2020 Wedding Dress Color


To begin to figure out what color to choose as the main color in the bride’s wedding dress, you must first find out what shades are fashionable this season.

In fact, there are not so many of them. It is important to understand that the color for a wedding dress this season should mean something and personify. If such an associative series will not be present, then it may be wasted effort to find the most stylish and appropriate wedding shade of 2013.

Snow-white classics

Undoubtedly, today again everyone is returning to the classics. And under the classic color, of course, we mean the good old snow-white shade. It should be noted that the white tones of the wedding dress have always been, are and will be the most win-win option for the image of a sophisticated and stylish bride who wants to be romantic and neat, elegant and sweet lady on her most important day. Always remember that a true classic does not age, and if presented correctly, it will make all your guests remember why this beautiful and sophisticated color is associated with a magnificent wedding celebration.

White classic

Mint and blue freshness

Many guests of the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com can assure you that this season, the main color that all fashionistas just pray is a mint color. In addition, a wedding dress made in such a color scheme will bring lightness and freshness even on the hottest day. Blue is also a calming color, an intelligent and highly diverse color. In particular, in the old days this shade was a symbol of hidden and genuine love.

The color of juicy and bright mint is suitable for a true artist, creator, dreamer, as well as a person who does not connect his happiness with burdensome material values.

It can be safely stated that soft blue, faded blue and all the same mint shades are a real fashion boom, which many stylish and beautiful weddings are subject to..

Lightness and sophistication of peppermint

Pink shades of your happiness

Pink color is a shade of sensual love, tenderness and true romance. If you want to see all this at your wedding event, then choose a wedding outfit of this particular color. Pink color is also a symbol of calm and balanced love. Against the backdrop of all the splendor of modern weddings, there is very little room for a sweet and secluded romance, which should be present only between the bride and groom. It is for this reason that now many brides choose pink color, which should correct this situation..

Pink elegance

It should immediately be noted that the white shade is combined with almost any other flowers present on the wedding dress. This, just, can be attributed to both the pink solution and the aforementioned mint.

White goes with all colors

However, visitors to the wedding site www.articlewedding.com can confirm that it’s not worth the hassle. If the base is either mint or pink, it will be perfectly complemented by snow-white inserts. But the color inserts on a white wedding dress can no longer look so, and therefore everywhere should be a measure.

Remember that the wedding is solely a celebration of the newlyweds. And that means that everything should be the way you want it.!