Wedding dresses from Yudashkin 2020, popular models with photos


The design of wedding dresses by the great fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin is characterized by abstractness, luxury, skillful and bold combination of silhouettes, fabrics, shapes and colors. As the maestro himself says, the wedding dress should be the way the bride draws it for herself. He prefers a beautiful flow around the dress of female forms. Yudashkin skillfully selects a variety of accessories for wedding dresses. He favorably chooses forms, does not neglect the use of a deep neckline, corsets, unusual decor, which makes his dresses unforgettable.

Models of wedding dresses from Valentin Yudashkin

The collections of Yudashkin combine minimalist ideas and Baroque motifs. The designer prefers to work with prints that are saturated and at the same time monochrome colors, noble metals. To create wedding dresses, he uses lace, silk satin, sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, beads, feathers - all this effectively distinguishes Yudashkin’s creations from the work of other designers. Against the background of a wide variety of silhouettes, styles, there are traditional lush outfits, short mini ones. Yudashkin’s bold experiments are successful, extravagant, popular with the public.

Puffy Wedding Dresses

Lush wedding dresses are very diverse, sewn in different styles and shapes. A distinctive feature of the fashion designer is moderate minimalism. Valentine prefers not to experiment, but to bet on the middle ground. In this regard, tight-fitting dresses predominate in the model line, but there are also lush robes that are not as voluminous as Western counterparts. Thanks to this move, dresses remain practical, because overall styles add problems and inconvenience to the bride. The lush outfits of this maestro are natural and light..

Lush wedding dresses from Yudashkin

Wedding dresses with black elements

Courage and beauty are striking models in black. At fashion shows, they become real hits, causing excitement among the public, postponed for a long time in memory. While working on such models, according to the fashion designer himself, he takes into account the concept of the celebration as a whole, but also does not discard smaller details. In the design of dresses, a minimum of patterns and decorations is used: Yudashkin is limited only to lace, satin inserts of a small size, universal decorative elements.

Yudashkin's outfits with black elements for brides

Colored dresses

When viewing the collections of a fashion designer, styles made of colored material catch the eye. Some outfits are completely the same color, but there are models that combine several shades. Most brides prefer ivory, white, but the color dresses of the fashion designer look very restrained. He uses sky blue, pale pink, smoky blue, the color of a tea rose. Favorably such shades look on styles sewn from organza, chiffon, silk tulle. Inlaid with pearls, beads adds chic, originality.

Color dresses for brides from Yudashkin

Unusual shape and style

Yudashkin’s wedding dresses are distinguished by a style unique to this maestro. They are not a single detail reminiscent of the collection of Western designers. This is achieved by mixing different fabrics, shapes, colors, thanks to the excellent sense of taste and style of the fashion designer. His bold and original outfits of unusual shape, lengths look extravagant and always find their fans..

Fancy dresses from Yudashkin for brides

Exclusive dresses

Valentin Yudashkin believes that the concept of wedding fashion is abstract. Each bride and groom has the right to invent their own exclusive, unlike anything else. The master himself prefers to create tight-fitting outfits, paying great attention to accessories such as wreaths, tiaras, gloves, handbags. It is characterized by a bet on originality in exclusive models. The color scheme of such dresses is unobtrusive. In the wedding dresses of this brand, custom-made, stars such as Glucose, Olga Slutsker shone at their weddings.

Exclusive wedding dresses from Yudashkin

Photo collection of wedding dresses from Yudashkin 2015

In addition to the standard set of evening dresses, any modern designer presents to the public exclusive wedding collections. A wedding suit is the climax, the peak of femininity and design ideas. Here, the maestro can realize all his wildest, most luxurious, unusual ideas, tendencies that do not fit into the framework of the everyday female image. Wedding lineup Yudashkin 2015 - a wide range of unique styles. Stylish outfits will suit both young brides and women of age who want to look like queens.

Yudashkin Wedding Collection 2015