Hire a wedding dress - what you need to know


Today, wedding dress rental services are provided by almost any bridal salon. How not to get confused in the huge selection and choose the most worthy dress? Together with the site www.articlewedding.com we’ll try to determine the main requirements when choosing a wedding dress for rent.

Basic requirements for a bridal salon

Firstly, the girls have different shapes. Therefore, try to find a salon in which there is a service for fitting the dress according to the figure. In such a salon, you can choose not only those dresses that suit your figure, but those that you like.

Large selection of wedding dresses

Be sure to carefully read the rental agreement. You must clearly understand the rental period, the amount of the deposit and the conditions of compensation to the salon in various situations.

The amount of the deposit for the dress should not exceed 50% of its initial value.

Carefully inspect the selected wedding dress. If there are defects on it, then this should be reflected in the contract. After all, when returning the dress, if this is not done, you may be required to claim compensation for damage that you did not cause. Yes, and the price of rental dresses is reduced.

Place an order for your chosen outfit in advance so as not to be left with anything at the last moment. If the bridal salon refuses to book your chosen dress, it is best not to have business with it. By placing an order in advance, you and the salon will avoid many possible problems. For example, if you refuse the order yourself or refuse you, it will be financially compensated to the injured party. And if the interior management is determined to work seriously, then you will not be denied the armor either. True, for the reservation of the outfit, you may have to pay extra.

Wedding Salon

By the way, if you change your mind, it’s best to inform the bridal salon about it right away. The term of your refusal will determine the amount of penalty interest..

Additional features when renting a dress

Another tip from the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com - make a reservation with the seller about buying a dress if you really liked it. There are two possible options. The first option: you buy a dress immediately, at full cost. And if then you still decide that this is an expensive expense for you - return it to the salon for a lower cost. The second option: you initially rent the dress, and then decide to keep it at your place and pay the remaining amount to the bridal salon.

In any of the listed options - just renting, buying out or returning the dress - the main thing is to carefully monitor the state of your outfit. After all, if you will return it back to the salon, and it will have significant defects, then you simply will not accept it. Consider another financial nuance. Dresses rented in the salon are not allowed to be washed with one's own hand so as not to damage. Therefore, if your wedding outfit requires dry cleaning, then you will also have to pay for it.

Various wedding dresses

In general, renting a wedding dress, of course, is a rather troublesome business. But you must not forget that you have a holiday today and the most beautiful thing on it is your smile and happiness. So no matter what, just enjoy this day and everything will be fine!