Wedding dress rental: important nuances


Among brides nowadays, such a service provided by bridal salons as renting a wedding dress remains popular. Therefore, the wedding site decided to talk in more detail about what can be expected if you decide to rent a wedding dress.

Hire of wedding dresses

Rental period

Firstly, make sure that renting a dress is really more profitable than buying a new one, and do not forget that in any case you will have to pay a deposit equal to the cost of the dress. The term for which you make a rental is also agreed in advance. If you return the dress at the wrong time, a penalty will be charged for each delayed day. In many wedding salons, there is such a service as booking a wedding dress. She is definitely worth using..

Sheath Dress

The convenience of renting wedding dresses also lies in the fact that you can «fit» the dress in figure and height, and sometimes even replace decorative details. Of course, there is a separate fee for this..

Beautiful wedding dress

Dry cleaning and dress damage

Usually the cost of subsequent mandatory dry cleaning is included in the rental price. However, do not take this lightly. The rental contract must indicate damage to the dress, which is considered to be irreparable. If after the wedding such damage is found on your dress, you will have to buy an outfit, which is very undesirable and seems to be useless. Before signing a rental contract, carefully, carefully inspect the dress and pay attention to the salon employee even for minor defects: the dress may not be accepted if you find any irreparable defect, even if it wasn’t caused by you.

Dirty wedding dress

Rental Cancellation

If you make a rental contract for a dress, and then change your mind about putting it on for a wedding and refuse, you will also have to pay for it. And the later the refusal is announced - the greater the amount of money required.

Therefore, before you make out a rental contract for a wedding dress, weigh everything again «behind» and «against»: After all, a new wedding dress can be sold after the celebration, and it will not lose much in price, but you won’t worry all day of the wedding about how not to tear or smear someone else’s expensive wedding dress. New dresses offer the same wedding salons for dresses for rent, you can simply agree with the seller that soon after the wedding you will return the dress to the salon for a little less than what you pay for the purchase.