Stylish wedding dress and you



Of course, you already measured the dress in the bridal salon, but an experienced salesman helped you there. And at home, in order to dress your stylish wedding dress, you will need the help of someone close to you. You will have to stock up on:

  • a sheet to keep the dress clean,
  • thin scarf, if the model dresses over his head,
  • crochet for knitting, it is convenient for them to drag buttons into loops,
  • clean white towel to cover the dress during the buffet.

Help! Help!

Is it time to wear a dress? Spread a sheet on the floor. If the model wears over her legs:

  • Put the shoes in the center of the sheet
  • Unzip buttons and zippers on the dress,
  • Place it over the shoes, assistants should support the dress,
  • Step into the dress first with one foot and then the other, aim at the shoes, you should wear them right now.

If a model of a stylish wedding dress dresses over your head:

  • put on shoes,
  • cover your face with a scarf so as not to spoil your makeup and dress,
  • let them help you put on a dress and button all the buttons and zippers.

Is the dress already on you? Check all fasteners again. Let the assistants flip around you, straighten out all the details and folds. To make sure everything is perfect, look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Done!

Traffic rules.

Now you need to learn how to beautifully "carry" such a stylish wedding dress, move in it without danger to your life and the integrity of the outfit.

If you want to sit down for a moment, waiting for the wedding procession, then you should look for a stool for this, etc. without back. It is easy to spread the dress on it without crushing it. If you sit on a chair with a back, lift the dress, do not crush it under yourself, the train should help you to position it on the back. When moving up the stairs, you should carefully maintain the hem of the dress by lifting it slightly. If there is a train or the dress is very long, it is better to move only forward, stepping back you can step on the dress. Let them help you, support the train. Do not rush, the movements should be smooth and careful. When getting in and out of the car, collect the entire hem of the dress and sit down carefully. Do not touch dusty doors. In the car, keep the hem of the skirt of your stylish wedding dress in front of you. If you plan to be photographed, take something to lay out, you may have to lean on, sit down on something. A trip to the ladies room will require escort. If you want to powder your face or adjust your bridal makeup, cover the top of the dress with a towel.

With a loop and without "accidents".

A dress with a train will require an assistant who will monitor him and help you when you exit and get into the car, throw it over and straighten it if you want to sit on a chair and keep it moving. However, the train can be attached to the hand using a loop sewn to it. But there are such models of stylish wedding dresses in which the train can be hidden or removed altogether. In this case, usually, this is done after the ceremony or the first dance. Call for help the girlfriend who chose a dress with you. She is exactly familiar with the intricacies of your chosen style and will easily cope with the task. Make sure the bottom of the dress looks even.

In any dress with or without a train, you should keep your back straight and smile.