Dress for a wedding on the islands: selection tips, popular models and styles of 2020 with a photo


The islands are places where newlyweds spend their honeymoon, but some young couples decide to celebrate their wedding in these heavenly places. In order for the celebration to look harmonious, it is worthwhile to think carefully about the image of the bride and groom, every detail of the holiday. Waves, heat, ocean, light breeze, sand - all this does not endure pretentiousness, excessive luxury. Therefore, no complicated styles, crinolines, corsets. Freedom, lightness, naturalness - these are the three main pillars on which the choice of attire for a wedding on islands is built near the water, sea.

Island Wedding Dress Tips

To feel free, relaxed during a wedding ceremony on the islands, abandon elaborate, lush outfits, because they, combined with high stilettos, are appropriate in a restaurant, and on the beach they will only bother you, preventing you from having fun. Prefer comfortable dresses, comfortable length, without lush multilayer skirts. The most relaxed brides put on swimsuits, tying the hips with a beautiful scarf. This allows you to feel as close to pristine beauty, nature amid the sound of waves and magnificent greenery..

Deep Neckline Wedding Dress

Dresses made of cotton lace, sexy - snow-white skirts with tops, avant-garde - white trouser suits look very nice during a wedding on the coast. Near the ocean, the first place is given not to the dress code, but to convenience. However, the bride should feel like the queen of the holiday. A simple cut, light flying materials will help in this, you will be a real nymph emerging from the foam of the sea. Cropped outfits that flirty and playfully expose slender legs look good.

Dress for a beach wedding on thin straps

Cocktail dresses are stylish for a wedding on the island - stylish, short, emphasizing the color of the ceremony. Classic models look attractive in shades of ivory and white. But cocktails can be made in saturated bright color or muted, but with a bright detail. Also, for the island, brides choose dresses with thin or transparent straps, an open neck and shoulders. Such models look very gentle, sexy. Outfits with a deep neckline made at the back look interesting. But the main thing is simplicity of style.

Color spectrum

For a wedding on the island, it is not forbidden to choose dresses of any color. But take into account fashion trends, because pastel colors always remain relevant. If you are more inclined to favor classics, then choose ivory, champagne, white. Such shades are noble and refined, harmoniously look surrounded by sea surf and sand. In addition, dresses of natural shades look very beautiful - the color of the sea wave, young greenery. Brighter colors, orange, burgundy, rich purple are also appropriate for a wedding on the islands.

Milk outfit for the bride

Outfit length and model

Cream wedding dress

For the island, choose dresses of any length in which you will be comfortable. It is customary to separate wedding dresses according to this classification:

  • The floor is a classic length, but keep in mind that the hem is dirty on the sand and will not look very aesthetically pleasing. In this regard, choose a few centimeters above the ankle..
  • Tea length - dress to the middle of the lower leg or slightly below the knee.
  • Short dresses for a wedding - the best option, does not hinder the movement, shows slender tanned legs. For a short dress, a multilayer skirt of organza, chiffon or other light material is not prohibited. Also interesting are such models with a train, shortened or long, which brings a share of piquancy. Another plus is that a short dress is also allowed to be worn after the wedding for various cocktail events.

As for the model of the outfit, the beach dress should be light, not artsy. Make a choice in favor of natural beauty, naturalness, provocative charm, freshness. The outfit should not restrict movement. Too long train, puffy skirts, heavy rich decor - it looks gorgeous in a traditional wedding. Empire style outfits and short models are appropriate for the island. Overalls made of silk, which emphasizes all the bends of the body, are especially in demand, pleasantly flowing on the skin. This option is very original, chic and extravagant..

Short dress for the bride

Popular models that open the shoulders. Such a dress allows the body to breathe, enjoy the sea spray, fresh wind, sun rays, of which the island provides in abundance. Choose dresses with a deep neckline on the chest or back. However, the simplicity of the dress has boundaries so that the outfit does not look casual. Compensate for the simplicity of the cut with an unusual cutout shape, original fabric texture, bold cuts, luxurious decor of rhinestones, glass beads, draperies and embroideries.

Product material and accessories

Crepe georgette, cotton, crepe de chine, damask, chiffon, linen - this is not a complete list of materials that are suitable for a light beach dress for a wedding. Such outfits look very beautiful, but do not cause any discomfort. In no case do not choose synthetics - polyester, viscose, polyurethane, because it does not allow the body to breathe, and in the heat it will soar.

Dress for a beach wedding

Accessories and shoes complete the image of the bride. Properly selected jewelry makes the simplest outfit look luxurious. Instead of a veil in the conditions of the island, it is not forbidden to wear a diadem, which will shine amazingly in the sun. It is better not to choose heavy, bulky jewelry, but to replace them with pearl threads, flower garlands, wreaths, jewelry with amber and turquoise. Decorate open hands with ethnic bracelets.

Bride foot decor for coast wedding

The choice of shoes for a wedding on the islands should be approached carefully. If you decide to be barefoot at the wedding ceremony, a pair of light sandals is needed. A small heel is preferable, because it makes the female leg more slim and beautiful. Discard the high heel immediately, because it will be buried in the sand. This is not only inconvenient, but also changes the gait is not for the better. At the photo shoot, you can walk along the shore, letting the sea waves wash your bare feet and hold sandals in your hands.

Options for styles of wedding dresses for the island

Since the seascape prevails on the islands, the abundance of greenery, the dress on very thin straps looks more relevant. If your figure is slim and perfect, then the option with an open top, emphasizing touching clavicles and the beauty of the shoulders, is suitable. If you are not ready to show naked hands, choose a light beautiful cloak. Popular models with an open back. Dress finishing involves the presence of pearls, beads, small rhinestones, light lace. But everything should be in moderation!

Beach wedding dress with one strap

In greek style

The image of the Greek goddess perfectly harmoniously looks at the beach wedding ceremony. Empire style dresses are an eternal classic with soft and smooth lines that add charm, romantic charm and unique beauty to the look. The main trump cards of Greek outfits are several layers of light matter on a skirt, drapery, frills, flowing fabrics. Exquisitely complement the wedding dress with details: a cutout on the back, decorated with rhinestones or pearls, interesting drapery, flowers, ribbons, an embroidered belt, sequin-flakes, suggesting a real mermaid bride.

Empire style for an island wedding

Casual Dresses

A perfect choice for a wedding on the islands of paradise, surrounded by natural landscapes, is considered a dress of a free cut of light fabrics. Simplicity and naturalness in this case comes first. Often the styles of such outfits are semi-adjacent, straight. The neckline area is decorated with an interesting neckline, and the straps are thin, translucent. For a free cut, a variety of beading, draperies, appliques is appropriate.

Loose dress for a beach ceremony

Photo selection of beach wedding dresses and images

Outfits of the bride for an island wedding