather, woolen, and fur. Light satin models are also in demand, but at the winter wedding they play a decorative role, completing the royal image of the bride.

    Accessories for the winter outfit of the bride

    Photos of winter wedding dresses 2015

    A classic white dress is appropriate in any season. But for winter, many brides choose colorful outfits to create a contrast with snowy landscapes. Bright models look attractive and fresh at a winter wedding - blue, purple, red, green or even black. To create a universal image, the newlyweds turn to a combination of white with another, brighter color. Look at the photos of current winter models for the wedding season 2015:

    A new collection of winter wedding dresses