2020 long-sleeved wedding dress, popular models for brides with photos


At the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first century, many brides began to prefer wedding dresses that reveal their shoulders, arms and neckline. At weddings, it was rarely possible to meet closed options for dresses. Kate Middleton gave a forgotten life with long sleeves for a second life in 2011: girls from all over the world who could not help but pay attention to the duchess’s exquisite attire gave her wedding to Prince William. The modest classic image of the beautiful bride revived the fashion for dresses where hands are covered with lace, satin, silk.

Models of wedding dresses with long sleeves

Many fashion houses and eminent designers were inspired by the royal wedding, after which many dresses with medium and long sleeves appeared on the catwalks. Now brides have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of closed models that emphasize the feminine image, the modesty of a girl walking down the aisle, her elegance and purity. However, do not think that the sleeves immediately turn a sexy, relaxed girl into a gentle shy. There are models that are sewn from the finest fabrics, only slightly covering the attractive bends of the body. What are the styles of long sleeves:

  • Angelic A robe with such sleeves looks airy and gentle, they are flared from the shoulder to the wrist. Folded along the seam, their model in shape resembles a right triangle. For sewing, transparent fabrics are mainly used, which differ from the material of the dress itself. The style is suitable for both straight, narrowed and for luxurious newlyweds.
  • Balloon. This is a straight sleeve of wide diameter, which ends on the wrist with a narrow fitting cuff fastened with a button or hidden hooks. It is sewn mainly for summer versions of wedding dresses using light airy fabrics. Typically, the container is opaque or translucent.

Angel sleeve and balloon in the dress of the bride

  • «Juliet». This is a mixture of tight-fitting sleeve and puff (flashlight, balloon). The latter can reach the middle of the shoulder or elbow, and then tapers to the wrist. The lush upper part can be separated from the lower tight ribbon, braid, insert another fabric. Primarily «Juliet» sew using dense fabrics.
  • Doloman (Hungarian). By cut, this style resembles a narrower «The bat», where from the elbow to the wrist the fitting part extends. Designers use «Dolman» when sewing knitted everyday dresses, but sometimes it is found in some concise wedding models.

Juliet sleeve and stylish doloman

  • Bishop (Episcopal). A long, wide, slightly flared style to the bottom. The sleeve ends with a narrow cuff fastened with buttons or hidden hooks. The fabric for its main part can be transparent, translucent. For sewing, airy, lightweight materials are used, but the cuff is sewn with a dense, sometimes contrasting fabric. Often the lower part is decorated with braid or ribbon, depending on the style of the dress.
  • Gutter. A beautiful narrow sleeve, the length of which, as a rule, reaches the wrist. It is sewn without cuffs. As the material used lace, thin transparent or translucent fabrics that can be embroidered with small beads, sequins, decorated with rhinestones, beads. This style is suitable for girls with a perfect shape of the hands, and too wide or narrow shoulders unfavorably emphasize.

Flared bishop and narrow gutter

  • Gigot («ham») It is a semicircular puff on the shoulder, which smoothly passes into a sleeve narrowed to the bottom, ending with a wide cuff. Its upper part is decorated with folds. Himself «ham» sewn with dense opaque fabrics. Ideal for girls who have chosen a wedding costume with a jacket as a festive decoration.
  • Kimono. It resembles part of a classic kimono in shape - it is a wide, one-piece cut style flared to the wrist. For sewing use, as a rule, silk or other light, airy materials. Ideal for an oriental look of a newlywed.

Stylish Gigot and Oriental Kimono Sleeve

  • Bell. Free, comfortable, expands smoothly from shoulder to wrist, resembles a large bell in shape. It is able to hide such shortcomings of the figure as wide shoulders, and a special form distracts attention from too lush hips of the hero of the occasion.
  • Hanging down. Long, loose, it ends with a wide cuff option. A flare begins to drop from the elbow, forming a kind of bag, to the middle of the thigh, knee or to the floor - it depends on the wedding dress.

Bride dress with sleeves bell

  • With a cut. Sometimes designers leave the sleeve not sewn at the seam from shoulder to wrist, sometimes there are two cuts - between the shoulder and the elbow, between the elbow and the bride’s wrist. Mounted on the wrist with braid, ribbon, elastic, cuffs, ideal for a summer celebration.

The original sleeve with a slit on a wedding dress

Embroidered straight sleeves

If the bride is the owner of an ideal form of arms and shoulders, a long mesh sleeve will fit her, which can be embroidered with rhinestones, beads, decorated with delicate lace or elegant pearls. This model is able to hide flaws associated with problem skin - freckles, birthmarks, rashes. Often, such a sleeve is sewn together with a closed bodice from the same fabric, creating a feminine, elegant and modest image of the hero of the occasion. Sometimes used for wedding wraps. Can end with a narrow cuff or frill skirt.

Straight narrow sleeves with embroidered mesh

Lacy in the form of flared petals

Long petal sleeves will help the future wife create an innocent, gentle and airy look. The style is so named because it is sewn with two shreds of fabric resembling large petals of plants. As a rule, designers sew pieces of material to the shoulder of the outfit, and they drop down freely to the wrists of the bride, or connect them with a neat seam to the elbow, the middle of the forearm. This style is perfect for light flared dress, princess, mermaid or A-line silhouette.

Flared Petal Sleeves Wedding Dress

Top in the form of a flashlight and tight to the bottom

The fitting style, starting with a flashlight (puff), is called «Juliet». It was named after the heroine of the Shakespearean play, which the illustrators painted in dresses with this version of the sleeve. Ideal for attire that the bride and groom will wear for the wedding in a medieval style, and contrasting fabric inserts on the puff will only emphasize an interesting old look. The juliet sleeve is good because it hides the fullness of the shoulders or adds volume to them if the bride has too narrow, thin arms.

Robe of the Bride: Original Juliet Sleeve

Benefits of a Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

Long sleeves attract the attention of brides from around the world, not only due to the booming celebrity weddings, but also because of their functional features. An outfit with this detail looks feminine, elegant and chaste; it is ideal for a church wedding, where open shoulders or deep necklines are unacceptable. The adult generation will certainly appreciate the innocent image of a newly-made spouse. The advantages that wedding decoration with a long sleeve has:

  • The ability to feel comfortable at any time of the year. For the summer, the future spouse can choose light, airy sleeves-petals made using silk, chiffon fabrics, and in winter the opaque styles that the designers made using thick satin material would be the ideal solution.
  • The sleeve length can hide fading or problematic skin, and a suitable style will help balance the too narrow or wide shoulders of the hero of the occasion. The style will be ideal for girls who have tattoos that they do not want to show to guests at a wedding event.
  • The long sleeve is equally suitable for both young girls and ladies in age. A transparent sleeve-gutter will emphasize the beauty of the bride, her slender arms, delicate skin, and the original balloon will emphasize the status of the hero of the occasion at the age of.

Photo of wedding dresses with long sleeves

It is difficult to immediately understand which model will be ideal for the bride. First you need to study the existing models of dresses, and then try on the options you like in the wedding salon. When choosing furniture with long sleeves, the future spouse should take into account her age, especially the figures and wishes regarding the pretentiousness or conciseness of the wedding attire. Sleeves can be decorated with bows, lace, sequins, pearls, beads, rhinestones, ribbons. Each girl will find her outfit. See the selection of closed dresses below.

Newlywed Long Sleeve Dress Ideas